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Thomas and Sharon Ruth (Bishop-Lipscomb) Davis Family

Subject: Re: Finally Responding  Date: 12 Mar 1998
From: William F Bishop
To: Dana Althiser, Sharon Ruth Davis

Dana,  received your email...  and very glad to get your email and
information...  for the last week or so any email I copied you on kept
coming back with a warning message that it was undeliverable after 4
hours...  so don't know if they got thru or not...  maybe this email won't
get thru...  don't know but will place this info from you out on your
"Notes Dana (Lipscomb) Althiser" page that I'd set up...  now with your
information I should be able to see if I have any corrections to make...
and I know Nancy Lee will be interested to hear of your information...
Nancy lives over in the Shamrock, Callaway County area...  btw I actually
got your email this afternoon...  but wasn't able to do a save of the DOC
content to a separate file till just now when I figured out a way to do
it...  I may be slow but we turtles do make it across the finish line...
:-)...  I haven't even yet read your email content...  wanted to set up
this response and email to my broadcast email list...  :-)...  will
probably get back to you with a followup email tomorrow...  again thanks
for the information...  if you do change your email address be sure to let
me know the knew address...  :-)...

Subject: Finally Responding  Date: 12 Mar 1998  From: dana
To: William Bishop

Bill - still having lots of problems with my email so I am sending my
response as an attachment.  This is formatted for MS Word, please let me
know if you do not get this or can not read it.

Bill - So sorry to have taken so long to respond..... My email was down and
then I went on Vacation for a week to Lake Tahoe, where I got engaged.  So
things have been rather crazy lately.  But enough about that, lets see if I
can clear up a few mysteries.

1st - the kids from California are indeed my cousins.  They are Amber and
Travis Larson, children of Mike and Kathy (Bishop) Larson.  Kathy is my
mothers youngest sibling.

2nd - Siblings would be the children of John and Eathel (Leverett) Bishop.
The children in order go Sharon Ruth (Bishop b.12/1/46) Davis, (who is my
mother), Larry (b. 7/5/48) and Betty (Logan) Bishop, Harry (b. 8/27/50) and
Sharon (Zumbehl) Bishop, and Mike & Kathy (Bishop b. 5/20/56) Larson.

3rd - Sharon was married to George Lipscomb and had two children.  David
Richard Lipscomb (b 8/5/66) who now lives in St. Louis.  David has one
Daughter, Paige Renee Lipscomb born 10/5/93 (Paige is the only great
granchild of John and Eathel Bishop.  Myself, Dana Renee (Lipscomb)
Althiser (b. 10/04/67) being the second child now residing in Jefferson
City, MO and am engaged to Micheal Southard of Jefferson City, MO.  Sharon
Bishop is now married to Thomas Davis and resides in Mexico, MO.

4th - Larry Bishop married Betty Logan and they have two children and now
live in Columbia, MO.  Their children are Timothy and Nicholas Bishop

5th - Harry Bishop married Sharon Ann Zumbehl and they have three children
and now live in Middletown, MO.  Their Children are Stephanie, Chuck and
William (Billy).  None of the Children are married yet, however, Stephanie
is engaged.

6th - Kathy Bishop Married Mike Larson and they, as previously defined,
have two children Amber and Travis.  They live in Sun Valley California I
believe, but not real sure that is the exact town.

7th - Please let me know if you have any further questions regarding this
branch of the family.  I am not real sure that my email is operating
correctly yet, so I could not send this message to everyone.  Will you
please forward it to everyone on the list.  My mother is also on the
internet and her address is  She would like to be
added to your list of people to receive information regarding the Bishop
Family.  I will try and respond to some of the other emails that I have
received as soon as possible.  I will also be changing my email address
soon and let everyone know the new address.  Thanks, Dana.

Subject: Re: [Dana's Email]  Date: 16 Mar 1998
To: Sharon & Tad

Sharon & Tad wrote:
> Sharon (Bishop) Davis wrote:
>    I talked to my daughter, Dana, today and she "is" having trouble
> receiving email. She hopes to have it taken care of in a few days, and
> said she would email you when she has it corrected.  I have been reading
> some of your correspondences and find its true what they say about it
> being a small world.  Who would have thought I would be reading about my
> sister's kids from California visiting last summer in Missouri on the
> internet?
        Am glad to get your response...  Nancy (Hale) Lee (Shamrock,
Callaway Co) was the one that put two and two together about her family's
indirect connection to your sister's children from California...  :-)...
Nancy had read one of my emails from Jim Bradley (Hallsville, Boone Co) in
which he mentioned the name Libscomb (I think it was) in a description about
a family connection of his wife Mary...  anyway Nancy later realized that
she had known about the name Lipscomb from a family connection involving a
visit from a family with two teenage children from California...  wherein
they all went on an outing to the Cannon Dam or something another...  :-)...
 it was later that she realized that there was a connection between that
family of the outing and the Montgomery County Bishop line...  :-)...  so
she wrote me an email telling me what she remembered and knew...  Nancy is a
member of a different Bishop line arising in Audrain County around Mexico,
Missouri, from the mid 1800s...  we haven't been able to trace back further
than Greenberry Bishop...  Greenberry's first wife, Ann, and several of
their children are buried in the Old Village Cemetery there in Mexico, where
you live... sometimes if you are curious go out to the Old Village Cemetery
and take a look at the Bishop stones that have been placed in a stone
wall...  those are some of Nancy's Bishop folks...  :-)...
>    Anymore news or questions be sure to let me know.  I don't get much
> free time to work on the internet for I work full time for the Audrain
> County Prosecuting Attorney, sell Avon evenings and have a four year
> granddaughter (Paige Lipscomb) who is here every other weekend, but I'll
> get back to ya sooner or later.       Sharon
        I will get back to you with some questions about Bishop family that
you and your daughter, Dana, would know answers too...  I had wanted to make
sure there is a "clear connection" working email-wise before I started
asking any questions...  hope Dana's email problems get fixed soon...  I
know she must be frustrated with her email...  will talk to you later...