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Tyra D and Rebecca (Wilburn) Bishop Family

Auxvasse Review, Auxvasse, Audrain County, MO. August 25, 1904 page 1 column 6 &7

Subject: Uncle Tyra Bishop of Shamrock  Date: 11 Jan 98
From: (Nancy L. Lee)  To: "William F Bishop"

Beverly [Robinson] is having e mail problems and sent this article home with
me to forward on to you.
        I will keep my eye out for any articles about the family in the
Oracle as I go through it. You can see my work thus far on the Montgomery
county Mo page of the genweb. I have had so much research to do for other’s
that I haven’t touched the papers since before Christmas...Hope to get back
to them soon.
        Bessie Weeks from the Williamsburg area called and invited Will and
I over to visit today. She is a descendant of Joseph Clement and a very
active local historian. So I imagine my afternoon will be spent at her home
pouring over old clippings and histories and just learning about the
communty before I was born. Bessie is a Boone descendant and very active in
Boone family projects.
        I hope you enjoy the article and as I said will keep my eye out for
        A note of interest is I found this article in a file at the Audrain
County Area Genealogical Society. It had been copied in 1991 and sent to
Steve Myers, 1017 W. Packard, Ft. Wayne, Indiana 46807. I really believe if
correspondence is kept, and filed so it can later be accessed by the area
genealogical and historical societies many contacts can be made. I didn’t
try looking at your website to see if you knew this individual but perhaps
it will lead to more information for someone.

Auxvasse Review, Auxvasse, Audrain County, MO. August 25, 1904 page 1 column 6 &7

In a Remimscent Mood
        Uncle Tyra Bishop, of Shamrock, was in to see us last Friday and
gave us a pleasant talk. He had been here to visit his son-in-law J. R.
Hassler. The old gentleman took his departure for home Sunday morning. Mr.
Bishop, in the course of his talk said:" I was born in Albemarle county,
Virginia, December 25, 1816, and I was married to Rebecca Wilburn on the
7th day of July 1837 [actually 7 June 1838 - wfb]. She was born in Williamson
county, Tennessee, and came to Boone county, Mo., with her parents and settled
near where Centralia is now located at an early date. We had born to us ten children
and raised seven of them. Samuel Bishop was killed by an explosion in a
mine out in California about four years ago. My wife left me for a better
and brighter land four years ago last July.
        My grandmother on my fathers side was Betsy Penn and she was raised
in Philadelphia and was a descendant of William Penn. She was 80 years old
when she died. My grandfather, James Bishop, died when he was 89 years of
age. He was  born in New Jersey, right across the River from Philadelphia."
Uncle Tyra is the only one of his family now living, his youngest sister,
Mrs. Virginia Shelton, died about two months ago.
        "My wife and I," said Uncle Tyra, "lived happily together for
sixty-one years longer than most people live.
        "My mother was Sarah Via. She was born in Virginia and came to
Missouri in 1835. She died in Missouri in 1835 [actually 22 July 1840 - wfb].
She died in Montgomery county, Mo. about 45 years ago. My father Samuel Bishop
was born in Albemarle county, Va., and died in the seventy-ninth year of his age.
        "My grandfather on my mother’s side, was an Englishman and was an
old Revolutionary soldier. He was one among the first men in Virginia to
draw a pension from the Government. His grandmother was of Irish descent
and there’s where I get my Irish. My grand  parents raised a family of
fourteen children, seven girls and seven boys and they were all healthy men
and women. My grandmother’s maiden name was Virginia Craig and she lived to
be quite old at the time of her death.
        "So you see," said the old gentleman, "that all of my lineal
descendants lived to be quite old and why should I not live to reach the
century mark." Uncle Tyra’s health is good and his step is quick. His eye
sight is excellent for one of his age, and his only defect seems to be that
he is a little deaf.