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    MM - Missouri Miscellany, MP- Missouri Pioneers

Name          Birth             Settled     Date    Source
  E H         Indiana           Caldwell    1870    MP-04
  Galen E     Pulaski Co KY     Buchanan    1865    MP-02
  J P         Germany           Buchanan    1866    MP-02
  Jas         Westmoreland CoPA Shelby      1854    MP-30
  Levin       Worcester Co MD   Boone       1829    MP-09
  Milton B    Ross Co, OH       Chariton    1867    MP-24
  S W         Missouri          Pike        1842    MM-08
  Sidney      Tennessee         Pike        1869    MM-08
  T M         Westmoreland CoPA Shelby      1869    MP-30
  W F         Franklin Co MO    Franklin    1846    MP-29
  Wesley      Mercer Co KY      Callaway    1856    MP-23
  William     Virginia          Jasper      1867    MP-06

    [Some others not listed in "Gone To Missouri" - wfb]

Name          Birth             Settled     Date
  Abner       Kentucky          Cape Girardeau  1858
  Charles     Pulaski Co, KY    Saline      1851
  Fredrick    Virginia          Lincoln     1838
  Greenberry  Kentucky          Audrain     1847
  Henry       ?                 Scott       ?
  John A      Kentucky          Audrain     1846 (by)
  John        England           Callaway    1880 (by)
  John Kelly  Pulaski Co KY     Pettis      ?
  Massey      North Carolina    Maries      ?
  Rezin Laury Maryland          Perry       1817
  Samuel A    Albemarle Co, VA  Montgomery  1835