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Robert G and Sarah Virginia (Bishop) Turk Family

Green Mound Cemetery, Vernon County, Bacon Twp, One mile North
of Harwood, Missouri.
Turk, Robert G.		24 Feb 1840 - 02 Dec 1907
  Sara V.		       1846 -        1926

Sheldon Cemetery, Vernon County, Drywood Twp, Sheldon, Missouri.
Turk, Elva (Dau)	15 Jan 1903 - 24 Apr 1952
  Lulu Anna		30 Mar 1868 - 23 Jan 1959
  John L.		19 Nov 1867 - 02 Jun 1955

[Article from Bobby G and Carol Vesta (McMackins) Harris of Arizona.  Carol
is the daughter of Oren Aubrey and Trudelle Marie (Bishop) McMackins.  Sarah
Virginia Bishop was the daughter of Granville Addison and Mary Ann (Spears)
Bishop - Margaret Jean (Bishop) Fullerton, February 1998]

Elva Turk

	Elva was ten years old when the John L. Turk family moved to
Sheldon, Missouri.  After graduating from Sheldon High School in Sheldon,
she went to college in Warrensburg, Missouri.  She started teaching and
attending summer school and got her Masters degree.  Elva taught school in
Anderson, Neosho and Springfield, Missouri.  Music was taught in the
schools.  She had a band of small children that marched and played music.

				[Picture w/caption:]
				     Elva Turk

	Moved to Ellensburg, Washington, where she attended the University.
 Elva graduated with honors and received her Masters degree.

	Elva lived in Chicago, Illinois for a period of time and worked in a
book store.  The last place Elva taught was Kelso, Washington, where she
passed away April 24, 1952.

	Brought to Sheldon, Missouri for burial.

Estil B. Turk Family

	Estil, oldest son of John L. and Anna Turk, went to Yakima,
Washington when 16 years old and worked in fruit packing plants and was
there for five years.

	Returned to Sheldon and started a cafe with Omel, next to Sheldon
Telephone office.  Omel worked at garage and Estil kept the cafe 2 years.
Mrs. Turk took the cafe and kept it until Mildred and Raymond graduated from
Sheldon High School in 1929.

	Estil went to Mexia, Texas worked in oil field one year.

	He married Lelah Tippie in Pampa, Florida; she was the daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. Flute Tippie.  Moved to Akron, Ohio in 1926 and lived there

			    	[Picture w/caption:]
		Mr. and Mrs. Estel Turk and son, John B. Turk

four years doing mechanic work.  Went to Kansas City and worked as mechanic
1930-1931.  A son John Beverly was born February 7, 1931.

	They moved to Sheldon.  Estil started car repair shop with Omel 1931
for several years.  Worked at Camp Crowder, Mo., for the government
rebuilding equipment for the Armed Forces.  Lived in Salina, Kansas, worked
for the government until war ended September, 1945.  They moved to Kelso,
Washington by way of truck, arriving in Kelso on Thanksgiving Day.  Rented
house and worked in garage and filling station for L.A. Darr until Omel and
family moved to Kelso in September 1947.  Estil and Omel bought the garage
and filling station and worked there until retired.

	His son John B. Turk, attended school in Sheldon.  Floe Wisehart was
his teacher and then graduated from Kelso, Washington High School.  He
attended Ellensberg College, Ellensberg, Washington.  He married Patricia
Noreda of Kelso.  They have 4 children, Randy, Terry, Diane and Kelly.  John
B. works for Pack Davis Drug Co. and lives in Milwaukee, Oregon.

	Estil has 4 grandchildren and 3 great-grandchildren.

Submitted by Mildred Hollenbeck.

Rex R. and Eva Turk

	Rex R. Turk, born to John L. Turk and Lula Anna Darr, January 10,
1906 at Uniontown.  Moving to Sheldon, Mo. in 1913.  He completed twelve
years of school in Sheldon, graduating in 1924.  Following graduation he
worked in Texas oil fields.  He drove Akron Ohio City bus, transferring to
Grayhound lines out of Kansas City, Mo. and Los Angeles, California.
Transferring to Crown Coach Lines until August 8, 1932 when he began working
for Texas Empire pipe line now known as Texaco Cities Service.  He had
thirty five years services retiring in 1968.

	Rex and Eva M. Faubion, born February 10, 1906, daughter of Miller
and Anna Bell Young Faubion, were married June 6, 1934.

				[Picture w/caption:]
			      Rex and Eva Turk, 1970

	Rex served in World War II Navy June 16, 1943 until September 19,
1945.  He finished boot camp as 2nd class motor machinist and served in
Sipare, Guano, and invasion of Tinian.  He was I class officer when

	Rex was in business before and after service.  It continued until he
passed away July 2, 1977.  He served as mayor for thirty years.

	Eva worked at restaurants, stores, and Dr. Ducketts drug store in
Milford, Mo.  They moved to Kansas City, Mo. and she worked at Montgomery
Ward, National Bellas Hess.  Also Kresge Dollar Store and was in charge of
three departments and assistant detective on main floor.  After World War II
she kept books for Rex's car business and managed their hotel apartments.

	Rex and Eva took foster son Rex L. Faubion at the age of six.

Submitted by Eva Turk.

John L. Turk Family

	John, the son of Granvel Turk and Sarah Virginia Bishop, was born in
Burlington, Iowa in 1867.

	John was a self-educated blacksmith.  He spent his early childhood
in his father's blacksmith shop, imitating his father's work.

	In 1900 John was united in marriage to Lulu Anna Darr of Walker, Mo.
at Fair Haven, Missouri.

	Anna Darr was born in 1868 in Emerson, Mo.  She moved to Walker, at
an early age.  Anna went to school in Walker and Cottey College in Nevada,
Mo.  She attended church and taught school for nine years in the same

	Anna married John L. Turk in 1900.  Lived in Rockville and Rich
Hill, Mo. then moved to Uniontown, Washington in 1907 with three children,

				      [Picture w/caption:]
			Turk family - three generations. Taken in 1911.

				      [Picture w/caption:]
			Mr. and Mrs. John L. Turk, Estil, Elva and Omel

Estil, Omel, and Elva, where John Turk continued his blacksmithing.  They
moved to Missouri in 1911 with 6 children, Estil, Elva, Omel, Rex, Raymond
and Mildred.  Lived in Fair Haven Springs, Rockville and Rich Hill Before
moving to Sheldon in 1913 with his family.

	They lived in the house located on the southwest corner of Sheldon
Park located where Bryan and Ruth Bartlett live at the present time.  All of
the Turk children attended Sheldon School.

	John Turk purchased the blacksmith from Hank Gordan, located on Main
Street south of the Post Office.

	John had horseshoe diamond on east side of the shop which was used
daily, except Sunday.  It was a good place to loaf and keep up with the
daily news.  Some sat in chairs and leaned back against the shop.

	The City Jail was in back of the shop and a livery stable on the
west side.

	John L. Turk died in 1955, Lula Anna Turk died in 1959.

Submitted by Mildred Hollenbeck.

Omel F. Turk Family

	Omel graduated from high school in 1923, and worked in the Ford
Garage for Carl D. Higgins and Fred Harriman for 2 years.  He went to Mexia,
Texas and worked in the oil field and played baseball for one year.

	In June 1926, he went to Akron, Ohio and worked for the Northern
Ohio Power and Light Co. and played baseball with several different teams
until 1930.

	Omel then went to Kansas City, Mo. and worked there 1930-31 he
played baseball.

	He married Sylvia Beisley, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Alonzo Lon
Beisley in 1933.  They have three daughters (including twins) and one son,
who were born in Lamar, Missouri.  Nancy, Omel, Janet and Joyce.  Lived in
Sheldon 9 years, one block north of post office on east side of street until

				      [Picture w/caption:]
		Omel Turk and Sylvia (Beisly) Turk, children Nancy
		and Omel standing;  twins Janet and Joyce in arms.

	Nancy attended school 2 years in Sheldon, Mo.  Flo Wisehart was her
teacher.  Moved to Grandview, Mo. and worked for Pratt Whitney Airplane

	September, 1947, they moved to Kelso, Washington and had a garage
and filling sttion with his brother Estil until retirement.

	Nancy attended Western Washington College in Bellingham, Washington.
Omel attended University of Washington in Seattle.  All of their children
graduated from Kelso High School.

	They bought a house on a hill overlooking Kelso and Longview,
Washington in 1947 where they still live.

	All of the children are married and have families, and they have
eleven grandchildren.

Submitted by Mildred Hollenbeck.

Raymond Turk and Verna May Fowler

	Raymond Turk was four years old when he moved to Sheldon in 1913.
He attended twelve years of school at Sheldon and graduated in 1929.  He
loved all sports and played a good marble game.  At the age of fourteen he
went to Pittsburg, Kansas with a man from Bronaugh, Missouri named Frank
Hartzfeld and they won the Kansas Horshoe Championship in 1923.

				      [Picture w/caption:]
				Verna May and Raymond Turk

	Raymond received a baseball contract from the manager of the team
sponsored by the Sun Oil Company, in the North Eastern Ohio League.  He left
for Ohio by train the evening after graduation and worked for Sun Oil
Company, who also sponsored bowling.  He became a ball player and a bowler
and went to places and saw things he never would have gone to or seen
otherwise.  He attended at least twenty national bowling tournaments.

	Raymond returned to Sheldon in 1932 and married his high school
sweetheart, Verna May Fowler, one of the thirteen children of Mr. and Mrs.
Edward (Ed) Fowler.  Verna May also graduated from Sheldon High School.

	Raymond and Verna May went to Ohio in 1948.  They had two Sunoco
Stations and with a partner built a twelve lane bowling alley.  Verna May
was cashier and kept books.

	Raymond and Verna May retired in 1977 and still live in Lodi, Ohio.

Submitted by Mildred Hollenbeck.

Subject: Re: Sarah Virginia "Jennie" Bishop and Turk Family  Date: 18 Feb 1998
From: Margaret J Fullerton

Sarah Virginia (Jennie) Bishop, d/o Granville A. Bishop and Mary Ann Spears
Wingfield Bishop did marry a John Turk according to my records (probably from
Carol McMackins Harris and you). I have no other information about this
family except for this document.

Granvel could have been a second or middle name for Robert Turk or the other
way around and maybe he was called Granvel. As you say it could also have
been confusion with his father-in-law's name. We'll get to the bottom of it

For now this document gives us one child from this marriage, John L. Turk.
Then 4 children from the marriage of John L. and Lulu Anna Darr: Elva, Rex,
Omel, and Raymond. Two other children were also mentioned: Estil and Mildred.

This document seems to be biographical sketches of families who lived in
Sheldon, MO at one time or another.  It was sent to me by Carol McMackins
Harris.  Hope this helps.		Margaret

Subject: Re: Sarah Virginia "Jennie" Bishop and Turk Family  Date: 18 Feb 98
From: (Nancy L. Lee)

The Turk Cemetery is located on my sister, Cindy Hale Davis' farm. A mile
or so east of Martinsburg, just across the Montgomery county line.  A
complete listing of this cemetery is on the Montgomery US genweb site I
believe... either way here it is again.
on the West line of NW 1/4 of Section 29, Township 50, Range 6W. This is
the original Turk land, the original house stood on the crest of the ridge
to the east of the cemetery* Land owned by Mr. and Mrs.  Lloyd Canterbury
and shares a fence row with the Mr. and Mrs. Leland Davis property. Stones
recently moved from the original locations to the eastern fenced area for
better protection from livestock.

1st row on the east side, South to North.
O’Donnell, Thomas C. Died  Nov. 26, 1894 (note: aged 84 yr 2 mo 4 da)* Born Sept. 22  1810
O’Donnell, Nancy, wife of Thomas O’Donnell, Died May 26, 1883 aged 67 years
	(note: nee McPherson: by her  first marriage to George Canterbury, was
	mother to George Knox Canterbury)*Born July 27 1820
4 undertakers markers- unreadable
O’Donnell, John, (son of Thomas and Nancy O’Donnell)* Born Apr. 8, 1852 Died  Nov..23, 1944
O’Donnell, Belle Wright, wife of John O’Donnell (note: sister of Mrs.
	George Burwell)* Born about 1859 Died Dec. 11, 1939
O’Donnell, Chris, (child of John and Belle O’Donnell)* John Christian
O’Donnell  Born May 5, 1881  Died Feb. 4, 1938
O’Donnell, Sam (brother of John O’Donnell)*Samuel Owen O’Donnell Born 1854 Died Oct. 14, 1935
O’Donnell, Minerva Wylie, (wife of Sam O’Donnell)* Amanda Minerva Wylie
O’Donnell Born about 1852  Died Sept. 18, 1934
O’Donnell, Bill  ( son of Sam and Minerva O’Donnell)* Born 1881  Died  Dec. 23, 1918  of influenza
O’Donnell, Tom (son of Sam and Minerva O’Donnell)* Died Sept. 12, 1912  Hit
	by a train while walking on the tracks returning home from Wellsville.
Banks, children of Raymond and Verda Banks (Verda was raised by the John O’Donnell’s)
Canterbury, Andrew G.  Born Feb. 6, 1871  Died Feb. 26, 1942 (uncle of Lloyd Canterbury)
Canterbury, George (Knox), (Missouri Pvt, Co. C, 3 Regt., Mo. Inf.,Confederate States Army)
	Born Jan. 8, 1846  Died Dec. 13, 1927
(Canterbury, Liza Owens, wife of George buried next to him, no stone)*Eliza Price nee  Owens
(Canterbury, Mina, Dau. of George and Liza)*Almina Bertha Canterbury Born Oct. 24, 1872  Died May 1909

2nd row of Turk Cemetery
Turk, Robert T.,  Born June 7, 1786   Died Feb. 6, 1864,   Aged 78 yr 7 mo 28 da
Davidson, Hosea,  Co. B, 57th Mo. E..M.  Born Dec. 28, 1807  Died  Oct 16, 1874
	same stone as
Davidson, Julia A.,  Born Oct .26, 1813  Died Apr. 25, 1858

3rd row
Turk, Robert B., Son of  S. W. and A. J. Turk, Died May 31, 1863   Aged 5 yr 2 mo 14 da
on one stone: children of S. W. and A. J. Turk
Turk, Mary E.  Died  Sept. 12, 1889  Aged 3 yr 17 da’s
Turk, Adiner F.  Died Sept. 22, 1874  Aged 12 yr 2 mo
Turk, Samuel W. Died  August 13, 1880 (aged 52 yr 10 mo 16 da)

4th row
on one stone
Muster, Ann E.  Born   May 22, 1833   Died Feb. 10, 1887
Muster, J. S.   Born Mar. 19, 1831  Died _______
* Other persons probably buried here based on recent research
Canterbury, Samuel Patton - Son of George K. and Eliza Canterbury Born Mar. 18, 1869  Died Oct. 2, 1870
O’Donnell, Anna Lee, dau. of Sam and Minerva O’Donnell- Born Apr. 20, 1883

  This is a fair size cemetery enclosed on the east by a farm fence, shaded
by haphazardly growing trees. Only the above stones were still evident,
but there were many native stone markers..  Mrs. Lloyd Canterbury provided
the information in parenthesis.  She stated at one time there was a grave
stone for a slave of _____Turk..  Information preceded by an asterisk is
supplied by Nancy Hale Lee who is researching these families. This cemetery
is listed as # 165 in the Montgomery County Alphabetized Listing.  Copied
Oct. 18, 1978 by Mrs Lloyd Canterbury and Mrs. Frederick Bohl, Sr.
Nancy Hale Lee

Subject: Re: Sarah Virginia "Jennie" Bishop and Turk Family  Date: 19 Feb 98
From: (Nancy L. Lee)

        I looked a little deeper in my papers and have some additiional
information on the Turk families.. No telling what I might find if I ever
got organized!!!   Did I ever tell you I used to make group sheets on who
begot who from the Bible (g) I guess I am a true genealogy nut case.

Records of Augusta Presbyterian Church, Shamrock, MO 1846-1953

Names of members of the Church and where received from
Archibald R. Turk 23 July 1854 by certificate from N. S. P. Hobbscott(?)
Thomas N. Turk 10 June 1855 by certificate from ___ Methodist
Wm. Turk 10 June 1855 by certificate from Yellow Springs Methodist
Mary Turk 10 June 1855 by certificate from Secedar Church.
How members dismissed
Thomas N. Turk joined Methodist, no date
Wm. Turk, death
Mary Turk, moved off

Notes and Session Minutes
June 10th 1855
Session met at Augusta church and was opened with prayer Rev. S. Scott md.
when Miss Isabella Callison was received on examination and Mr. Thos R? or
B? Turk and William Turk on certificate and Mrs. Mary Turk on her relation
of her membership with the Secedar church, having no letter. Closed by
prayer     Jno Hamilton, clk
June 10th 1855

Nancy Hale Lee