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Levin and Judith (Booth) Bishop Family

    1830 Census Bone County        	    1840 Census Boone County
                                        BISHOP, Leven   inc5 inc10
                                          males:        1101 000100
                                          females:      1030 001000

    1850 Census Bone County        	    1860 Census Boone County
BISHOP, Levin           60 M MD         BISHOP, Levin   70 M MD
  Judith VIRGINIA       51 F VA           Judith        67 F VA
  Elijah J  "           20 F MO           Eliza         31 F KY
  Jane      "           16 F MO           James B        2 M MO
  Moses G   "           13 M MO
  Mildred   "           11 F MO

BISHOP, David           27 M KY         BISHOP, David 27 M KY
  Mariah A              17 F MO           Maria A       24 F MO
  James EVANS           14 M MO           Mary C         7 F MO
                                          Laura          3 F MO
                                          (not named)    1 M MO

BISHOP, Alexander       32 M VA
  Mary                  33 F KY
  Clayetta               5 F MO
  Mariah L               3 F MO
  Robert              6/12 M MO
  Mary                  16 F KY


Prowell, Robert         Bishop, Charlotte E     19 Oct 1837
Boothe, Peter           Bishop, Margaret        20 Dec 1838
Booth, John             Bishop, Julia           08 Mar 1841
Bishop, David           Evans, Ann              04 Jan 1849

        Robert Prowell - History of Boone County, Missouri

Robert Prowell is a native of Adair county, Kentucky, where he was born
December 10th, 1813.  ...  grew up to manhood in Kentucky, emigrating to
Boone county, Missouri, in 1836.  ...  Mr. Prowell was married December 19th,
1838, to Miss Charlotte E., daughter of Leven Bishop, a native of Maryland.
Eight children were born to them, four of each sex: ...

        Cemetery Records of Boone County, Missouri, Vol 4

        Bethlehem Cemetery (3 miles south of Harrisburg)

Prowell, Charlotte E    Mar 16, 1902 - age 85y 4m 25d
  Robert                Sep 26, 1883 - age 69y 9m 16d

Subject: Re: Clued from Audrain County [MO] Genealogical Society Visit information
Date: 01 Jan 1998   From: Anne Baker
CC: Nancy L Lee, Mike Bishop

Happy New is cold and snowy here..

I just sent a note off the Nancy re Collins family.

William - Thanks for all the information you are sending.
If you go to the Mo state library (on any day & I will be delighted to
pick up your parking bill!!)

Could you check these items..taken from a book entitled "Kentuckians in
Missouri" by Stuart Seely Sprague.  I own this book which is "kinda" an
index of all those biographries so popular in the 1880's thru the turn
of this century..if anyone is interested in any name I will be glad to
look it up.

(1) William Bishop b 16 May 1830 in Mercer Co., Ky. went to Missouri in
1858. Bio in History of Saline Co Missouri...published 1881 by Missouri
Historical Co of St. Louis.  page 839

(2) David Bishop b 24 Aug 1824 in Clark Co., Ky. to Levin Bishop born in
Maryland in 1789 & Judith Booth. Moved to Missouri in 1830.  He has 2 bios:
A. History of Cole, Monniteau, Morgan, Benton, Miller, Maries & Osage
Cos......1889 published by The Godspeed Publishing Co of Chicago; page
911  B. History of Montieau County Missouri. 1936,written by James
Everett Ford. published California Missouri by H. Crawford; page 523

(3) Dr. Galen E. Bishop born in Pulaski Co., Ky. moved to Platte Co in
1843. His father born in Va.  The History of Buchanan Co Missouri ..1881,
St Joseph Missouri.  Union Historical 678

(4) Charles Bishop b 1840 in Pulaski Co Ky moved to Pettis Co Mo in
1851.  His bio is also found in the above book on Saline Co as in
William Bishop above..on page 709.

I would greatly appreciate it.   I own a good many of these "mug" books
for the State of Kentucky if anyone is interested in a lookup.  Anne

    Levin Bishop - Columbia Missouri Herald, 21 Nov 1878, p3col2

Aged Veterans - On Saturday last Gabriel Parker and Levin Bishop, two of the
oldest men in our county, casually met in our office.  Their histories, although
unknown to each other previously, have been singularly alike.  Both were born
in Maryland; Mr Bishop in Worcester county on October 4, 1789; Mr Parker in
Frederick county, on November 19, 1792.  Mr Bishop is therefore 89 years old,
and Mr Parker 86.  Both afterwards removed to Kentucky - Mr Bishop to Bourbon
county in 1811; Mr Parker to Fayette county in 1795.  Both served in the war
of 1812; Mr Bishop under Col. Boswell; Mr Parker under Col. Sirnrall; and both
are now receiving pensions from the government.  Both afterwards removed to
Boone county, Missouri; Mr Bishop in 1830, Mr Parker in 1846; the latter having
lived in Callaway county one year previous to coming to Boone.  Both are small
men - about the same weight and height; neither being over 5 feet 8 inches
and neither weighing over 115 lbs.  Both give promise of surviving several
years yet; neither having much declined during the past few years.  Mr Parker
informs us that his grandfather lived to 115 years of age and his grandmother 105.

        Levin Bishop - 1875 Boone County Missouri Atlas

Perche Township, T50N R13W S29, 80 acres, just west of Dripping Springs and
southeast a bit from Harrisburg.