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Beverly Allen and Eliza Jane (Coil) Bishop Family

  Martinsburg Monitor, Martinsburg, Audrain County, MO, 27 September 1928

                    COIL-BISHOP ANNUAL REUNION

    Sunday Sept. 16, 1928 was a beautiful Autumn day and was greatly
appreciated and will long be remembered by many as a large crowd of relatives
and friends gathered at the home of Mrs. Jamie Bishop in the Annual Bishop -
Coil Reunion and to celebrate the birthdays of Mrs. Jamie Bishop and Master
Richard Aronld of that vicinity.  Also Mrs. John Bishop of San Antonio, Texas
who is visiting here.  The long tables were spread under the large shade trees
on the lawn and the tables reached almost half the length of the large yard
making a very large table but it was filled so that scarcly another dish of
food could have been put on it.  Rev. Larsen was present and offered pray
after which each one did justice to this wonderful dinner.  The afternoon was
spent in games, visiting, renewing old acquantances and making new ones.
When the sun began to go slowly down in the west all departed for the homes,
wishing to meet again next year in Mrs. Bishop's hospitable home.  Those
present were:  Mrs. Jamie Bishop and son, James Workman, Mr. and Mrs. Lon
Bishop;  Mr. and Mrs. Allen Robinson and sons;  Mr. and Mrs. Roy Coil and son;
Miss Anna Lou Erwin, Messers. Cecil Erwin, Howard Pickerel, Clarence Berry,
Homer Coil, Allen Surls, Clarence Ward, and Roy Zumwalt;  Mrs. Lucy Covington;
Mrs. Lucy Harrison Francis and Lee Harrison;  Mr. and Mrs. Ira Simpson;  Misses
Gertie Jones and Opal Ross;  Mrs. Geo Barnes and Mrs. Clark Zumwalt;  Mr. and
Mrs. Luther Brooks and family;  Mr. and Mrs. Mack Pitts and family;  Mr. and
Mrs. Paul Bishop and family;  Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Coil and son;  Mrs. Mattie
Coil;  Mr. and Mrs. Charley Hibbert and son;  Mr. and Mrs. C. V. Holcomb and
family; Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Davis and daughter all of Shamrock.

    Mr. and Mrs. G. R. Bishop and son Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Clement and family;
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Woodson and family;  Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Norton;  Mr. and
Mrs. Claud Keller and son;  Little Misses Betty and Lavan Ligenfleter;  Misses
Alberta Bishop and Ruth Crouch;  Mrs. Edw Lorupe and daughter;  Mr. and Mrs.
David Burgess and daughter;  Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Dickey;  Misses Hallie Mae
Updyke and Leola Porter;  Mr. and Mrs. Guy Maupin;  Mr. and Mrs Walker Jones;
Mr. and Mrs. Wm Thompson and family;  Luther and Johnnie Love all of
Wellsville.  Mr. and Mrs. Ad Bishop and daughters of New Florence.  Mr. and
Mrs. Clarence Bishop and family Price's Branch.  Mr. and Mrs. Bert Bishop and
son;  Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Clare;  Misses Bessie and Gladys Adams;  Mr. and Mrs.
W. L. Harvey and daughter;  Mr. and Mrs. Sam Bishop;  Mr. and Mrs. Lee Oliver;
Mr. and Mrs. Grover Arnold and family;  Mr. and Mrs. O. K. Walker and family;
of Montgomery City.  Miss Carrie Miller;  Mr. and Mrs. Mike Stephens and son;
Rev. A. F. Larsen of Auxvasse.  Mr. and Mrs. Harry Noel;  Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Wells
and family of Martinsburg.  Mr. and Mrs. James Harp;  Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Younger
and family of Centralia.  Mr and Mrs Pearl Coil and son;  Mr Joe Coil and son
of Benton City.  Mr. and Mrs. Ed Coil and family;  Mr. and Mrs. K. P. Scholl and
family;  Mr. and Mrs. Carson Coil and family;  Mr and Mrs Judd;  Mrs. Powell;  Mr.
and Mrs. Clark Coil and daughter;  Geo Coil son and daughter of Mexico;  Mr.
and Mrs. Granville Bishop;  Mr. and Mrs. Wm Martin and son;  Mrs Bessie Best and
son;  Mr. Fred Reding of St. Louis;  Mr. and Mrs. John Bishop of San Antonio, Texas.
Mr. John Bishop of Florida.  Mr. and Mrs. E. O. Coil of Williamsburg.

                [Submitted by Nancy (Hale) Lee, November 1999]