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Samuel Calvin and Alice (Hayden) Bishop Family

    The Bishop and Eames Reunion was held at the United Methodist -
Presbyterian Church in Montgomery City, Mo., June 3, 1995.  Of the 88
present, there were 15 of the 20 surviving grandchildren of Samuel Calvin
and Alice Hayden Bishop present.  The five cousins not present were:
Lucille Bishop Killian, Grants Pass, Oregon;  Edna Bishop Muller,
Bellflower;  Gladys Bishop, Sun City, Arizona;  Alice Bishop Freyer, Hot
Springs, Arkansas;  and John Bishop of Wellsville.

    Kristin Fipps, six month old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John David
(Sherry) Fipps of Drakesville, Iowa and great-granddaughter of Howell and
Minnie Bishop, was the youngest present.  Trudell Bishop McMackins, of
Prescott, Arizona, daughter of Granville Bishop, a brother of Samuel C. was
the oldest present.

    All the children of Howell and Roy C. Bishop were in attendance.

    Those attending from the Eluid and Willie Hudson Bishop family were:
 Sam W. and Sue Bishop, Mineola; Shirley Buffa, St. Louis;  Barbara and
Sammie Harrelson, New Hartford, Mo.;  and George Harrelson, Columbia, Mo.

    From the Wilford "Bill" and Mary Oliver Bishop family were:  Floyd
and Virginia Bishop, Vandalia, Mo.;  Wendell and Dorothy Bishop, Bob, Holly,
Tyler, and Libby Bishop, Montgomery City, Mo.;  Helen and Rudy Jansen, Lake
St. Louis, Mo.;  James and Elizabeth Garrett, Liberty, Kentucky;  Mrs
Wilford (Margaret) Bishop, Bill and Marilyn Bishop, Shawnee, Kansas;  Warren
Seitz, Alexandria, Virginia.

    From the Clarence and Susie Maxwell Bishop family were:  Bill and
Tammy Bishop, Jeremiah Bishop, and Jamie Lindeman, St. Peters, Mo.;  Margie
Bishop, Granite City, Illinois;  Rebecca Bishop, Chicago, Illinois.

    From the Addison and Susie Pemberton Bishop family were:  Kathryn
and Jerry Branson, Bettina Branson, Jeremy Branson, Marthasville. Mo.

    From the Roy and Lelia Eames Bishop family were:  Dorothy and Azell
Prince, St. Petersburg, Florida;  Eames Bishop, Rancho Polosyards,
California;  Dick Bishop, Margaret Fullerton, Fresno, California.

    From the Harry and Alice Clement Bishop family were:  Mrs. Clark
(Lucille) Bishop, Florissant, Mo.;  Sam and Lucille Bishop, New Hartford,
Mo.;  Jim and Leslie Bishop, Megan, Molly, Nathan and Jesse Bishop,
Columbia, Mo.;  Jean F. Daniel, Michael Haden, Prairie Village, Kansas;
Alice and Don Brockman, Lake Genevea, Wisconsin;  Nellie and Clinton Frost,
St. Louis, Mo.;  Eleanor and Art Allison, Middletown, Mo.

    From the Howell and Minnie Harris Bishop family were:  John Fipps
and Kristin, Drakesville, Iowa;  Mrs. Tom (Chris) Crouch and Christie and
Brian Crouch, Fenton, Mo.;  Missy Bishop Stearn and Jessica, Jackson, Mo.;
Jim and Nancy Dunn, Middletown, Mo.;  Calvin and Jackie Bishop, Montgomery
City, Mo.;  Mildred Fipps, William and Virginia Crouch, Barbara and George
Fort, Sam and Cindy Fort, Kay and Robert Oliver, Barbara and Bill, Richard
Fort, Wellsville, Mo.

    From the Granville Bishop family were:  Truedell McMackins, Carol
and Bob Harris, Prescot, Arizona.

    From the Will and Inez Eames Gliser family were:  Wilma Werges,
Debbie Werges and Shelby, Sharon and J.L. Davidson, Montgomery City, Mo.;
Donald Gliser, New Florence, Mo.;  Sandra and Gerald Gibson, Montgomery City, Mo.

    Tables with pictures and memorabilia were enjoyed.  A post card
written June 3, 1915 to Alice (Bishop) Tomek from her father, Addison
Bishop, could be read exactly 80 years later to the day by members of the
Bishop family.

    Corsages and boutonnieres for the 15 first cousins and a center
piece with a flower and names for each of the deceased cousins were made by
Bettina Branson, great-granddaughter of Add Bishop.  The name tags were also
made by Bettina and her mother, Kathryn Branson.  The Branson family home
was cut off by flood waters for three weeks.  They managed to get a truck
out to a road on Thursday, June 1st, and walked through water to their truck
in order to get to the reunion.

    Mrs. John (Joyce) Brinegar, a great-granddaughter-in-law of John
(Jack) Bishop, was responsible for compiling the family history, stories and
genealogy work that was done.

    Letters from Lucille Killian, Gladys Bishop, Loretta Clement and
David Bishop were read by those in attendance.