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John Granville and Martha Ann (Hanlin) Bishop Family

Subject: Re: Bishops in Dade County, Missouri  Date: 14 Mar 1998 -0600
To: Michael D Bishop
Michael D. Bishop wrote:
> my gf name is Lewis Cleveland Bishop; his gf name was John Granville
> Bishop. My branch of the famly has lived within 100 miles of Dade county
> Missouri for seven generations or more.  I would be glad to correspond.
        I'd be interested in finding out more about your Bishop line...  can
you tell me more about John Granville Bishop - who his brothers and
sisters (and parents) might have been?...  and the Bishop line to Lewis
Cleveland Bishop too?...  as well as the parents and brothers and
sisters for the Bishops all the way from John Granville down to you?...
do you have any information about how your Bishop ancestors came to be
in Dade County, Missouri?... curiously the name Granville is used by a
number of the Montgomery County Bihops...  so seems like a heck of a
coincidence to find another Missouri Bishop with the name of Granville
in the line...  do you know where your Bishop ancestors came from before
coming to Dade County, Missouri?...  to the best of my knowledge I haven't
heard of Bishops of Dade County, Missouri, tho I haven't looked up yet
what towns might be in that county...

Subject: Re: Bishops in Dade County, Missouri  Date: 17 Mar 1998 -0600
From: (M. Donovan Bishop)

I am assembling all the information I can about my gg-gf John Granville
(he was a "slant" coal miner around Sylvania in Dade County; the word
slant referring to a specific mining process they took pride in).

I located you by entering "Bishop family in the U.S." in a genealogy
search engine, and then linking thru.  By the way, the web page is very
impressive, and shows evidence of the amount of wok put in to it.
Anyhow, once there, my eye caught on the name "Granville".  I also
posted in a genealogy.alt bulletin, and  received replys from it, too.

I will send more information as I get it put together.  Note....  my
e-mail access is at work, so I might sometimes take 2-3 days to reply.

Thanks again:  Michael D. Bishop, 1905 So. Pleasant, Springdale  AR 72764

Subject: Re: Notes John Granville Bishop & Relations - Dade County, Missouri
Date: 18 Mar 1998  From: (M. Donovan Bishop)
Thank you KINDLY for the additional recent information.  I have been in
contact with a third cousin in California (met him online) who informed
me that according to the 1880 Dade County census, John Granville
Bishop's mother was listed as Martha Hanlin, and his brothers as Jesse,
Owen, and Richard.  ADDITITIONALLY, it is noted that these children's
father's name was also John Granville Bishop, so there are two of them.
Also, Martha Hanlin was apparently an "Old Settler" Cherokee Indian,
listed as a 1 year old in the 1850 Wirt County Virginia census.  She was
reportedly shot to death in Dade County in 1896.  Thanks again, Michael D.

Subject: John Granville and Zora Cornelia (Devine) Bishop  Date: 21 Mar 1998
From: (M. Donovan Bishop)
Thanks again for your recent letters.  Yes, Beebe, [White Co] Arkansas is an
existing place (it's pronounced BEE BEE, just like the toy gun).  It's about
40 miles northeast of Little Rock, which is about 300 miles from my home.

Concerning getting the names of the Dade County Bishops to you, would
you be kind enough to contact my cousin Les Bishop?  He has "family
tree" records in a computer format, which I do not (I'm a 'mennonite' of
the informtion age......not a p.c. user).

Lester Ray Bishop, P.O. Box 637, Bella Vista, Cal. 96008,

I've noticed that per your transmission address you may be located in
Columbia, Mo.  Even though my family has hailed from the southern Ozarks
for many generations, I was born in Columbia at Boone County General in
1960 (my parents were attending the Univ. of Mo.)

Please be sure to let me know how I can return the favors you have done
for me.     Michael D. Bishop

Subject: John Granville & Zora Cornelia (Devine) Bishop  Date: 21 Mar 1998
From: Lester Ray Bishop
My name is Les Bishop.  The subject above is my great grandfather and Michael
Donovan Bishop with whom you have been conversing is my second cousin once
removed, whom I just met on-line last week.  I have at least 30 documents that
I have acquired in my searches relating to the Bishop's including Federal
Census's, Applications for Cherokee Funds awarded to the Eastern Cherokee
Nation and distributed by Guion Miller circa 1907-1909, marriage records, and
notes from family.  I have the capability to fax the information I have taken
from the documents noted above and incorporated into my "Family Tree Maker"
program by Broderbund, in the form of reports or if someone has that program,
I can also send directly to your computer in the form of a file.  It is up to
you.  For right now I will take some of the data from the Federal Census's for
Adair and Dade Counties and transcribe them here.  Post Script (I will do Dade
Co. another day.)

The earliest record of John Granville Bishop that I have found:  Federal
Census Record for the inhabitants of Adair County, Mo. August 11, 1870. Post
Office Greentop.

HouseHold Family Names Age sex color Occupation value of property place of birth

         Last     First
119,119, Leasure, Owen      53 M W Farmer 1100           Virginia
         Leasure, Catherine 43 F W Keeping House         Virginia
         Leasure, Hannah R. 16 F W without occupation    Indiana
         Leasure, Mahala A. 13 F W without occupation    Indiana
         Leasure, Edward    10 M W at home               Missouri
         Leasure, Nancy      6 F W                       Missouri
         Bishop,  Martha A  21 F W without occupation    Virginia
         Bishop,  John G.    3 M W                       Missouri
         Bishop,  Jasper  8/12 M W    October            Missouri

Note:  John Granville Bishop states he was born 30 Sept. 1866, the census
shows him to be 3 here in August 11, 1870, which would mean he would turn 4
the next month.  I say this because in 1880 Dade Co. there is a conflict, he
is stated as being 12 years of age 03, June, 1880.

Martha Bishop's maiden name Martha Hanlin, parents James Hanlin & Sarah Tice.
Catherine Leasure's maiden name is Hanlin as well, Catherine's parents are
Felix Hanlin and Mary Mosser, Catherine Hanlin married Owen Lazure (Leasure) 18
April 1850.  James Hanlin and Felix Hanlin are brothers both children of
Patrick and Margaret Hanlin.  Source:  A book by Audra Rickey Wayne of
Wheeling, West Virginia (929.273 A1 # 3039) on the O'Hanlon's.

The family page of John Granville Bishop and Zora (pronounced Zorey) Cornelia

Husband: John Granville Bishop

Born: September 30, 1866 in Adair Co., MO
Married November 22, 1890 in Sylvania, MO
Died September 22, 1945
Father: John Granville Bishop
Mother: Martha Ann Hanlin

Wife:  Zora Cornelia Devine

Born October 03, 1871  in Dade Co. Missouri
Died: December 19, 1945


1. Male
Jack Devine 1/2 brother to those listed below

2. Male
Troy Clarence Bishop
Born July 22, 1891
Spouse Tina A. Holcomb

3. Floy Lee Bishop
Born April 01, 1894
Spouse Edna Stone, 2nd spouse Mina Lee Hall

4. Female
Ida Ethel Bishop
Born July 1896
Spouse Charles Taylor

5. Male
John Earl Bishop
Born February 02, 1899
Spouse Opal Spencer

6. Male
Arthur  Clifford Bishop
Born June 09, 1901

7. Male
Ira Ray Bishop
Born May 22, 1904  in Sylvania, MO
Married March 12, 1929  in Miami, OK  Ottawa Co.
Died September 18, 1995  in Redding, CA buried in Lawncrest Cemetery
Spouse Mary Eva Heath

Nina Estel Bishop
Born approx.1910
Spouse Floyd Morningstar

9. Male
Roy Robert Bishop
Born approx. 1912
Died in Burney, CA
Spouse Harriet June Heath

Michael, I believe you may be able to fill many of my blanks here, I hope.
Well gotta go best to you William and Michael,      Sincerely, Les

Subject: Re: John Granville & Zora Cornelia (Devine) Bishop  Date: 21 Mar 1998
To: Lester Ray Bishop, M Donovan Bishop
Les,  have updated "John Granville and Martha Ann (Hamlin) Bishop Family"
and "John Granville and Zora Cornelia (Devine) Bishop Family" pages on
website (url below)...  thanks...  if I have anything wrong let me know...
:-)...  today I dropped by the Missouri State Historical Society and got
some information on the Thomas Jefferson Bishop line of Dade County,
Missouri...  will get that data placed on the website in the next few
days...  doesn't appear that the John Granville Bishop line and Thomas
Jefferson Bishop line are connected at this time...  but may be further
back in time...

Subject: Dade Co. Census & John Granville Bishop Family Date: 22 Mar 1998 3:22:10 EST
From: Lester Ray Bishop
Here I am again, deseminating more information in the interests of geneology.
I hope someday it pays off with someone being able to find something on John
Granville Bishop the first and his parents that I haven't found yet.  Of
course, and this goes without saying, I hope that this provides the platform
for further generations to build on without having to do the years of research
that we have done, all though the search is part of what it is all about.
Any how enough philosophy.  Today, I will add the 1880 Dade Co., 1900 Dade
Co.MO Census, 1910 Chehalis City, Lewis Co. Wash.Census, 1920 DADE Co.MO

    1880 Dade Co. MO FED CENSUS, SAC Twp. 3rd June,1880
dwelling 6                            state of person-father-mother birth
Leisure,Owen       W-M-61 Farmer    	Virginia-Pennsylvania-Virginia
Leisure,Mary       W-F- 8 Daughter  	MO-Virginia-Ohio
Forshey,Narcissus  W-F-50 Housekeeper   Virginia-ohio-ohio
Forshey,Melvina    W-F-16 Daughter  	MO-VA-VA
Forshey,Mary       W-F-13 Daughter  	MO-Ohio-VA
Forshey,Henry L.   W-M-9  Son       	MO-Ohio-VA
Forshey,Owen       W-M-5  Son       	MO-Ohio-VA
Hanlin, Martha W-F-31(Divorced)Hiresout Virginia-Ohio-Ohio
        John G.    W-M-12 son           MO-Illinois-Virginia
        Jesse      W-M-10 son           MO-Illinois-Virginia
        Owen       W-M-8  son           MO-Illinois-Virginia
        Richard    W-M-2  son           MO-Illinois-Virginia
Note:  Martha here is divorced from John Granville Bishop and has four Bishop
children though it doesn't say so here in the census.

        1900 Dade Co. MO Census
dwelling 43 family 50                   state of person-father-mother birth
Bishop, Daniel  W-M Sept.1866-33-Farmer MO-VA-Ohio
Bishop, Zora C. W-F Oct. 1871       	MO-TN-TN
Bishop, Troy C. W M July 1891       	MO-MO-MO
Bishop, Floy L. W M Apr  1894       	MO-MO-MO
Bishop, (illegible, looks like
   Markenia) E. W F July 1896       	MO-MO-MO
Bishop, Earl J.  W M Feb. 1899          MO-MO-MO
Note:  John Granville Bishop often went by the name of Dan or Daniel, the
story being he resented being named after his father. The illegible name above
belongs to whom we call Ida Ethel Bishop.

        1910 Census Chahalis City, Lewis Co. Washington
Family and or Dwelling 41           state of person-father-mother birth
Bishop, John G. 42 married 18 years     MO-Iowa-Iowa
Bishop, Dora C. 39                      MO-TN-TN
Bishop, Troy C. 17                      MO-MO-MO
Bishop, Floy L. 16                      MO-MO-MO
Bishop, Ethel   14                      MO-MO-MO
Bishop, Earl    11                      MO-MO-MO
Bishop, Arthur   9                      MO-MO-MO
Bishop, Ray      6                      MO-MO-MO
Bishop, James    4                      MO-MO-MO
Bishop, Nina 11/12                      MO-MO-MO
Note: As you can see the information on a census is only as good as the
informant gives it and the recorder. As Dora is really Zora.  Looks like Nina
Estel was born in May of 1909. Others I found in this census are Richard Bishop
and his family.  Jerry Leisure and his family, Thomas Laisure and his family.
It seems most of these foks left Missouri to mine coal for a power plant in or
near Chehalis City [Lewis Co. Washington], I am told most returned to Missouri,
some may have remained on the West Coast.

    1920 Census Dade Co. Cedar Township, 20th Jan, 1920 sheet 9B.
Farm-Dwelling 203, family 229       state of person-father-mother birth
Bishop, John G.   50            	MO-OH-OH
Bishop, Zora      47            	MO-TN-TN
Bishop, John E    21            	MO-MO-MO
Bishop, Arthur C. 19            	MO-MO-MO
Bishop, Ira R.    16            	MO-MO-MO
Bishop, James O.  12            	MO-MO-MO
Bishop, Nina E.   10            	MO-MO-MO
Bishop, Roy        8            	MO-MO-MO

Well, there you go, if you have any tips on how the format should go just let
me know.    Sincerely, Les Bishop