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Joseph Jones and Mary Ann (Spears-Bishop) Clement Family

Subject: Re: Letter Loretta Fay (Tomek) Clem - St Peters, Missouri, 3 May 1995
Date: 22 Feb 1998  From: "Gail Haferkamp"

>Gail Haferkamp wrote:
>> >FYI,  see "Updates - February" on website - url below...
>> >                    Letter Loretta Fay (Tomek) Clem -
>> >                     St Peters, Missouri, 3 May 1995
>> >Loretta Clem
>> >219 N. Church Street
>> >Saint Peters, Mo. 63376
>>   I found this interesting that Loretta use to live so near my folks.  North
>> Church St. is only about a block away from my parents house in the
>> Steeplechase Subdivision here in St. Peters.  It is the road that runs from
>> All Saints Catholic church to Mexico Rd.  I will have to ask my parents if
>> they knew Loretta.  My parents have lived in this area since 1961 and there
>> is a possibility.....especially since St. Peters use to be a small area!
>  I too had noticed the St Peters, Missouri, location when I typed it
>up...  wonder why Loretta Fay (Tomek) Clem lived in the area?...  just a
>coincidence?...  or if there was a family related reason?...
  Maybe some of her husband's family was from around here.  I don't recognize
the name of Clem.  Most of the houses along Church street were probably
built in the 1940s.
>  I just finished adding several more "family pages" to the website...
>including "Addison and Susan Marie (Pemberton) Bishop Family" page...
>Addison Bishop had two daughters:  Alice Jeanette (Bishop) Tomek by
>marriage to Frances (Covington) and Welma Pearl (Bishop) Lichtenberg by
>marriage to Susan Marie (Pemberton)...  those two daughters eventually
>got married producing:   Loretta Fay (Tomek) Clem and Kathryn
>(Lichtenberg) Bronson...  I thought it VERY interesting that according
>to Margaret J Fullerton " Kathryn & Loretta [daughters of two
>half-sisters] never met but thanks to Barbara Fort they were able to
>correspond before her [Loretta's] death.  Neither had known before that
>where the other one lived."
  It really is a shame to have half sister and/or brothers that you don't know
anything about or for that matter to have family that you never see or
associate with.  My dad does not know anything about his Clement family.  He
said when he was a kid they were either around his dad's family (the Copes)
or his mother's two sisters, Mary Ellen Brower Pine and Bessie Brower Fry.  I
know myself as a child I can remember going to Montgomery City and New
Florence to visit with Aunt Bessie Brower Fry or Aunt Florence Cope Bowlby.
Once in a while we would visit my dad's cousin Don Cope and his wife
Leona at Martinsburg.  Did you know that my dad was actually born in Leige,
MO.  Leige was a very very small town that was eventually consumed by New
Florence...  ergo it is no longer in existance.

Subject: Re: Photo Joseph Jones & Mary Ann (Spears-Bishop) Clement
Date: 28 Feb 1998  From: "Gail Haferkamp"

>> GREAT DAY! I just received in the mail from my cousin Kathleen Fry
>> Molner a photo of Joseph and Mary Ann Spears Bishop Clement.  Will
>> scan, do some touch-ups and send it to you for web page a.s.a.p.
>you will have to resize the image so that it will fit inside 640 X
>480...  and resend to me...  then maybe I can extract the image with my
...  Try this one.....  and mind you, the quality of the
photo is very very poor.  Kathleen has probably had it since her mother,
Aunt Bessie Brower Fry past away.  I called her and thanked her for sending
the photos (as well as others) and told her about all the family info I have
found out on the Bishop and the Clements.  I knew that Kathleen or one of
her sisters had a photo and I had a color copy but it wouldn't scan worth
messing with.  Kathleen said that before her mother died they taped several
conversations with her about the families.  Aunt Bess knew all the Bishops
quite well.  I told Kathleen that if she chould get them transcribed we
would very much be interested in reading them.  When I get Margaret's file
entered from Jim Bradley, then I will print out ALL the information I have
on both families and send them to Kathleen.  She lives in Ojai [California]...
but she doesn't own a computer.  I told her if she knew someone who could
access the internet then she should take a look at your wonderful web site.