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Eliude Adolphus and Sarah Willie (Hudson) Bishop Family

Ferry Command Newspaper?, Memphis, Tennessee, 11 Feb 19?? [late '30s? or early '40s]

                         [photo w/caption]

        Two of a three-brother AAF team are based here.  They've amassed
an enviable total of air hours for the Fourth, not to mention their
civilian hours.  They are, left to right, Captains David and Charles

        An enviable record of ferrying trips accomplished.  [missing] and
spectacular assistance to the [missing] established by a team of brothers in
the [missing]  assigned to the Fourth Group, are Capt. David and Capt.
Charles Bishop.  The third, attached to the Fifth Ferrying Group at Dallas
is Capt. George Bishop.  Their record may well be the most outstanding in
the Air Forces.

        The flying trio have accumulated a total of well over 2500 [flying?]
hours in the air, more than 70 domestic [missing] and 31 [missing] Memphis
pair, have [missing] group airline, with their [missing] deliveries running
well into the hundreds.

        Grew Up Flying.  Interested in flying for many years, the three
brothers, along with a fourth who is a sportsman pilot in Chicago, have
followed the pattern of aviation's development through its many difficult
stages.  With the exception of the fourth brother, Sam, all have
barnstormed, been instructors in flying schools and all were flying
[missing] one airline or another  immedicately before entering the armed