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Eliude Adolphus and Sarah Willie (Hudson) Bishop Family

Subject: Re: Bishop "boys" Flew During WWII  Date: 10 Feb 1998
From: William F Bishop

        Another thing Howell or Roy Bishop mentioned may not have anything
to do with Jim [Nowlin Bishop] but did have to do with one of their brothers
and could have been him...  Howell or Roy mentioned that one of the brothers
flew an airplane back in the 1920s or 1930s...  but then when there was some
incident with an airplane going into the Great Lakes in Michigan...  they
decided to quit that as it became clear that a person could get killed
doing that...  the Great Lakes airplane incident may have just been a story
that the person flying heard which made them change their mind about flying
airplanes...  but I think that they may have flown in the Great Lakes area
but don't know for sure...  wonder if Margaret Fullerton knows any more
about this topic?...

Subject: Re: Bishop "boys" Flew During WWII  Date: 11 Feb 1998
From: Margaret J Fullerton

The story about the plane going down in Lake Michigan may have been about the
son of Eliude Adolphus Bishop, David Hearst Bishop, who died in Lake Michigan
on 29 March 1966 although I do not know if it was an airplane accident or
what but several of the sons of the Bishop "boys" flew during WWII and I
remember meeting them in St. Petersburg, FL in their uniforms. Charles Eliud
Bishop, another son of Eliude Bishop, did die at the airport in Ft Wayne,
Indiana, 4 July 1960, so I am assuming that was an airplane accident.  Now that
I think about it David and Charles were probably the ones I met in Florida.
They would have been 41 and 30 at the end of WWII.  Margaret