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Thomas and Sharon Ruth (Bishop-Lipscomb) Davis Family

Subject: Re: These Kids From California are Bishop Descendants
Date: 12 Feb 1998  From: William F Bishop
To: Nancy L Lee, Dana Althiser

Nancy,  below is the content of your email relating to George and Sharon
Lipscomb...  and your mention of Sharon's younger sister [wife of Mike
Larson]...  Mrs. Mike Larson having two teenagers living in California...
who were in Missouri to visit their grandparents this past summer of 1997...
these two teenagers being your sister's ex-husband's nephew's kids...
yes! I bogged down on that last piece of information...  :-)...  can you give
names for each person of "sister's ex-husband's nephew's kids"...  give the
name of the two grandparents...  give the name of the former great aunt [your
    Also below is I think the content of the email to which you refer as
having been the "letter which put my feeble little pea brain to work"...
:-)...  the letter is from Jim Bradly [my first cousin]...  he is stating
that Dana Althiser ( who just recently contacted us Bishops
about the website...  Dana's grandparents being John William and Eathel Edna
(Leverett) Bishop...  Dana's g-grandparents being Harry Stanley Bishop and
Eunice Alvia (Clement)...  Dana's gg-grandparents being Samuel Calvin Bishop
and Alice (Hayden)...  Dana's ggg-grandparents being Granville Addison Bishop
and Mary Ann (Spears)...  it also turns out that Dana is related to Jim's wife,
Mary Edna (Long) as Mary's parents are Herbert Long and Lillian (Levertt)...
and Lillian's sister is Eathel Edna Leverett...
    According to an email from Dana Althiser also shown below...  Dana
Althiser is the daughter of Sharon Davis (Bishop)...  it looks like then that
Sharon Davis (Bishop) is married to George Lipscomb...  and thus Dana is
Dana (Lipscomb) Althiser who's parents are George and Sharon Davis (Bishop)
Lipscomb...  I'm going to copy Dana on this email...  she hasn't written back
to me yet from when I answered her initial email...  hopefully Dana will clear
this up for us and maybe know who the "Mrs. Mike Larson having two teenagers
living in California" is referring to...  :-)...

Dana,   come on Dana...  help us out here...  we are your friends and family...
:-)...  get us unstuck...  :-)...  I just love these puzzles!!!  and trying
to figure them out...  it's a fun challenge...


Subject:  These Kids From California are Bishop Descendants  Date: 11 Feb 98
From: (Nancy L. Lee)

Bill,    I have been busy all week and wanted to relate a story to you
pointing out what a small world this really is... This past summer my
sisters and I took our kids to Cannon Dam to the water park. Along were two
teenagers from California who were in Missouri to visit their
grandparents... I remembered these kids as infants. They are my sister's ex
husband's nephews kids (confused yet)...  who decided to spend a few days
with their former great aunt (who is just 40... great aunts are pictured at
least 75 years old right?)  It finally hit me the other night that these
kids are Bishop grandkids.  Their mother, who I vaguely remember as a
teenager in Wellsville had an older sister, Sharon, who was married to
George Lipscomb.  (You mentioned her the other day in a letter which put my
feeble little pea brain to work)  They were a little older than myself but
occassionally we were in the same group at a social function. So these kids
from California are Bishop descendants..  I have forgotten their mother's
name but their father is Mike Larson...  but only related to one of my
nephews...  Another one of those close misses Beverly [Robinson] and I keep
having in our family lines....  Kin to the same people but not to each other.

Nancy Hale Lee

Subject: Re: [Fwd: BISHOP FAMILY]  Date: 03 Feb 1998
From: (James W. Bradley)

Bill,  Yes I do know Dana she is Mary's cousins' daughter or one of our
kinfolk I had a email from her mother tonight also.  Dana's granddad is
John W. Bishop the one that I got the pictures of and had you put on the
site.  Sharon is the mother of Dana.  There is a son also of David Lipscomb.
I have them in my files if I can figure out how to do the html file I will
try and get it to you.
   Tonight is going to be a busy night, have a church meeting and Mary just
called and said that they admitted her mother to the hospital with a broken
hip.  So I need to get at it as the meeting is at 7:00.  ttyl   Jim

Subject: Re: John and Eathel Bishop  Date: 02 Feb 1998
From: William F Bishop
To: Dana Althiser

Dana wrote:
> My name is Dana Althiser, D/O Sharon Davis (Bishop), D/O John and Eathel
> Bishop.  Was in looking for the pictures and other information on the
> Bishop Family.  Could not find the photos.  Can you help?  Please let me
> know if I can help with anything.  You have done a good job with the
> site, was very impressed.

Subject: Re: Finally Responding  Date: 12 Mar 1998
From: William F Bishop
To: Dana Althiser, Sharon Ruth Davis

Dana,  received your email...  and very glad to get your email and
information...  for the last week or so any email I copied you on kept
coming back with a warning message that it was undeliverable after 4
hours...  so don't know if they got thru or not...  maybe this email won't
get thru...  don't know but will place this info from you out on your
"Notes Dana (Lipscomb) Althiser" page that I'd set up...  now with your
information I should be able to see if I have any corrections to make...
and I know Nancy Lee will be interested to hear of your information...
Nancy lives over in the Shamrock, Callaway County area...  btw I actually
got your email this afternoon...  but wasn't able to do a save of the DOC
content to a separate file till just now when I figured out a way to do
it...  I may be slow but we turtles do make it across the finish line...
:-)...  I haven't even yet read your email content...  wanted to set up
this response and email to my broadcast email list...  :-)...  will
probably get back to you with a followup email tomorrow...  again thanks
for the information...  if you do change your email address be sure to let
me know the knew address...  :-)...

Subject: Finally Responding  Date: 12 Mar 1998  From: dana
To: William Bishop

Bill - still having lots of problems with my email so I am sending my
response as an attachment.  This is formatted for MS Word, please let me
know if you do not get this or can not read it.

Bill - So sorry to have taken so long to respond..... My email was down and
then I went on Vacation for a week to Lake Tahoe, where I got engaged.  So
things have been rather crazy lately.  But enough about that, lets see if I
can clear up a few mysteries.

1st - the kids from California are indeed my cousins.  They are Amber and
Travis Larson, children of Mike and Kathy (Bishop) Larson.  Kathy is my
mothers youngest sibling.

2nd - Siblings would be the children of John and Eathel (Leverett) Bishop.
The children in order go Sharon Ruth (Bishop b.12/1/46) Davis, (who is my
mother), Larry (b. 7/5/48) and Betty (Logan) Bishop, Harry (b. 8/27/50) and
Sharon (Zumbehl) Bishop, and Mike & Kathy (Bishop b. 5/20/56) Larson.

3rd - Sharon was married to George Lipscomb and had two children.  David
Richard Lipscomb (b 8/5/66) who now lives in St. Louis.  David has one
Daughter, Paige Renee Lipscomb born 10/5/93 (Paige is the only great
granchild of John and Eathel Bishop.  Myself, Dana Renee (Lipscomb)
Althiser (b. 10/04/67) being the second child now residing in Jefferson
City, MO and am engaged to Micheal Southard of Jefferson City, MO.  Sharon
Bishop is now married to Thomas Davis and resides in Mexico, MO.

4th - Larry Bishop married Betty Logan and they have two children and now
live in Columbia, MO.  Their children are Timothy and Nicholas Bishop

5th - Harry Bishop married Sharon Ann Zumbehl and they have three children
and now live in Middletown, MO.  Their Children are Stephanie, Chuck and
William (Billy).  None of the Children are married yet, however, Stephanie
is engaged.

6th - Kathy Bishop Married Mike Larson and they, as previously defined,
have two children Amber and Travis.  They live in Sun Valley California I
believe, but not real sure that is the exact town.

7th - Please let me know if you have any further questions regarding this
branch of the family.  I am not real sure that my email is operating
correctly yet, so I could not send this message to everyone.  Will you
please forward it to everyone on the list.  My mother is also on the
internet and her address is  She would like to be
added to your list of people to receive information regarding the Bishop
Family.  I will try and respond to some of the other emails that I have
received as soon as possible.  I will also be changing my email address
soon and let everyone know the new address.  Thanks, Dana.