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John and Jane Pope (Lail) Spears Family

Miscellaneous newspaper articles from the Montgomery Standard, Aug & Oct 1904

located at the Montgomery County Historical Society (5 Aug l904) J.A. Bishop, B.A. Bishop and wife, Paul Bishop and G.W. Clemens have gone to Vernon, Texas, to visit relatives, among them being their grandmother Wingfield, who will be 100 years old next Monday. Mrs. Wingfield left Montg City in 1873 for Nebraska, and from there she moved to Texas. The visitors will be absent three weeks. (5 Aug l904) Addison Bishop, a son of S.C. Bishop near here, was one of the successful ones in the land drawing in South Dakota last week. John Bishop also entered, but failed to get anything. (26 Aug 1904) George W. Clement and his mother, Mrs. Mary A. Clement, age 76y, B.A. Bishop and wife, John A. Bishop and son, Paul, returned last week from Vernon, TX, where they had gone to celebrate the 100th birthday of Mrs. Wingfield, mother of Mrs. Mary A. Clement. There were about 30 present, among them Green Purvis, formerly of Callaway co. it was the first time in 33y that Mrs. Clement had seen her mother. she was hale and hearty for one of her age, and enjoys good health. Mrs. Green Purvis and Mrs. Lucy Robinson were other daughters of Mrs. Wingfield. Crops there were corn, cotton, milo maise and watermelons. They hunted for Jack rabbits, and brought back some horned toads with them. Mrs. Wingfield came to Callaway co in 1820 and settled below Shamrock. Her maiden name was Lail. J. Sam Lail of Shamrock is her nephew. Granville Bishop, brother of Uncle Tyra Bishop, married Mrs. Wingfield's oldest daughter. Mrs. Wingfield was twice married, first to a man named Sears, who left her with 4 children, 2 sons, 2 daughters. Then she married Edward Wingfield who died in Nebraska 15 or 20 years ago. They had 3 children, two still living, Mrs. Ben Clement and Mrs. Granville Bishop. Mrs. Wingfield was born in Albemarle co, VA, Aug. 1, 1804. In about 1833 she made her home with a Mr. Coil near Shamrock, and older people of that community remember her. Uncle Tyra Bishop will be 88y old next December. (14 Oct l904) Hundred Years old - Mrs. E.W.G. Wingfield celebrated the 100th anniversary of her birth at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Carrie Blain, at Vernon, Wilbarger co, TX, on Aug. 8, 1904. Her maiden name was Jane Pope Lail, born and raised in Harrison co, KY; married John E. Spears in 1823. They had 4 children, 3 in KY, one in MO. The eldest, Mrs. Susan Clement, now over 80y old, lives with a daughter in Lewisburg, Kans; the second, Noah Spears, is deceased; third, Mrs. Mary A. Clement resides in Callaway co, MO; the youngest, John E. Spears, Jr. now deceased, was born near Shamrock, MO in 1834. Her husband died the same year. In 1843 she married in Montg co, MO, Edward W.G. Wingfield, of Albemarle co, Va. They had 4 daughters. The eldest, Mrs. Sallie M. Purvis and the youngest, Mrs. Lucy E. Robertson, live in Vernon, TX. Mrs. Lizzie Hawley, twin sister of Mrs. Carrie Blain, died in Seward, Nebr in 1881. The family moved from KY to Montg co, MO in 1830. In 1873 they moved to Seward co, NE where in 1880 E.W.G. Wingfield died; in 1890 Mrs. Wingfield moved with her daughters to Wilbarger co, TX, her present home. Four of her daughters were present for her 100th anniversary. Mrs. Wingfield is quite deaf, but can read without the aid of glasses and seldom puts them on. Subject: Re: Montgomery County Historical Society Date: 10 Feb 98 From: (Nancy L. Lee) To: James G Robertson CC: William F Bishop Jim, Yes our group is interested in both group sheets and lineage charts. I was calling them pedigree charts and a member in Washington D. C. called me on it so I'd better learn to call them by the correct name. We aren't pets...or at least most of us aren't real dogs... (grin) We voted today to go ahead and spend the money on a copy machine with a dead line of March 30. It should ease my job of helping others who live at a distance. I found the articles I had mentioned a couple of weeks ago with the help of Bessie Weeks today at the Montgomery Genealogical Society meeting. She is a descendant of John Joseph Clements. I will be sending this on to Bill also to share with the group. [see newspaper articles above] Nancy Hale Lee ---------- > Is the society interested in either pedigree charts and/or family group > sheets of its members lineage? I have prepared a pedigree chart that > covers the lineage of Jane Lail (grandmother of a lot of Bishops and > Clements) & FGS of my ancestors who resided there. I haven't mailed > them until I could check to see if they were of interest. > > I appreciate your getting me in touch with Bill Bishop, Gail Haferkamp > and Margaret Fullerton. It has been mutually beneficial. > James G. "Jim" Robertson, 112 Northwood Place, Mabank, TX 75147-9014
Subject: Re: Jane Pope Lail and daughter Mary Ann Clement Date: 11 Feb 1998 From: Margaret J Fullerton The Paul Waldo Bishop brothers and sisters are all children of John A. "Jack" Bishop and his 3 wives. He was the son Of Granville Addison Bishop and Mary Ann Spears. I didn't have any knowledge of several of them moving to Texas but as several of the newspaper articles show, Jane Lail moved there to live with a daughter after the death of Wingfield in Nebraska so it wouldn't be surprising that some of her grandchildren went there too. I have written to Joyce Brinegar, Great Granddaughter-in-law of John A. "Jack" Bishop in hopes of finding out more about the family. She lives in Wellsville, MO and my present onfo came from her via Barbara (Bishop) Fort. Margaret I loved all the articles chocked full of information!!!!