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Christopher and Phyllis Rae (Bishop) Barnett Family

From: phyllis barnett To: William F Bishop Sent: Saturday, June 17, 2006 11:14 PM
Subject: Re: George W Jr and Phyllis Jane (Dunn) Bishop Family
I have not yet seen a birth certificate for my father, I think he was born January, 1905 - I don't remember
the day!  He is buried in the Hickerson Memorial Cemetary in Homer, died January 15, 1973.  I will search
the local newpaper archives for his obit.  Mom died September 1, 2005, she is buried in the same cemetary,
and I will scan her obit and send it.

From: phyllis barnett To: William F Bishop Sent: Friday, June 16, 2006 1:30 AM Subject: cold and wet in Homer
Bill,  ... I have emailed Ken [L Bishop of Fulton, Missouri] - his grandfather is first cousin to my father.
Seems he had heard of us Alaskan Bishops.
	I would be delighted to have our information added to the web site.  I don't remember exactly what I have told
you but feel free to use any and all of it - if you need more just ask.
	I have thought of something you might help me with.  I would like to know who bought my father's family's farm
after 1920.  That is the last Federal Census that has my grandmother and children on the farm.  I was told by
Goldie Stevens that she, my grandmother, moved into town (Montgomery City ?) when Sarah, my aunt, was a young
woman. Would it be difficult, or possible for you to find that information?  I can do it on line but it isn't
easy - I have to order a copy the microfilm - after figuring out which roll or rolls I need!  I have been
using the Morman church research resources - I teach with members of their church - although the facility is
open to the public.
	I have attached a picture of myself - school photo, and one of my brothers and me.		Phyllis

From: phyllis barnett To: William F Bishop Sent: Sunday, June 11, 2006 1:52 AM Subject: Hello from Homer
Hi Bill		I was born and raised in Homer.  My folks moved here, separately, from the Fairbanks area in the
late forties - they had both come to Alaska via steamboat as young adults.  My dad had settled half a homestead
up around Fairbanks before WWII, he was drafted, when he got out he homesteaded the second half of the homestead
outside of Homer.  This was a little place when I was growing up, 1200 people.  The road to Anchorage was
gravel - that's 240 miles of gravel!  We didn't go often.  There wasn't much in between.  We lived pretty
isolated lives, came to town once a week for groceries, caught a school bus to school.  Somehow this town
has been discovered, the population at last count was 7,000 - not huge, yet.  Real estate prices have soared.
We all wish our parents had homesteaded on really good land :) i.e., view.  It is beautiful here.  I'll find
a picture or two to send along.  I have lived in a few other towns in Alaska; Kodiak - following fishing jobs,
Anchorage -following my sister, Fairbanks - attending University of Alaska.  My brothers are both commercial
fisherman, Will sets nets in Bristol Bay - he just left today for the fishing grounds, Dan does several different
fisheries, right now he has a charter with NOAA and the University of Alaska  to do research on octopus - then
they will fish for halibut.  I teach, by certification high school English, by necessity anything required.
My husband and I are going to an Eskimo village on the Yukon this coming school year. There are about 500
people in the village, 95 percent Yupik Eskimo.  My husband is from Scotland - we only married last year.
He thinks this is great adventure.  We met when he came to Homer to visit his sister - who is married to
my brother :-)  We're building a house this summer, not to be completed for a few years.  We'll come home
after the school year is over, build on the house, sport fish, garden and relax (?)
	We do have high speed internet and we will in the village as well - satellite out there.
	My one and only son is 30.  He lives in Portland, OR and is a chef at Henry's - I haven't eaten there yet
but it is supposed to be good.
	I'm not sure what you could find for me at the Historical Society.  There is so much information on the Bishop
genealogy web site.  Is there any family connection between us?  Who was your grandfather?  This is all so
new to me - I have gone from knowing absolutely nothing, not even where my father was from to knowing the
Bishop linage back to 1819.  So many people in Alaska were away from family it really didn't seem all that
strange growing up.  We all "adopted" aunts, uncles, grandparents from the people in town.  Even though I
knew my mother's family I was 13 before I ever met any of them.
	How did you come to host the genealogy web site?  Is this a hobby of yours?  Do you enjoy fishing?
Viewing brown bears?  Perhaps you should visit Alaska :-)		Phyllis

May 21, 2006
Dear Mr Bishop,
	I am contacting you from the address listed on the Friends of Bishop Genealogy web site. I have recently
discovered my connection to George W Bishop and Annie Sara Stevens of Montgomery City, MO.  These were my
grandparents and Sara Ham would have been their married daughter.  Although deceased her children: Johnny Ham,
George Patrick Ham, and Mrs Harry Clare could still be alive and I am interested in establishing contact with them.
Most information I have on my father's Missouri family was found on the web site you maintain.
	My father, George W Bishop Jr., left Montgomery City, MO, as a young adult and did not, as far as I know,
maintain contact.  He found his way to Alaska in the late 1920s, running dogs and trapping in the upper Kuskokwin
River region. He married my mother later in life; by brother and I are a product of that marriage.  My father died
in 1973 (the same year as his sister, Sara Ham, died).  We were raised without knowing our father's background and
I have only recently learned where he was raised.
	Any assistance you could give me would be greatly appreciated.  I am particularly interested to know if any of
my cousins, the Hams, are still in the area and how to contact them.
	Sincerely, 	Phyllis
	Phyllis Bishop Barnett 	4456 East Hill Road,	Homer, Alaska 99603