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Gail William and Allie Lucile (Powell) Robinson Family

Subject: Re: Montgomery Standard  Date: 18 Feb 98
From: (Nancy L. Lee)
To: "Jim Robertson"

    Beverly Robinson, a Bishop family researcher and I had a great day at
the Callaway county courthouse... they are remodeling and knocking out walls
which prevented our original plan to access Circuit court packets from
circuit court cases but we had a great time in the recorders office. I
found my 3 great grandfather, John Board's prenuptuial aggreement to his
4th wife Elizabeth Purvis... part of the Bishop extended family I believe.
She was in her late 60's and he in his 70's when they marriied in 1867. The
marriage lasted a whole 19 days... I understand from family lore that he divorced
her because she wouldn't tie his shoes.
    To answer your question, yes, the Montgomery Standard was and is in
Montgomery City. They keep no old records. You can check the Montgomery
County U S genweb page
for a listing of all available papers. You can order microfilm from the
State Historical Society on loan to your local library or for 50 cents get
copies done for you at the State Historical Society I think they will only
do a couple at a time. You can check their web site out for details.. The
Montgomery Historical Society has some reels... up to 1922. We have to get
our copies in Fulton or Columbia but the cost is just 20 or 25 cents,
depending on where I go... plus postage.  Of course I am slow as a snail
too. But ...  you are at our mercy here in Missouri ! HA!
         I am looking forward to receiving your care package...  I love
this!!!!  Thanks for adding to a great day.
Nancy Hale Lee

> Was the Montgomery Standard published in Montgomery City?  Sent a "care"
> package to you yesterday.  Charts and photos of Jane P. [ie Pope Lail]
> James G. "Jim" Robertson  112 Northwood Place  Mabank, TX 75147-9014

Subject: Re: Montgomery Standard  Date: 20 Feb 98
From: (Nancy L. Lee)

Yes, I got Jim's care package today complete with pictures on her 100th
birthday and group sheets... eat your heart out <grin> I will put it in my
get copy file for you.
        There are two other Coil researchers that I know of  Judy Genrty,
505 S. Abat, Mexico, MO 65265. (not online that I am aware of. She is a
real stickler for details and double verification of her facts. She was in
my high school graduating class so I have known her for years. But mostly to
just say hi until we discovered we both love genealogy.
        The other Coil genealogist is Ed Coil... just yesterday I saw his
notes here somewhere... can't seem to locate them but since I decided to
have a card file address book I am worlds ahead... Ed Coil, 10 Garonne
Court, O'Fallon, MO 63366  email address
        Hope these addresses help someone... oh yes... I recently pointed
Wanda Palmer Perry and Beverly toward each other.  Wanda has Olivers and
Coils...  I am not sure if they tie in or not to your bunch. I do know they
are Callaway county people.  Here is her address
There you have my daily contribution.  Good night all
Nancy Hale Lee

Subject: Re: Photo of Joseph Jones and Mary Ann (Spears-Bishop) Clement
Date: 28 Feb 98  From: (Nancy L. Lee)

Congratulations to Gale.... I wish I had that kind of luck.. I visited my
Uncle and Aunt with Greenberry Bishop's picture but they are both in poor
health and haven't the energy or drive to open the closet and look for
them. They are not the type you can get to let you look in their closets so
I am still without a picture... May drive to West Plains for a picture. I
did acquire a number of pictures corresponding to my children's father's
family in Illinois this week the surnames are Eaton, Pratt, Garrett, Clark,
Lane, Estep and Short. All around Mason City and Havana, Mason County.
        I visited a neighbor and discovered in visiting she and my older
children are related. Carried home a stack of Montgomery County and
Shamrock papers to copy. I caught a glimpse of Samuel Valentine Bishop's
name... I am looking at the papers as I try to type this and can't find it
at this point. Will look further...
Nancy Hale Lee

Subject: Re: Photo of Joseph Jones and Mary Ann (Spears-Bishop) Clement
Date: 28 Feb 98  From: (Nancy L. Lee)

        The papers my neighbor Catherine Jones Simmons had are family
stories and some group sheets and this type of papers concerning her family
who lived in this area and Montgomery County from the 1820's on. She
descends from Rev. William Robinson Jones. One of his dau married a half
brother of Oscar A. Wilson and Amanda Wilson Newlee (Amanda is the ancestor
of Ara Burgess who married one of the Olivers from the Shamrock area
Bishops, I'm afraid I can't keep all the lines straight like you do). Oscar
A. Wilson is my children's Gr gr great - grandfather.

Subject: Re: Obituary Anna Armstrong (Bishop), Moberly, Missouri, 16 Oct 1943
Date: 07 Mar 1998  From: William F Bishop
To: "Nancy L. Lee"
CC: Beverly Robinson, David S Bishop Sr,
Margaret J Fullerton, Dana Althiser

Nancy L. Lee wrote:
>         My grandfather Claud Price Hale went by Price. My father Wm. Price Hale went
by Billy Price when he was a child and later Bill. The pall bearer was my grandfather
Price Hale and one of the minister's was my grandfather's brother's Holly Hale.
        Gee it seems like I can almost "reach out and touch you thru family"...  :-)...
since your gfather, Price Hale, was a pallbearer...  would that have made
him a family friend of Fountain W and "Annie" (Armstrong) Bishop?...
Fountain being the son of Tyra and Rebecca (Wilburn) Bishop who were my
great-great grandparents living northwest of Shamrock, Callaway County,
>         While I am on a funeral train of thought here. (and as you know the train
could leave the station without me at most any moment) I was doing volunteer work at the
Audrain County Area Genealogical Society Friday morning and decided to look in Elmwood
Cemetery for Sophrona Hunter Bishop..
        Thanks will add the Elmwood Cemetery info to the website somewhere...  :-)...
when I wrote down what I had years ago I just made some quick notes probably from some
papers I saw somewhere...  your information is a bit more detailed...  I might have more
luck with integrating it into the rest of the information that I have...
> Sometimes refered to as the City Cemetery- dates in parenethesis are supplied by the
compilers from Cemetery records or newspaper items not the tombstones themselves
> Block F gravesites 45
> BUSH, Laura Bishop 1865 - (4-17) 1909
> BISHOP, J. H. "Booker" 22 Jul 1850- 13 Jun 1892 - My dear husband Gone but not forgotten
> BISHOP, John R. b. Lynchburg, Va Jun 8, 1828 - Mar 27, 1904
> Sophrona Hunter -  his wife Sep 19, 1831 - 19 May 1907
> All of these dates are late enough that there should be some mention of the deaths in
the Mexico papers.
        Good...  will see what I can find in the Mexico Ledger microfilm at the Missouri
State Historical Society this coming week...  if you have some folks you are interested
in and their death dates which might have been in the Mexico Ledger let me know and I
will try to locate an obituary for them...
>         Will doesn't have school next week so I probably will get very little, if any,
genealogy done away from home. Monday he has an ear doctor appointment in Columbia.
Tuesday I do volunteer work and then our monthly genealogy meeting. Wednesday Will and I
are driving to Cameron to see my son, Ben. Thursday Beverly has invited us over. That
leaves Friday open I intend to take Will to the rodeo again Saturday along with my
sister, Becky and family... I will ask her all the poop scoop on the California
teenagers who are Bishop family then.
        I have only gotten one email from Dana (Lipscomb) Althiser...  tho I have asked
her some questions in several emails...  she had said she would be interested in helping
find out more family info in that one email...  but have not heard any more..  maybe you
would have more success if you asked her about the information and questions you have
about your "family" connection to her mother's line...  :-)...  you know, some women
might open up a bit more to another woman...  and not to a crusty old
man like me...  :-)...
> Nancy         Nancy Hale Lee
> ----------
> > Nancy,  placed on website - url below, check "Updates - March" page...  would
> > Anna's pallbearer 'Price Hale of Auxvasse' have been your father, William Price
> > Hale...  or your grandfather, Claud Price Hale?...
> >
> >
> >                      Obituary Anna Armstrong (Bishop),
> >                       Moberly, Missouri, 16 Oct 1943
> >
> >
> >         Montgomery Standard, Montgomery County, Missouri, 29 Oct 1943
> >
> >         Mrs. Annie Bishop Died on Birthday.  Mrs. Annie Armstrong Bishop
> > died at 11:05 o'clock Saturday night, October 16, 1943, her 85th birthday
> > anniversary, at McCormick Hospital in Moberly, Mo., where she had been a
> > patient for two months following a fall which resulted in a crushed hip.
> > She had made her home for a number of years with her son and
> > daughter-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Bishop, in Moberly, and had been in
> > declining health for the past two years.
> >         Annie Armstrong, daughter of John and Virginia Garner Armstrong, was
> > born October 16, 1858, on a farm east of Bachelor, and was reared in that
> > community.  She was one of a family of five girls and two boys.  Her mother
> > was a native Virginian.  Miss Armstrong was married in 1881 to Founty W.
> > Bishop, of the northwest of Shamrock community, where they resided for many
> > years.
> >         Mrs. Bishop is survived by three sons, Leslie and Ralph, of Moberly,
> > and Sam, of Mexico, and one daughter, Mrs. Elizabeth Murray, of Detroit,
> > Mich.  One brother, Charles D. Armstrong, of Muscatine, Iowa, survives, also
> > eight grandchildren and a number of nieces and nephews.  Mrs. Bishop was a
> > member of Martha Washington Chapter No. 324, Order of the Eastern Star at
> > Wellsville, Mo.
> >         Funeral services, conducted by the pastor, the Rev. A.F. Larson, of
> > Fulton, assisted by the Rev. Holly M. Hale, of Auxvasse, were held at 2:00
> > o'clock Monday afternoon in Callaway county at Liberty Christian Church,
> > northwest of Shamrock, of which the deceased had been a long-time member.
> > Burial was in the Liberty cemetery, by the husband who passed away 18 years
> > ago.  The pallbearers were John Armstrong, of Auxvasse, and W.S. Armstrong
> > of Shamrock, nephews of Mrs. Bishop;  Roy Taylor, of Fulton; Price Hale, of
> > Auxvasse;  and James McKibben and Lester Perry, of Shamrock. - Auxvasse
> > Review.

Subject: Re: I believe we can make a family link!  Date: 10 Mar 98
From: (Nancy L. Lee)  To: Kelly Meyer

  WOW WOW WOW I am sooooo happy. We are talking about the same line!!! I have
recently made a friend who has a Bishop web page. His name is Bill Bishop
and I am so excited I am going to actually call him and tell him about our
finding each other. Besides sending him a copy of our emails to each
other. He has a HUGE Bishop web page which I try to contribute to. The
shame of it is I have never been able to connect my Bishop line to anyone
else.  But he has a TON of Bishop info there. His line is the Montgomery
County line.
  Bill's website is
  My great grandmother Watoga Pocohontus Bishop was raised by a family named
Caruthers after her parents death. Do you all know if they are related? I
would LOVE to meet in person. We really aren't that far apart. Can you tell
I'm excited?
  I have worked on various branches of my family for 25 years but Greenberry
was always one of my favorites. I have Zerelda's memory/autograph book.
Greenberry was a rough person in ways, in trouble with the law and
unaccepted by Zerrelda's family. I guess you had to be tough to survive
back then. Have you all had any pictures survive? My uncle is in poor
health and has a few. Greenberry is among them. But so far he and his wife
haven't hunted them up for me...  Maybe our meeting will encourage them.
I also wanted to add, in case you don't know. Greenbery's wife that you
decend from is buried in Mexico Mo in the Old Village Cemetery. It has been
made into a park and the stones set in a wall.
  I won't be here tomorrow evening but any evening after that. I am usually
always here of an evening. I have grown children and then a little one, age
6, again. Will, the 6 year old has Down Syndrome. But he does real well.
Can already site read some.  Can't wait to meet!!!!
Nancy Hale Lee
> Hi Nancy,
> WOW!
>   I am very new to this genealogy stuff.  I have to give all of the credit
> to my parents, as they have many many many hours and a lot of leg work
> towards my family history.
>   We gave our daughter a computer this past x-mas, and we got her on the net
> the middle of January.  In my spare time, I get on and do research on our
> genealogy.  I look at any info. on the names, LOGAN, BISHOP, and WADE. The
> Mrs. Logan from Wright City definitely caught my eye, as the Logans came
> from Wright City.  I believe the Mrs. Logan you are referring to will be
> our family link.  This is what I have.  Margaret Ann Bishop, daughter of
> Napoloen Bishop and Martha Young was born 3-18-1869.  She married Felix
> Hall Logan on 5-8-1889.  These are my great grandparents.  They had four
> children.  Nellie Evelyn, Roy Ellsworth, Iva, and Floyd.  Margaret died at
> home at 8:20 am on 1-21-1945 and buried on 1-23-1945 at Wright City Mo.  I
> hope this information is helpful.  I am excited also.  I have done some
> e-mailing with very little replys.  Boy, you are fast.
>   As for who I am.  I live in Marthasville, Mo.  (Warren Co.)  I have lived
> here all of my life.   As I said I just got started in genealogy, when my
> parents were doing a lot of research, it did not interest me, but as I have
> grown older my heritage began to mean more to me.  Now I am hooked.  Nicki
> does not get to spend as much time on her computer now, because I start
> finding info. and I don't want to get off.
>   ...  My parents are not home this evening as
> we would be calling you.  They will be excited also.  Maybe tomorrow
> evening they can come to my house, and we will call you.  They will have
> more answers to your questions and vice-versa.  I will get on your
> web-site and see if we can make any other connections.
>   This is exciting as I have not found any descendants on the net, and we
> are practicaly neighbors.  I hope you get this this evening yet.
>       Kelly Meyer

Subject: Re: John Bishop born 1822 Kentucky; To Audrain County, Missouri, by 1846
Date: 14 Mar 98 From: (Nancy L. Lee)

I can see you are still working on my Bishop line... So am I this weekend.
        Yesterday I met my new found family...The Logan's from
Marthasville. They are super people. We had a great day. Seemed like we had
known each other for years. Of course when we see our phone bills from
calling each other this week we will know why we seemed so well acquainted.
We had visited for hours!!!
        Art and Billie were full of energy and really outgoing people. He
has retired from the drywall business and she was a funeral home director
for 14 years. Will adored them and had a super time. We made a round from
Martinsburg up too Mexico and through the cemeteries... I am sad to report
that I had lost the exact location in Elmwood cemetery of my great uncle's
grave... Guess it will be my turn to head out with the camera and get
copies for them. I don't think Uncle O.B. Johnson id headed anywhere for awhile.
To refresh you they are the decendant's of Napoleon Bishop. Son of
Greenberry and his first wife Ann Eliza (last name unknown) Bishop. Ann and
several children are buried in the Old Village Cemetery in Mexico.
        I am sorry they didn't know any info further back than Napoleon but
they gave me some info I didn't have as well as info about their line.
Napoleon had several children. We had  learned this from Ogelsby's obit.
They had met the two old maid aunts, Doll and Mattie. As I understand it
they are buried in the  Wright City City Cem. They didn't have the dates
but I bet they are there in Columbia so I expect to head that way tomorrow.
They knew nothing of the Kansas relatives but did think there was another
brother of Oglesby named Charlie. Perhaps he is the son we had as initial D.
        They said that they remember talk of Bishop relatives from New
York... I will pursue that angle through correspondence with a lot of
questions and so on. To tug at the old memory. Billie is not on line. She
has the ambulance number for the area on her phone. But her daughter Keyy
is on line.
        Billie ask me to pass a correction on to you as to as obit you have
on the Bishop page. She was good friends and worked with Pearl Lichtenberg
for years.Pearl comes in on the Addison Bishop line and is buried at Old
Bethel.  She is the godmother of Pearl's son whose name was listed
incorrectly in the obit. His name is not Johnny or does he go by that name.
His name is Jeromy Walter Delmont Branson.
Also she wrote Kathryn's first marriage was to Darrell Liesmann. (I am
afraid I have lost the connection on this one... too many thing to try to
remember yesterday.)
        Billie said she and Pearl used to speculate on the possibility of a
relationship between the two Bishop lines but just lauged at the idea. Now
Billie would love us to connect. I believe it would make her feel an even
closer connection to her friend that she loved. She also talked about
Pearl's mother a lot and remembered her well. She said Pearl talked about
knowing the Scott family who had lived at Scott's corner, east of
Martinsburg. That is my grandmother Johnson's home place. Daughter inlaw of
Watoga Bishop.... It just keeps drawing the circle in tighter as to a
relationship between Shamrock Bishop's and Greenberry's family. Were you at
Pearl's funeral? She thought she may have met you there.
        My sister Becky Hale Henderson was here this weekend too. I ask her
the names and so on of the California teenagers and now have all the info
she knew. (These would be Dana's first cousin's) Amber who is almost 16 and
her brother Travis who is about 12 or 13. They are the children of Cathy
Bishop and Mike Larson. Cathy's father is John Bishop who lives in rural
Wellsville. Mike is the son of Margie Henderson and ? Larson. He spent part
of his highschool years witth his grandmother Ora Henderson. Who lived in
Wellsville. Mike is the nephew of my former brother-in-law, Larry
Henderson. Mike, Cathy and kids live in the San Diego area.
Nancy Hale Lee

> Anne,  would you have any info on this John A? Bishop who was born somewhere
> in Kentucky about 1822?...  suspect he is related to Greenberry Bishop of
> Audrain County, Missouri...    the below info was taken from the Audrain
> County 1850 Missouri Census...  and he apparently married Elizabeth Doan
> in 1846 in Audrain County...  there is a mention of an Elizabeth Bishop
> and her husband John Bishop in some of the Greenberry Bishop court data...
> note also the name Doan in the court data...  :-)...  btw John's middle
> initial might not have been "A" as per the census info...  could have been
> "S" or "C" as there is other mention of a John Bishop with those middle
> initials...  btw Elizabeth Doan was born in Kentucky too...  thanks...
> "State of Missouri   ) County of Audrain)  In the Circuit Court  April Term AD  1872
> John Doan, Frank Doan, Fannie E. Allen,  Lucy Steele,  Elizabeth Bishop and her husband
> John Bishop and Laura Steele and her husband Robert T Steele-- Plaintiffs"
> John A and Elizabeth (Doan) Bishop Family
>                               Dau: Ann M Bishop (1846-?)
>                               Son: Alonzo B Bishop (1849-?)
>                               Son: WB Bishop (1850-?)
> John A Bishop (1822-?) was born in Kentucky. On 1 October 1846 in Audrain County he
> married Elizabeth Doan (1828-?) who was also born in Kentucky. [Note: John A
> Bishop may be connected to the Greenberry Bishop line of Audrain County - wfb]

Subject: trip to the archives  Date: 06 Apr 98
From: (Nancy L. Lee)
I made it to the archives today for a few hours... I had this all in a nice
letter and lost it... So goes life.... These are the new things I found. I
will follow up on them soon. Gotta go again,
  Circuit Court records, St. Charles County MO
Records Book P pages 196, 324, 466
Greenbury Bishop of St. Charles County, MO filed for divorce from Willie
Dudley Bishop on 29 Aug 1872 - Case continued 11 April 1873, Case dropped
21 Mar 1874
Record lists information packet - Box 19 file # 730.
  Bishop Shelby W. married Powhatton Fitts at the home of her father in St.
Charles County, MO
St. Charles County, MO - Marriage Record Volume 3 Marriage # 275
3 Nov 1892
(photo copy ordered from the State Archives 4/6/1998)
  Bishop, Napoleon married Martha A. Young
St. Charles County, MO - Marriage Record # 280
6 May 1866
Date does not match the Bible record at this point...
(photo copy ordered from the State Archives 4/6/1998)
  Bishop, Robert N. married Miss Leona Shotwell in Farber, Audrain County.
He had a guardian sign for him because he is under age twenty one and she
has her father sign for her because she is under age eighteen. I could not
read this all clearly, will send all details at a later date. Married at
her father’s home at Farber, Audrain Co., MO 29 Nov 1893.
Marriage recorded in Warren County, MO - Volume E, Marriage # 37
(photo copy ordered from the State Archives 4/6/1998)
  This places Robert N. Bishop, grandson of Greenberry Bishop, in Audrain
County in 1893. This is the same R. N. Bishop who resides in Pratt Kansas
in 1925 at the time of his brother, Oglesby’s death.
I didn’t have time to look for a 1900 census for them here in Missouri.
Will follow up on that later in the week as well as the Shotwell line.
  St. Charles County MO- Probate Records- Box 12 file # 245
Contains records concerning the disposition of the estate of Greenburg
Bishop (Greenbury Bishop)
Will pursue this on a trip to the St. Charles County courthouse
  Warren County Missouri Probate Records - 1877- 1882
Napoleon Bishop, deceased
pages 154, 156, 213, 214, 219, 224, 239, 274, 324, 342, 343, 344, 370
page 156 Martha Bishop was first made the executor. Witnessed by M.J. Young
and A. S. Northcutt (could have been Northwell) Page 213 she is replaced
by Shelby Bishop. There were a number of continuences and the finalization
of the estate posted by the August 1880 term of the court in the Warrenton
Missouri Banner newspaper.
Land description as part of the estate: SW 1/4 of SW 1/4 of Sec 22. Twsp 46
Rnge 7 W Described as being 40 acres. The land described sold for $175 to
Allen Powell
  I did not look for a listing of the personal property in this estate.
    Nancy Hale Lee