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Frank Lyle and Clara Odessa (Anderson) Bishop Family

Subject: Our Family Background  Date: 25 Oct 1997
From: Mary F Bales

Thought I would send you a line while some of the answers to
your questions are fresh in my mind. My mother Clare Odessa Anderson
Bishop had one brother and three sisters that I know of. None of them
are living. Her mother's name was Elizabeth Basinger. Basinger being
her second marriage name. She and second husband lived around Laddonia,
Mo for years. I understand that my grandfather Anderson was killed by a
run away team at a rail road crossing. Keep in mind that I am almost 72
and these things happened before I was born. Also, remember we didn't
have a mother and father to raise us, we were in foster homes, so we
don't know all of the details like a family that was always close.
Anyway, I know my grandmother had seven kids by her first marriage and
seven by her second. As far as I know the second family children all
live in and around Chicago. I'm sure that my grandmother was living
there when she died. Somewhere around Cicero. I also remember them
saying that several of my grand mother's children died during the flu
epidemic way back when. One of my mother's sisters was Elsie. She was
married to Art Leemaster. They had no children and lived in Chicago.
Aunt Nellie was married to Roy Saxe. They had no children and lived in
Hannibal, Mo. Aunt Leona had two boys. She lived in Chicago. I don't
know much about her. I do remember them saying that she died from a
goiter. The two boys were adopted out. My mother's only brother, Jim
Anderson, was married and had one daughter. They lived somewhere
around Clarksville, Mo. Supposely his wife and her boy friend murdered
him. They were convicted. They were found out through the daughter.
Wish I could tell you more about these things. Maybe next summer when I
come back from Texas I will do some investigating for you. Also, in the
mean time I will question Sue [(Bishop) Edler] about some of this information.
She is only eighteen months older then I am but maybe she will remember
something I don't.

Jane's [(Bishop) Matthews] body was cremated. I understand that was her wish..
I think most of her children were at services. Some have promised to come to
family reunion next summer. I am really looking forward to seeing all
of you there. That includes Ken [Lyle] Bishop. Are you reading Ken?
My sister Betty's [(Bishop) Peters] youngest son Matt [Peters] got married in
July. He works for Fed-X in Colorado. His E-mail address is
Sue and I went to his wedding in Iowa.