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John Kelly and Susan (Mayse) Bishop Family

                               Bishop, One Hundred Plus!

    Mary Katherine "Katie" Bishop was born at McAllister Springs, MO, the
fifth child of John and Susan (Mayse) Bishop.  She had four siblings.  The
family moved to Kansas (1885) to farm and await the opening of the Cherokee
Outlet (1893).  Eight years later John began construction on a large half-dugout
half-soddy on his homestead.  A few years later he built a large two-story
frame house with two rooms on each level.
    By the turn of the century all the children had married except the two
youngest.  On 12-23-1902, Ellie married Verner Johnson, a Methodist minister.
One can imagine Katie saying to herself, "Well, I'm next."  Kathie was full-blown,
cupid bow lips, large soulful blue eyes, luxuriant long brown hair, and a
perfect complexion.
    Eight days after Ellie's wedding, John Bishop died suddenly, 12-31-1902.
He was the son of Job and Holly (Kelly) Bishop.  Services were held in Webster
Chapel, a sod building about two miles from his homestead.  Katie is a charter

  [photo w/caption "Mary Catherine ("Katie") (Bishop) Johnson, one hundred plus."]

member of the Deer Creek Methodist Church and has retained her membership there
through the years.  Both Katie and her mother had grown up in the country and
doubtless felt some pangs at leaving the homestead.
    Susan and Katie moved to Deer Creek, OK.  Katie had no problem finding
work in the local mercantile store.  (One summer she served as rural mail
carrier -- with horse and buggy, of course, as she was not "smitten" with the
new-fangled horseless carriage.)
    Susan, daughter of Marmaduke D. and Charity (Gresham) Mayse, died
8-26-1915.  She traced her paternal lineage to England and her father, John
K. Bishop, was a Union soldier in the Civil War.  She was buried in Deer Creek.
Katie continued to work and had more time to spend with Ella and Verner -- and,
of course, Julius.  Ellie even suggested that Julius would make a good husband.
Said Katie, "Ellie!"  At my age?  I'm too old.  And what would people think?"
(Katie was only 34!)
    Julius and Verner's parents had come from Sweden, homesteaded, and were
good industrious people.  After the knot was tied, Katie moved onto a third
homestead.  She and Julius retired to Blackwell, OK in the early 1950's.  He
died there in 1961.  Katie lives in her own home in Blackwell with all her
wonderful memories.  Probably the one she enjoys most is the large party her

  [photo with caption "Mary Katherine (Bishop) Johnson, the youngest and only living
   child of John Kelly Bishop and Susan Mayse.  John born 1 May 1832 Pulaski Co,
   Ky, Susan born 1840 Pettis Co. Mo.,  Mrs. Johnson lives at 912 McKinley St.,
   Blackwell, Ok."]

nieces and nephews gave to celebrate her one hundredth birthday, Octover 18, 1981.
There were over 100 guests.  Katie wrote a poem for this special occasion:

        "I'm 100 years old today;
        At least that's what they all say.
        The Bible tells us in our Father's house
        Are many mansions, not just two or three,
        And he's gone to prepare a place for me.
        And in it I want a long table
        Twenty feet or more,
        So we can all gather around it
        With the loved ones who've gone before.
        But why should I dream dreams
        When I feel fine and am very much alive?
        Who can tell -- I might just live
        To be one hundred and five!"
    Audrey Million White, 1102 So. 17th St., Chickasha, OK 73018