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Harry Stanley and Eunice Alvia (Clement) Bishop Family

    Harry Stanley Bishop by Lois Eleanor (Bishop) Allison
            Bishop Reunion Saturday, June 3rd, 1995

[Talk given by Lois Eleanor (Bishop) Allison about her father and mother,
Harry Stanley Bishop and Eunice Alvia (Clement) at the Bishop Reunion of June
1995 - Margaret Jean (Bishop) Fullerton, Feb 1998]

    Hello:  I'd like to introduce myself so you will know who I am going
to tell you about.  I'm the youngest child of Harry and Aliva Bishop.  Some
call me Eleanor and others call me Lois.  Either way I'd like to tell you
about my Dad, Harry Stanley Bishop.

    I'd like to take you back to the year 1908 when he was just 19 years
old.  He had just completed telegraphy school at Cincinnati, Ohio and
started his first employment in telegraphy, railroad accounting, and typing
for the M.K.T. railroad.  At the time he was going with a fair young maiden
by the name of Alvia Clements.  After a few years and due to the distance
between them he chose to come to Missouri and seek employment in politics.
He was elected Assessor of Montgomery County in 1912 and married his true
love on Jan. 27th, 1914.  They started their life together on a farmstead
near New Florence, Mo. and with the help of his brother, Addison, he farmed
and kept the Assessor position until 1920.

    He then moved to a farm just east of Montgomery City.  At this time
his family consisted of two boys, namely Clark Wilson, and Harry Samuel and
one girl, Nellie Irene.  Two more children were born here, namely John Wlliam
and Lois Eleanor.  He stayed on this little farm and farmed for 12 years and
then the depression was a hardship on him and caused a great effort for him
to stay on.  He took his family and moved in with his brother John and
mother Alice just west of Montgomery City.  He farmed with him and brother
Jim until 1939 when he bought another farm just west of Middletown, Mo.  At
this time only two children were still at home.  Clark had married Lucille
Graham and Nellie had married Clinton Frost.  Sam was working in the C.C.C.
camp in south Mo. so John and Eleanor were the only ones left in school.

    This remained his home until his death in 1964 at the age of 75.
They celebrated 50 years of marriage with five children and twelve
grandchildren.  His wife, Alvia, lived 17 more years at her home in
Wellsville, Mo. and passed away at the age of 88 in 1981.  Clark, the oldest
son, was taken two years later in 1983 at the age of 68.  A daughter-in-law,
Delia, was taken the next year in 1984.

    They have three children that have celebrated their golden
anniversaries.  Nellie and Clinton Frost in 1988, Eleanor and Arthur Allison
in 1993 and John and Eathel Bishop in 1995.

    There are now four living children, twelve grandchildren, and 28
great-grandchildren.  Now 106 years after Harry was born we have the fifth
generation of 6 great-great-grandchildren.  I only hope one or several will
keep record of this family tree.

                        Deaths In Family

    Samuel C. Bishop    	July 24th 1931          age 81 years
    Alice (his wife)    	Dec. 12th 1950          age 96 years
    Elieud A. Bishop    	killed June 28th 1923   age 49 years
    Wilford G. Bishop   	Sept. 12th 1957         age 81 years
    Samuel Clarence Bishop  	Oct. 1972           age 93 years
    John Dewitt Bishop  	1881-1965               age 84 years
    Addison Bishop      	1883-1932               age 49 years
    Roy C. Bishop       	Dec. 1st 1988           age 103 years
    Harry S. Bishop     	Sept. 17th 1964         age 75 years
    Howel Bishop        	April 8th 1991          age 99 years
    James M. Bishop     	1898-1973               age 75 years

            Family of Samuel C and Alice (Hayden) Bishop