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John and Jane Pope (Lail) Spears Family

Subject: Re: new possible Bishop family connection  Date: 27 Jan 1998
From: jasgrob

I have visited your page and checked out your Mary Ann Wingfield.  I
believe that you have the wrong set of parents assigned to her.  Edward
W. G. Wingfield was born 15 Feb 1806 in Albemarle Co., VA.  Jane Pope
Lail was born 8 Aug 1804 in Harrison Co., KY.  She married first John
Spears in Harrison County in 1823.  John died 1834 in MO.  She married
Edward W. G. on 22 July 1843 in Montgomery Co.  They had five daughters;
Sallie M. b. 1844, Elizabeth M. J. b. 1848, Ann Caroline and Elizabeth
M. both b. 1848 and  my great grandmother Lucy Edward b. 1849.  As late
as 1837 Edward W. G. was in Albemarle Co., VA.  Edward died in 1880 in
Seward Co., NE and Jane P. died in 1905 in Vernon, Texas.

I have contacted the Wingfield Family Society and am attempting to learn
the parents of a Mary Ann Wingfield b. 110 May 1829 in Indiana.

James G. "Jim" Robertson  112 Northwood Place  Mabank, TX
Subject: Re: new possible Bishop family connection  Date: 27 Jan 1998
To: "James G. Jim Robertson"

Hello Jim,  nice to talk with you...  Nancy Lee of the Montgomery County
Genealogical Society gave me your name and email address and a bit of
information about you...
        You may very will be right about Mary Ann Wingfield...  she has been
somewhat of an enigma since I first was told about her a number of years
ago...  there has been confusion as to her parentage...  two people
would most like to know...  one would be Margaret Fullerton who is a
descendant of Granville Addison and Mary Ann (Wingfield) Bishop...  when
Granville was killed in July 1961 his widow Mary Ann was left with a
number of children...  at a later time she married Joseph Jones
Clement...  Gail Haferkamp descends from that line...  both Margaret and
Gail would be very much interested in learning more detail about Mary
Ann's parents...  :-)...  in fact Margaret has been doing some extensive
genealogy database work using PAF software...  there is also another
person David Stanhope Bishop who is a direct descendent of Granville
Addison and Mary Ann Bishop...  David lives in Jonesburg, Montgomery
County, Missouri... and I'm sure he would be interested in more
information too...  I will look over your comments and get back to you...

Subject: Re: Mary Ann Spears Wingfield Bishop Clement  Date: 28 Jan 1998
From: jasgrob
To: wrote:
> Jim,      Just received your e-mail via Bill Bishop.
> Mary Ann and Granville Addison Bishop were my great grandparents. For years
> our family was confused as to whether Mary Ann was a daughter of Jane Lail
> and Edward Wingfield or Jane Lail and John Spears as she used both names . We
> had no marriage dates to go by but we finally concluded she was a daughter of
> Jane Lail and John Spears and that she took the name of Wingfield either
> officially or unofficially after her mother married Wingfield.
> Your dates prove  this. We have several pictures of Mary Ann with her mother,
> Jane Lail, when both were quite elderly.
> We had no idea of Jane Lail and Edward Wingfield's children or many of the
> other details you have. Mary Ann was born on 10 May 1828 in Harrison County,
> Kentucky . She would have been about 15 when her mother remarried. I do not
> have M.A.'s marriage date to Bishop but their first child was born in 1848
> when she would have been 20 years old. Since Bishop lived in Montgomery
> County, Missouri , she must have come to Missouri sometime before that in
> order to meet him.
> We have the same ancestor, Jane Lail, so we are definitely related. Maybe we
> can share more information. I would love to have more info on Jane Lail and
> her ancestors..   Margaret Bishop Fullerton

I find that all along I had information that a Mary A. Spears born 1829
in Harrison Co., KY was the daughter of Jane Pope and John Spears and
was married to a Mr. Clement.  That information came from Jane's obit.
Mary A. had siblings Noah, Sousan (who I also have as marrying a
Clement), and John E.
You have a very interesting heritage in Jane Lail.  If you will send me
your mailing addresses, I will send FGS on Jane & her two families, her
father John (he and his siblings and parents) were captured by Indians
in KY, his parents , etc.  That way you will have all my sources, or if
you prefer I can send a family journal report via e-mail with a
bibliography.  If possible you should try to locate the book "The Lagle
Family in America" comp. by Margaret Lail Hopkins and James D. Lail,
published in Stephens City, VA by Commercial Press in 1981.  The Dallas
library has a copy, perhaps a library near you will also.

I would like to have more information about Mary Ann and her two
families.  Please provide whatever detail you may have.

James G. "Jim" Robertson  112 Northwood Place  Mabank, TX

Subject: Re: Jane Pope Lail and Family Members Photos
Date: 26 Apr 1998  From: Jim Robertson

I do not know where the name Hazel Dell came from, I have not come across
that name in any of related lines that I can remember.  Perhaps she was
named for a friend and neighbor.  By the way Hazel was a grand daughter.
As for who the son of Mary Ann was I do not know for sure.  I suspect that
he was B. A. Bishop.  According to a newspaper article contributed by Nancy
Lee; 26 Aug 1904 - "George W. Clement and his mother Mary A. Clement, age
76y, B. A. Bishop and wife, John A. Bishop and son, Paul, returned last
week from Vernon, TX ..............".   As B. A. Bishop came with his wife,
they may have had a child with them.  The other men would not likely bring
a daughter along.  Perhaps Nancy, Gail or Margaret might have an idea.

Subject: Jane P. Lail's other daughters  Date: 26 Apr 1998
From: Jim Robertson

Sallie M. Wingfield, 1844-1933, m. George M. Purvis
Ann Caroline Virginia Wingfield, twin, 1848-1905, m. Abner William Blain
Elizabeth M. J.  Wingfield, twin, 1848-1882, m. Newton E. A. Hawley
Lucy Edward Wingfield, 1849-1944, m. James Henry Robertson