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William Thomas and ? (?) Palmer Family

Subject: Coil-Palmer Connections  Date: 25 Mar 1998
From: Diana Faye Palmer Zuber
    My family lines are as follows:
Diana Faye Palmer Zuber
Father William Fred Palmer
g Milton Elijah Palmer
gg William Thomas Palmer + Elizabeth Jane Palmer Coil's brother
ggg Seaton Henry Palmer
gggg Ellis Palmer
    I am sending you some information on my family:
Diana Faye Palmer b. May 16, 1948 Huron S.D. Beadle Co.
On August 31, 1968 I married Orville Dean Zuber.
Orville was born June 4, 1949 in Red Oak Ia. Montgomery Co.
We have 5 children and 18 grandchildren and 3 step grandchildren.
Our children are aas follows
Rodney Dean   b. Nov 7,  1964  (Adopted by Orville my husband)
Robert Dean   b. Aug 29, 1969
Cynthia Ann   b. June 4, 1973 (Born on her fathers birthday)
Ronald Dean   b. Feb 5,  1975
Courtney Faye b. May 25, 1986.
We adopted Courtney when she was 10 months old.  She was born with Hydrosephalus
(water on the brain) and cerebral palsy.  She is an A student and she has a shunt
in her head.  She has excelled very well since we have had her.  She is our
special child.  You can not tell she has cerebral palsy.  Courtney plays the
piano and sings.
We also have a grandaughter that is 7 years old now that we adopted 2 years ago.
We have had her since birth.  But we are grandma and grandpa not mom and dad.
This is our daughter Cynthia's daughter.  Her name is Cassandra (Cassy) Faye Zuber.
I will send more info of what I have on the Bishop and the Coil gen. and research
material a little at a time.  I am sending you in the mail the roots file that
I printed off of Everton's CD.      Diana Faye Palmer Zuber