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Solomon and Permelia (Renfro) Coil Family

[page 636-7]                    William H. Coil (deceased)

    The name that heads this sketch was borne by a man well and
favorably known to the people of Audrain and Callaway counties, particularly
in the north-eastern part of the latter, and the central and south-eastern
part of the former. A successful farmer of Audrain county for a number of
years prior to his death, from an early day up to the time of settling on
his farm, he had been engaged in mercantile pursuits, principally at Mexico,
Shamrock and Martinsburgh.  He was born in Bourbon, Kentucky, February 25,
1826.  He was a son of John and Diana (Bradford) Coil, who settled here from
Kentucky as early as 1836.  His father died in March, 1865.  William H.,
after he grew up, was married on the 5th of December, 1865, to Miss Carolina
Vaughan, a daughter of Henry and Evaline (Ford) Vaughan, who came to
Missouri from Kentucky in 1857.  Mrs. Coil was born in Oldham county,
Kentucky, November 26, 1835.  However, Mrs. Coil's father died before the
family removed to Missouri.  Her mother died here July 1, 1878.  Mr. and
Mrs. Coil reared a family of two children:  Samuel O. and Annie E., both
unmarried, reside at the old homestead.  Mr. C., the father of these, died
on his farm in this county, on the 20th of August, 1877.  Mrs. Coil still
survives him, and resides on the old homestead.  She has a place of 213
acres.  Mrs. Coil is a lady of great strength of character and superior
intelligence, as well as a woman of many amiable and neighborly qualities.
She is carrying on the farm herself, superintending her entire affairs, and
she manages her place with a degree of energy and success that would reflect
credit on some of our best farmers.  Personally she is much beloved by her
neighbors, and is in every sense a Christian hearted, good woman, one of
the worthy mothers of the county.  She has long been a member of the
Christian Church.  Her husband was a man worthy to have been the partner of
life of such a wife.  A man of high character and of the most generous
impluses, he is remembered by all who knew him with kindness and with sorrow
for his death.

[page 637-8]                    George A. Coil (deceased)

and an elder brother of the late William H. Coil, whose sketch precedes
this, was born in Bourbon county, Kentucky, on the 17th of October, 1824. He
was therefore thirteen years of age when his parents removed to Audrain
county in 1836.  He early learned the blacksmith's trade and worked at that,
with success, for about twenty years.  He was not married until rather late
in life -- until he was nearly forty years of age.  But on the 26th of June,
1864, he was married to Miss Lizzie P. Romans, born in Tazewell county,
Virginia, on the 25th of August, 1838.  She was a daughter of John and Mary
P. Romans, who were early settlers in this section of Missouri, from the Old
Dominion.  In August following his marriage, Mr. Coil settled on the farm
where his widow still resides.  Here he followed farming until his death,
which occurred on the 4th of July, 1879.  He and his good wife reared a
family of eight children:  Mary L., Angie B., Lucy G., John G., Eunice P.,
Linnie D., William H. and Allen A.  Mrs C. and her daughters were members of
the Christian Church, as was also Mr. C. for twenty years.  He was one of
the honest, worthy men of Audrain county.  His life was one of great
industry, spent striving, as a good man, to bring up his family in a
creditable way, and to leave a record of his career which would cause no
blush of shame to mantle the face of those near and dear to him at the
mention of his name.  If to have spent one's life in honest toil, to bring
up a worthy family, to live according to the principles of honor and
morality, and to keep steadily in view the great precepts of the Ten
Commandments, dying finally in the faith of the true Christian -- if to do
this is to have filled a high and nobile mission, then George A. Coil may be
said to have come up to the full measure of man's truest aim in life.  Such
a father no descendant will ever wish to forget.  Mrs. Coil, his wife, is a
woman worthy to have held the place she occupied by the side of her husband
during their happy married life.  A lady in the better sense of the word,
true-hearted, generous and kind, affectionate in her family and hospitable
in her home, she is loved by her neighbors less only than by her own
children.  She is a sincere and faithful follower of the Cross, a true and
pious mother in Israel.  She resides on Section, 29, Township, 50, Range, 7.