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Wilford Granville and Mary Virginia (Oliver) Bishop Family

Subject: Re: Two More Bishops Online  Date: 05 Feb 1998
To: Margaret J Fullerton
CC: Samuel Bishop, Helen Jansen wrote:
> I have two more Bishops on e-mail for you.
>   Sam and Sue Sam is the son of Samuel Valentine Bishop
> and the grandson of Eliude Bishop and great grandson of Samuel Calvin Bishop
> and great great grandson of Granville Addison Bishop. They now live in
> Mississsippi
>   Helen She is the daughter of Wendell Marvin
> Bishop.. grand daughter of Samuel Calvin Bishop and great grand daughter of
> Granville Addison Bishop. She lives near St. Louis.
>   Margaret
    This is GREAT!!!...  I think I remember that I talked on the phone to
Sam just before they moved to Mississippi about a year ago...  I believe
that Sam was very interested in Bishop genealogy...  and that he hoped
to be able to get online once they got moved to Mississippi and got
settled...  :-)...
    Have not met or talked to Helen Jansen before tho...  but am glad they
are online to share viewing our website...  and maybe even have some
more information and photos that they could share with us...
    Have you exchanged email with them before?...  do they know what we are
doing?...  am going to add them to our Bishop Online Directory...  and I
invite them to read our information and view our family photos...  as
well as share with us what they know about our family history...  :-)...

Subject: Re: Sadie Paulus Bishop  Date: 02 Mar 1998
To: Helen Fay Jansen

Helen Jansen wrote:
> Bill, Sadie Paulus Bishop was my grandfather, Wilford Granville Bishop's
> second wife.  She had taught school in Hancock School District in South
> St. Louis with my Aunt Leola Bishop.  They were also sharing an
> apartment together in the city.  Since Sadie's family lived in
> Montgomery City, she often came home with Leola and met W.G. Bishop and
> married him.  She died of bone cancer in July, 1950.
>         On the internet website you have that I am the grandaughter of Wendell.
> Wendell Marvin Bishop is my father, (W.G.) (Bill Bishop) Wilford
> Granville Bishop was his father.
>   I can help with our 18 cousins, names, and families.
        So glad you responded...  :-)...  Margaret Fullerton just wrote back
saying she did not know who Sadie Imogene Bishop was...  and I didn't
have a record of her in my computer genealogy database...  as you can
see we all need to help each other out here if we want to get our
information correct on the website...  :-)...  I will make the
corrections on the website tomorrow...  :-)...  if you have any other
information that you see that is wrong please let me know so that I can
correct it...  and I welcome new information such as obituaries and old
letters etc about Bishop and related family members...  I'm also glad
that you haven't minded me coping you on a good many emails that I have
sent out about family history...  :-)...  hope you have enjoyed reading
the many webdocuments that are on the website...  feel free to email me
anytime with information or questions...  I did correspond some by
postal mail with Leola Bishop in the 1980s when I still lived in
Melbourne, Florida...  and have placed some of that information on the
website as you might have noticed...  if and when you get a chance to
look at the webpages about family members of yours or ones you know
about...  please do so and see if the information is roughly right or
not...  perhaps you can add more information that is missing...  :-)...
I think it would be interesting if you would like to...  to compose two
or three emails to me that are just "memories of your family" from years
ago...  I just bet it would be MOST interesting to read and would like
to place this information on the website as webdocuments...  :-)...
will talk to you tomorrow...

Subject: Re: Re: Sadie Paulus Bishop  Date: 3 Mar 1998
From: Margaret J Fullerton
CC: Helen Fay Jansen

Amazing! I had no record of W.G. Bishop's 2nd wife. I thought I had
remembered visiting his dying wife with my parents in a St. Louis hospital
and I did not think it was as early as 1939 when Mary Virginia Oliver Bishop,
his first wife died. Thank you Helen Fay!!