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William Thomas and ? (?) Palmer Family

Subject: Re: Coil line  Date: 25 Mar 1998
From: Wanda Palmer Perry
We have a distant cousin in South Dakota, Carol Blumm. She has been doing
genealogy for 20 years or more. She has extensive Coil-Palmer-Bishop information,
I do not have everything on my computer. I am sending everything I have to Ed Coil.
While I was in South Dakota, I took pictures of old pictures of Coils, a few of
Palmers. I am going back for a family get together this summer.

Subject: Re: web site  Date: 26 Mar 1998  From: Wanda Palmer Perry
I have 1,563 names in my computer already, with notes, on my other lines.
Carol Blumm has made a book "The Coil Book", that is where Diana Zuber and I
receive most of that information.  I just haven't gotten all my Coils, Bishops line on.
I am also in the process of putting a book together. I have been working on my
Palmer, Harris, Miller line, with great sucess (finally). I work at the LDS Family
History Center, and we have to take classes to keep up on everything.