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David Stanhope and Carolyn Sue (Timmerberg) Bishop Family

Subject: Hello!  Date: 7 Jan 1998
From: "David S. Bishop Sr."
Bill,  Just Wanted to say hello! and to tell you that I'm very interested in
all the good work you are doing!
    Wow... what a web site!!! I complement and applaud your accomplishments.
You've obviously spent countless hours collecting and entering info.  I've
just jumped around your site a little and am fascinated and amazed at all
you've done.
    I understand that you called our home many months ago.  Sorry for the
long delay in responding.  Sometimes messages don't make it as planned.
    Hope you had a good Christmas and we wish you a great "98"
    Please give me your home address and I will send you a copy of our
Christmas newsletter.  It has a little verbiage about our family and some
    Unfortunately, I don't have toll free access to the net.  Whenever I'm
online, I pay normal telephone charges.  I only tell you that to apologize
for not spending more time on your site.
    Well, keep up the good work.  I hope to stay in touch.
David S. Bishop,  131 Old Bishop Road, Jonesburg, MO 63351
Tel: 314-488-5258, Fax: 314-488-5398,

Subject: Re: Hello!  Date: 07 Jan 1998
To: David S Bishop Sr
CC: Beverly Robinson, Nancy L Lee,
Christine Noyer, Gail Haferkamp,
James W Bradley, Margaret J Fullerton
  David,  what a WONDERFUL surprise to get this email message from you
today!!!  it tops off a very nice day as I spent the afternoon at the
Missouri State Historical Society here in Columbia talking with Beverly
Robinson and Nancy Lee...  in fact we talked some about you too!!!
:-)...  this seems to be one of those "curious coincidences"...  in fact
Beverly, Nancy and I were also talking about how "curious coincidences"
often happen when we are doing genealogical work...  :-)...  Beverly is
a descendant of Shelton Alben and Sarah Virginia (Bishop) Oliver...  she
knew who YOU were and I think may have gone to school with you or
something like that?...  Nancy Lee is a descendant of Greenberry Bishop
of Callaway County which seems to be a different line of Bishops from
ours...  Nancy is very involved with the new Montgomery County
Genealogical Society...  she also helps out with the Montgomery County
Historical Society too...  and with the Audrain County Historical
Society...  and she edits a Newsletter for the Montgomery County
Genealogical Society...  both Beverly and Nancy live out in the Shamrock
area...  I only in the last couple weeks have email-met Nancy...  thru
Nancy I found out about her friend Beverly... they had some business
this morning in Columbia and had planned to do some research at the MSHS
this afternoon...  so we made arrangements to meet there this
afternoon...  it was a MOST pleasant time talking with them...
originally I had met Nancy thru Gail Haferkamp who is a descendant of
Joseph Jones and Mary Ann (Bishop) Clement...  I wouldn't be surprised
if Gail would like to email chat with you some about Bishop-Clement
information...  tho she does know about Margaret Jean (Bishop) Fullerton
placing the Samuel Calvin and Alice (Hayden) Bishop genealogy on her
home computer...  :-)...
        Am VERY MUCH looking forward to working with you and others in
continuing to develop our Bishop Genealogy website...  :-)...  I know
you have old photos...  and now I know several folks who have a scanner
which will allow those photos to be scanned and a computer jpeg image
file made like the photos on our website...  Nancy Lee has a flatbed
scanner...  Gail Haferkamp also has a flatbed scanner...  James W
Bradley (close cousin of mine) has a handheld scanner...  we certainly
want to get more photos scanned and placed on our website...  as well as
more source & reference articles set up as webdocuments...  if folks can
send me (via email) typed up text of things such as obituaries or
biographies, etc. of Bishop related folks and events...  I will set them
up as HTML webdocuments and place them on the website...  thus we can
ALL enjoy the Bishop family experience!!!
        Hope your family is doing well...  am interested in hearing more about
them and your experiences since I last talked to you about ten plus
years or so ago...  I really am glad you are online now!!!  :-)...  here
is my address:  William F Bishop, 4843A Meadow Lark Lane, Columbia,
Missouri, 65201, 573-443-5933...  you can also get this information from
my main Bishop Computing webpage by clicking on link "Business Card"...

Subject: Bill & friends  Date: 8 Jan 1998
From: "David S. Bishop Sr."
CC: "Beverly Robinson", "Nancy L Lee",
"Christine Noyer", "Gail Haferkamp",
"James W Bradley", "Margaret J Fullerton"
Bill,  Thanks for your quick response!
    Beverly & I were neighbors!  We were in school at roughly the same time.
I think that she and my brother Charlie were in the same class.  Prior to
consolidation, we and our siblings attended the "Hickory Wood School" located
midway between our farms, where we walked miles barefoot to and from school
every day (up-hill both ways), in the snow (year-around).  Okay, so I might be
exaggerating a little,  but few people that I meet have known the rural, "all
eight grades in one-room" school experience.  You had to have "been there - done
that" to understand.  I would enjoy reminiscing with Beverly about those days
and to get an update on her family.
    I'm embarrassed to ask for help in making a connection to Nancy.  I presume
her maiden name is Hale.  Unfortunately, I don't remember her dad Bill Hale as a
teacher.  What did he teach... where did they live... what class was Nancy in?
I'm sure I'll feel like a dummy when I'm told... Duh!
    I'm excited about the genealogy site! Although, I don't have much work done,
I'll gladly share whatever I have.  I do have a few pictures & I plan on
getting a scanner soon, so will be glad to add them to your site.
    Bill, do you have a pedigree chart with all the work you've done?  Probably
on your web site... tell me where to find it.  Does anyone know of ways to get
on the net toll free from an isolated  rural exchange?  Hope all is well with
everyone... see ya next time!    David Bishop

Subject: Re: Bill & friends  Date: 8 Jan 1998
To: "David S. Bishop Sr."
CC: "Beverly Robinson", "Nancy L Lee",
"Christine Noyer", "Gail Haferkamp",
"James W Bradley", "Margaret J Fullerton"
  David,  have placed our email in a webdocument "Notes about David
Stanhope Bishop Family - Montgomery County, Missouri" which has a link
from the "David Stanhope and Caroline Sue (Timmerberg) Bishop Family"
webpage...  I have set up each family webpage so there is also a link
called "James Bishop/Allied Families Index of Surnames" on it which is
my database of our James Bishop genealogy...  it's not too current tho
and may contain errors but is very useful to try to see how different
folks are related...  I did have a pedigree chart for me on the website
but it was very lopsided so removed it...
        Does Internet Service Provider KTIS (in Fulton) serve as far away as
Jonesburg?...  is the call to Mexico, Missouri, a local call for you
(there are several ISPs there such as MAAIN and Socket)?...  who is your
phone company in Jonesburg?...   if I had some more info about who your
phone company is and what towns are local phone calls from your
computer...  I might be able to find out about available ISPs in your
        I'm sure I speak for all in saying that your help and photos and other
information for the website is most welcome!...  bet even that Nancy Lee
HALE would welcome any help you could provide in whatever form with her
effort with the Montgomery County Genealogical Society which I think she
said was just recently started...  it should be GREAT fun peeking
further into our local family histories...  :-)... and bet we would
learn a few new things from the collective experience we did not know...

Subject: Hi Bill!  Date: 21 Jan 1998
From: "David S. Bishop Sr."
    Would sure like to follow up un you suggestion of several notes ago that
we get together for another tour of the area this summer... sounds great!
    Bill, I don't know what I'm doing yet with the scanner, but will attempt
to send a scanned picture of my grandfather W. G. Bishop.
    Here's hoping!!!        David

Subject: Re: Hickory Wood  Date: 16 Feb 1998
From: "David S. Bishop Sr."
To: "Nancy L Lee", "Beverly Robinson"
CC: "William F Bishop"
>Yes, we have come along since our school days at Hickory Wood.  Little
>did we know that we would have something in common like this.  Bill's
>site is sure something, drawing in many interesting people and data.
>You said you didn't fnow where I lived, its on Hwy B, about 7 miles west
>of Montgomery City.  Larry and I bought Howell Bishops home place as it
>joines where we live.  We also have 220 acres up in behind Bethel Church.
>That should give you an idea where I am located.  Larry's Dad owns the
>old Hayden farm just over the Callaway line, on Hwy B.
>I have listened to all the old stories his Uncle, Mother, cousins and so
>on have told in the last 38 years of my being a part of them.  So I feel
>as if the Bishop family is almost mine too.
>I use 1+SAVER Direct calling plan with Southwestern Bell, along with
>Plnet out of Jeff. city.  I had heard that the newspaper from Troy was
>interested in setting up a server for Wellsville, school and library, and
>were looking for at least 20 people.  If they could get that many they
>would do it.  I had talked with a member of our Genealogy group, Drew
>Schutte from the Penicle Lake area, she has resently got on line, she is
>in the High Hill area.  I had asked her to contact you, but I guess she
>hasn't.  Do hope you can come up with an idea, it would be hard to pay
>by the minute for all the time I spend on this.  But I do enjoy it.
>Anytime it would suit you to put up with me and my friend Nancy, we would
>like to have a lesson in scanning pictures so they can be sent through
>the air. I know Bill would be glad if we learned, as Nancy has a scanner.
>Just needs to be pointed in the right direction.  I will keep my Bishop
>pictures together so we will be ready when it suits you.
>My problem with doing Genealogy is that I don't stay with one line til
>its finished, I jump around from one to another.  Will get off here now,
>hope to hear from you soon.        Beverly
  Hi Beverly,
  Thanks for the note.  Boy, Bill is doing such a great job with his web
site...  as you said, so many interesting people and info.  We are so
fortunate to have someone collecting, organizing and sharing such valuable
info.  I only wish I had more time.  Unfortunately, there are many days when
I don't even get my messages downloaded.  But, please don't interpret my
tardiness as a lack of interest.  I'm very interested in the work and I'm
grateful for all who are involved.  I applaud and complement your work with
the historical society.  All of the work you do is equally important whether
it may be associated with Bishops, Sublettes, Robinsons or anyone's line.
It is so interesting to learn about the lives of our ancestors.
  I'm anxious to assist with scanning.  Who's computer should we use?.  Does
the Historical Society have one?  Or, should we plan to use Nancy's, yours
or mine?  We can use Nancy's scanner or I'd be glad to bring mine with
associated software to load on any computer.  It is just a cheap unit from
Sam's Club ($89.00) but it seems to work OK.   What times are best...
morning, afternoon or evening?  I'm looking forward to seeing your pictures
and I know Bill and friends will enjoy!
  Do you now own, or know who owns, the old Harris/Maupin Cemetery property?
I would sure like to know more about its present condition?  That area sure
echoes with family history.  We surely felt their spirits there, and could
only imagine their trials and anguish, joys and successes.
  Thanks for the suggestions about possible Internet service providers, I will
pursue.  Wellsville is two exchanges away and even High Hill is a long
distance call for me, though I could probably yell over to neighbors on the
High Hill exchange (585).  Oh well... I'll keep trying to find a way.  It does
get expensive on a toll call to surf the net... so I don't very often.
  Thanks again Beverly, hope to see you soon...   David

Subject: Thanks!  Date: 16 Apr 1998  From: "David S. Bishop Sr."
  Just a note to say thanks again for all the good work that you continue to
accomplish.  I've not died or anything... just unable to get things done
like I should.  I'm truly amazed at your massive volume of work.  Just since
you have been copying me in, I've received 318 messages from you... each
with valuable, important information.  I applaud and complement your
diligence and faithful contribution.  As you know, I've not provided much
support, but please know that I greatly appreciate your efforts.
  I've attached a photo of my Mom and Dad, Harry Samuel Bishop and Mary Belle
(Groby) Bishop... taken mid 70's.  Also be aware of some additional family
info.  My brother Charles middle name is Arthur... Charles Arthur Bishop.
And my wife's first name is Carolyn instead of Caroline... Carolyn Sue
(Timmerberg) Bishop.  Our children and their spouses are: David Stanhope
Bishop Jr. (born 4 Feb 70) married Nicholas Christinia Meyer on 5 Sep 92 (no
children yet).  Nikki was born 27 Apr 72.  Our Son Daniel Cory Bishop (born 14 Jan
72) married Misty Ann Ashton (born 22 Aug 75) their marriage date 29 Apr 95.
they have one son, Jackson Tyler Bishop (born 27 Jul 96).  Our daughter
Cynthia Bishop (no middle name - nmn) (born 1 Dec 73) married John Towner
Shaw (born 22 May 73) their marriage date 24 Apr 94.  Their children are
Caroline (nmn) Shaw (born 21 May 96) and Carlianne (nmn) Shaw (born13 Dec
97)  Bill, do with all this info. as you please... I realize that you may
not be ready to add another generation to your web page yet.  Also attached
a photo of Sue & I.
  Thanks for all the obits... so interesting and often so sad... Dad, brother
Sam, Grandparents, Aunts & uncles... dear ones that have gone before.
  Thanks again Bill for all your valuable work! David