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Howell and Minnie Frances (Harris) Bishop Family

Subject: Re: Bishop Online Directory & Individual Information
Date: 7 Feb 1998  From: "JoAnn Whitaker"

My connection:

Howell BISHOP and Minnie Frances (HARRIS) BISHOP family connection:

JoAnn (Foerster) Whitaker........Foerster>Berlekamp>Cline>Jameson>Harris

My personal info:

    My Bishop family connection is thru Howell BISHOP, son of Samuel Calvin
BISHOP and Alice HAYDEN.  He was married to Minnie Frances HARRIS, daughter
of Jarrott HARRIS and Effie Adelheid HARRIS.  Jarrot's father, William
Ramsey HARRIS was a brother to my ggg-grandfather, Jarrot Thomas HARRIS.  I
have been researching the HARRIS family of Albemarle Co., VA and Montgomery
Co. MO for awhile now and have learned that the families of HARRIS, BISHOP,
MAUPIN, BROWN, JAMESON, and many others are closely tied.
     I was born in St. Louis, MO in 1949.  My husband, Philip C. WHITAKER
and I were married in 1981.  We currently live in Atlanta, GA, moving here
from Missouri 14 years ago.  Most of my family is still in Lincoln Co., MO
and Phil's are in Dent Co., MO.  We have 4 grown children (whew!) between
us, Phil having 3 daughters from a previous marriage, and me with 1 son
from a previous marriage.  We also have 6 adorable grandchildren.
     I have been involved with computers for about 10 years and currently
work from my home for a local real estate company, scanning photos and
floor plans for their Internet web site.  I have spent the last 5 years
researching my husbands WHITAKER family and not long ago, decided it was
time to look into my own roots.  Our web page, tho it's titled "The
Whitaker Family",  includes both Phil's and my families.  Please visit us

Subject: Re: Mason & Mary Susanna Bishop, dau Cathrine - North Carolina
Date: 12 Mar 1998  From: "JoAnn Whitaker"

> Just curious...  have you done lots of work on your family history
>including your husband's line?...

Yes, I guess you could say that! <G>  Actually, I started out working on my
husbands family.  His aunt had gathered quite a bit of info (in handwritten
paper form), and asked me one day if I could enter it all into my computer
somehow and make her some nice printed copies. just sort of
took off from there, if you know what I mean.  I was bitten by the
genealogy bug...the more I dug thru her papers, the more hooked I got!  I
don't have near as much on my own family...but then, I haven't been working
on my lines nearly as long as his.  My database numbers about 2800
individuals now...and growing daily!

> I have a Packard Bell computer bought
>in 1993 (486SX cpu, 33 MHz, 8 Megabytes RAM memory, 170 Megabytes harddisk,
>14.4 Kilobits/sec modem line)...  uses Windows 3.1 with Netscape Navigator 3.0
>web browser...  I use the CuteFTP software program to maintain the website
>where the Friends of Bishop Genealogy webdocuments are kept...  and I just
>use the Windows text editor called Notepad for my HTML Wed Editor work...'re a true blue HTML programmer then!  I envy you!!  I never
could learn the language beyond a few simple I design and
maintain my site with MS FrontPage 98.  I also use WS FTP to upload files
to the server...and convert my database into HTML pages with a little
program called Gedpage.  Have you seen my web site?

My computer is fairly new...a little over a year old.  It's a Sony Pentium
166, 48mb Ram, 24x CD drive, two 2.5 gig hard drives and a 33.6 modem.  I
run Win95 and use MS Explorer 4.0 as my web browser.  Took me a long time
to save up for this baby....and I love it!  Jo