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John and Jane Pope (Lail) Spears Family
Solomon and Permelia (Renfro) Coil Family

[page 240]                  John Lail and Susan Williams

    John Lail was born while his parents were prisoners in an Indian
camp in Kentucky.  When he was grown he married Susan Williams, and settled
in Harrison county, Kentucky.  They had George, John, Charles, Elijah,
Nancy, Margaret, Jane, Lucinda, Elizabeth and Susan.  George, John, Charles,
Margaret and Susan all married married and remained in Kentucky.  Nancy
married and lived in Indiana.  Jane was married first to John Spears, and
after his death she married Edward Wingfield, who settled in Montgomery
county, Missouri, in 1834.  Elizabeth was married first to Noah Coil, and
second to Mr. A. Hall.  She has twelve children living.  Lucinda married
Elijah Coil, by whom she had six children.  Elijah married Harriet Allen, of
Kentucky, by whom he had fourteen children.  He died in 1869, leaving his
children all well off.