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Eliude Adolphus and Sarah Willie (Hudson) Bishop Family

Subject: Re: Two More Bishops Online  Date: 05 Feb 1998
To: Margaret J Fullerton
CC: Sam Bishop, Helen Jansen wrote:
> I have two more Bishops on e-mail for you.
>   Sam and Sue Sam is the son of Samuel Valentine Bishop
> and the grandson of Eliude Bishop and great grandson of Samuel Calvin Bishop
> and great great grandson of Granville Addison Bishop. They now live in
> Mississsippi
>   Helen She is the daughter of Wendell Marvin
> Bishop.. grand daughter of Samuel Calvin Bishop and great grand daughter of
> Granville Addison Bishop. She lives near St. Louis.
>   Margaret
    This is GREAT!!!...  I think I remember that I talked on the phone to
Sam just before they moved to Mississippi about a year ago...  I believe
that Sam was very interested in Bishop genealogy...  and that he hoped
to be able to get online once they got moved to Mississippi and got
settled...  :-)...
    Have not met or talked to Helen Jansen before tho...  but am glad they
are online to share viewing our website...  and maybe even have some
more information and photos that they could share with us...
    Have you exchanged email with them before?...  do they know what we are
doing?...  am going to add them to our Bishop Online Directory...  and I
invite them to read our information and view our family photos...  as
well as share with us what they know about our family history...  :-)...

Subject: Samuel Valentine and Ruth Virginia (Luckett) Bishop
Date: 03 Mar 1998  To: Sam W Bishop

Sam W Bishop wrote:
> Samuel Valentine Bishop was 2nd child of Eluide Bishop & Sarah Willie Hudson.
> Samuel Valentine Bishop and Ruth Virginia Luckett had two (2) sons:
> Sam William Bishop, born March 7, 1931, in Cook County,   City of Chicago,
> State of Illinois.   (This is his correct and total name as it appears on his
> birth certificate, all school records, legal records,  and service records).
> James Donald  Bishop,  born June 19, 1932, in Cook County, City of Chicago,
> State of Illinois.  Died June 10, 1957 in  VA  Hospital, Murfreesboro, TN
> buried in the Montgromery City Cemetery, Montgomery City,  Montgomery Co, MO
        I appreciate your information...  I passed on this info to Margaret
Fullerton who will make sure it is correct in her computer database...  and
I will correct what I find in error on the website...  hopefully we all will
get it right but it does take time for the correct information to filter
out to various people...  I think this is where having a website will come in
handy...  with the information on it being so much more easily viewed by
online family members...  and those family members being able to email each
other if things aren't just right...  :-)...  by the way what town do you
live in now in Mississippi?...
        This morning I was at the Missouri State Historical Society here in
Columbia, Missouri...  in the Newspaper Library room I was looking up articles
on the microfilm of old Montgomery Standard newspapers...  and I found the
obituary of Wilford Granville Bishop (son of Samuel Calvin and Alice Hayden
Bishop)...  as soon as I get it typed up as a webdocument I will place it out
on the website as a link off the "Wilford Granville and Mary Virginia (Oliver)
Bishop Family" page...  hope you find the information useful and informative
that I have been sending out by email to various family members...
:-)...  if that is a problem just let me know...  thanks...  if you know of any
other corrections on the website or omissions just email me so I can fix them...

Subject: Re: Samuel Valentine and Ruth Virginia (Luckett) Bishop
Date: 08 Mar 98  From: (Nancy L. Lee)

        Last week I mentioned seeing the name Samuel Valentine Bishop in
some papers at my neighbor's home, Catherine Jones Simmons. They were
prepared by a Montgomery County Genealogical Society member, Margaret Helen
Prior Boyer, Richland, MO.  I copied the papers which are mostly an informal
family history of various aspects of her ancestry and relations.  These
particular records begin with William Harrell of Grainger Co., TN and
continue some lines up to the recent past.

    On page 37 I found a record of Ruth Virginia Luckett (b. 20 Oct 1904),
daughter of Albert Loyde and Mary Jane Hudson Luckett married (6 Jun 1929)
to Samuel Valentine Bishop (b. 2 Jan 1902).

    Their children are listed as:

Sam William Bishop (b. 7 Mar 1931)
Married #1 22 May 1958 to Barbara Lee Lewis (they were 1st cousins. Barbara
    being the daughter of Rex Glen and Frances Eva Luckett Lewis. Frances
    and Mary Jane were sisters).
Married #2 to Joan Hudson (They too were related).
Married #3 24 Nov 1974 to Gloria Susan Pierson.

James Donald Bishop (b. 19 June 1932  d. 10 June 1957)

Another sister of Mary Jane and Frances Eva's, Mary Elender Luckett (b. 21 Jan 1906)
    is listed as
marrying #1 (13 Aug 1927) (b. 28 Jan 1904 d. 28 Mar 1966) David Hearst Bishop.
married #2 Cecil Lee Davis (b. 22 Apr 1900).  Mary and Cecil are listed as having
    no children and living in Wyoming.

    I haven't viewed the website for a week or two so you may already have
this...  Regretfully Mrs. Boyer isn't on line. She has a computer and is
currently recording her lines into it.
Nancy Hale Lee

Subject: Re: Flying Bishops  Date: 18 Mar 1998
From: William F Bishop  To: Sam W Bishop

Sam W Bishop wrote:
>   There are several newspaper accounts of the Three Bishop Brother's that flew
> during WW II.  They were the sons of Eluide and Sarah Willie Bishop.  One of
> those accounts was in the newspapers from Memphis, TN.   The title of the
> pictures of Captains David, Charles and George.
>   My Dad, Samuel V, carried that article in his wallet until he died in Feb
> 1991.  I also have several newspaper articles of the accident that killed
> Uncle Charlie in an airplane race.   There are so many newspaper accounts with
> pictures of the accident that killed Uncle Dave in Lake Michigian.  Paul
> Harvey dedicated a program to Dave with a personal obituary.  I think I have a
> copy of all the newspapers.  Uncle George died of natural causes.   Dad could
> never get the hang of instruments but he did some "seat of the pants" flying.
>   I promise we will dig those newspapers out the chest and try to put them thru
> the scanner.  If that doesn't work maybe the copying machine will.
>   Bill, you guys are doing a good job an the web site.  Thank you!  The Two SB's
        Neat!...  but thank YOU!...  and please change your "you guys" to "we
all"...  as "you all" are in this adventure together with the rest of
us...  :-)...
        If you could either scan your neswpaper articles or use a coping
machine for a copy...  then email me the scanned article as an
attachment to an email...  or postal mail me the copied article...  and
I will type it up and place on the website...  I think your articles
would be very interesting reading for "us all"...  :-)...
        Will place your above information out on the webwite (url below), just
check "Updates-March" page to find out where...
        I think it is MOST interesting finding out about the rest of my Bishop
family... growing up I never knew about any of our Bishop family further
back than my great grandparents Sink and "Nanel" Bishop (ie Sinclair
Jefferson and Emma Cordelia (Lyle) Bishop)...  I never knew Sinclair as
he died before I was born...  but I did know "Nanel" as she died in 1957
in Mexico, Missouri...  while dad was away in World War II mom and I
lived for a while with "Nanel" in Mexico...  and I do remember her as I
was born in 1944...  I just bet she held me on her knee at times and
told me about the Bishop family...  but of course I would not now
remember any of that...  all I know now came from research years
later...  hope all can enjoy and share in the adventure of our Bishop
family too...  :-)...

Subject: 3 flying bishop brothers  Date: 25 Mar 1998
From: Sam W Bishop
  I'm sorry but I'm having problems with my scanner.  But I do have a pretty
good copy of the article recognizing the 3 brothers in the middle of the
military careers coming to you.
  This is the copy Dad carried around in his wallet for eons.  It  has a lot of
wear and tear.  We do not have the exact date but it was Feb 11, we do not know
the newspaper but the pictures are real good and some of the article is
distinguishable.  Sam believes it is from the Ferry Command Newspaper out
of Memphis.

Subject: 3-Man Brother Team Amasses Remarkable Ferrying Records
Date: 01 Apr 1998
To: Sam W Bishop
Sam and Sue,  got your article about David, George, Charles Bishop a
couple of days ago...  thanks...  was at the Missouri State Historical
Society here in Columbia this morning...  looked a bit for some info
about them in the Newspaper microfilm...  but did not find any as I
don't have any dates for the three brothers...  what were their full
names and birth/death dates?...  if I have the month and year of the
death maybe I can find an obituary in the Montgomery Standard on
microfilm...  also which brother was the sportsman pilot in Chicago?...
would that have been Samuel V Bishop?...  it's odd but I didn't have a
"David H Bishop" as one of the sons of the "Eliude Adolphus and Sarah
Willie (Hudson) Bishop Family"...  and I actually have two Samuel
Bishops one of them being Samuel V Bishop...  those two must be the same
person...  can you recall if there were any articles in the Montgomery
Standard thru the years about the three Bishop brothers flying?...  also
they must have flown during WWII...  which would mean during 1941 to
1945 in the Army Air Corp...  can you give me a date when they might
have been flying for the military then?...  if I had a date and say time
of year such as spring or winter I might be able to find a newspaper
article...  I'm hoping maybe to find your article you sent in the
Montgomery Standard so I can figure out the missing words...  :-)...
then will type it up and place on the website...

Subject: Birthday  Date: 28 Apr 1998  From: Sam W Bishop
  Birthdays!   How exciting!   Today is my special Day and even though it's
pouring down rain, lightning, thundering, it is still a glorious happy day.
My 63 years are very memorable.  It started in a rail car with my Mom and Dad,
and Doctor Smith.  So I will do a lot of reminiscing today!
  My Mom gets upset every time anyones tries to discuss my humble beginnings.
Dad, was a breed (part Indian), had been an engineer  for one of the largest
timber and lumber companies in the south.  Now he was 42, a farmer and
preacher.  Mother would be considered a pretty Scottish bondservant in 1933.
I get so excited when start talking or writing about unique beginnings!
  Three of my Great Grandfathers were veterans of the civil war, two of them
owned thousands of acres of land in Jones County MS.  One of them help write the
Constitution of Mississippi,  one was a judge and etc.  My Grandfather Pearson
was a very small man of statue but a great Grandpa.    He and Dad  insisted on
spoiling me.  Grandmother McGill was a very pretty and talented woman.  She
taught me to knit, crochet, and tat.  Naturally, I loved all that attention.
  Some of my blessings include a very good, kind and considerate husband, a very
successful stepdaughter, a loving and handsome step grandson, a very
indepentant Mother, two Christian brothers,  a younger sister,  nine neices
and nephews,  five great neices and nephews, one aunt and uncle, a host of
cousins some I have never met.  I'm very happy to be alive and enjoy ever tid
bit of news from and about the families, Sam's and mine.
  Still very eager to learn even though my brain has been damaged.  Love to
garden,  watch the shriveled seed turn into beautiful and fruitful plants for
us to enjoy.  The smell of  fresh turned soil renews me and fires the spark of
  Recently I have been turned on to a new and magically way of communicating
it's called E-Mail.  What a wonderful way to learn family history,  respond to
family members you've never known and receiving messages as they happen.  It
is one of God's great blessings for handicapped persons like me!  Oh what a
joy it is to be alive!
  Thank each and everyone of you for being so gracious!     Sue Bishop