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Addison and Susan Marie (Pemberton) Bishop Family

Dear Barbara,                           May 3, 1995

    I can't tell you how nice it was to receive your letter,  even
though I didn't know the Bishop's.  I knew of them and wondered about them
so often.  Thank you so much for taking the time to write such a nice
letter.  Thanks to you I have already received a lovely letter from Kathern
Bronson.  I'm going to send you the pictures I have of her Mother.  She can
choose the ones she wants to show and then keep them for herself.  I'm also
sending a photo album my Mother put together after we visited Florida in
1941.  Maybe some of the people from Florida would like to have it.  The
post cards and letter you can decide what to do with.  I'm so happy at long
last to find someone who might want them.

    I was married in 1954.  We moved to St. Louis where I worked for a
loan company for six years and McDonnell Douglas for 30 years.  We had two
boys, Amil Mack (Andy) 39 and Jerry Joe 36.  Andy has three children 6, 4,
and 4 months.  They live in the house Andy grew up in Overland, Mo.  Jerry
Joe and his wife live in St. Paul, MN.  My husband passed away in December
of 1991, six months before his retirement.  I'm 58 and on oxygen all the
time.  I have a girl come in and do all the house work and shopping.  I work
cross word puzzles, watch game shows, play with my cat and collect frogs.
(Over 300 at last count.)  I'd love to be making garden but I guess that's

    I don't remember visiting any of the Bishop's and maybe a story my
Aunt Mabel Covington told me is the reason why.  My Mother took me to see an
Uncle who had a farm outside of Montgomery City.  They had a beautiful home
and lots of nicknacks setting around since they didn't have any children.
When we got ready to go home the aunt told my Mother she could come back but
don't bring that BRAT with you.  Ha! good for her!  I thought that might
bring a smile to someone if they could figure out which aunt and uncle it

    Thank you again for the letter and please express my regrets to
everyone for not being able to attend the reunion.


Loretta Clem
219 N. Church Street
Saint Peters, Mo. 63376

[Letter received from Barbara (Bishop) Fort.  Loretta Fay Clem was daughter of
Alice Jeanette Bishop (and Joseph Tomek) who was daughter of Addison Bishop
and his first wife, Fannie Covington.  Alice Jeanette was the only child.  Her
mother died in the month she was born probably from complications of birth.
Alice Jeanette was then raised by her mother's family, the Covingtons.
Obviously they did not stay close to the Bishops as her own daughter,
Loretta Fay, writes in this letter.  The uncle with no children was
obviously Jim and Marlene Bishop.  I remember when Loretta Fay and her
mother visited us in Florida in 1941.  Loretta Fay died just a few months
after she wrote this letter to Barbara (Bishop) Fort, the Bishop Reunion
Organizer of June 1995.  Kathryn Bronson is the daughter of Wilma Pearl
Bishop & Delmont Lichtenberg;  Wilma was the daughter of Addison Bishop &
his 2nd wife Susie Marie Pemberton.
    Kathryn & Loretta Fay never met but thanks to Barbara Fort they were
able to correspond before her death.  Neither had known before that where
the other one lived. - Margaret J Fullerton, Feb 1998]