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Wesley and Mary Ann (Bybee) Bishop Family

    Wesley Bishop (1822 - 7 March 1904) and wife Mary A Bybee Bishop
(1 Feb 1823-3 May 1903) are buried in the Fulton, Missouri, Hillcrest Cemetery.
Wesley Bishop came to Missouri from Mercer County, Kentucky.

    Callaway Weekly Gazette Death Notice:  In Montgomery County near
Loutre Island, on Oct. 1, 1881, Pleasant Bishop, aged 26 years.  He was the
son of Wesley Bishop near this city.  Oct 7, 1881 3/6.

Date: 15 Dec 1997  From: "Mel Bishop"
Thanks for the email.   My father, Estelle Bishop grew up in osage county
around Chamois, Bonnots Mill, and St. Aubert.  His mother died when he was
a child and he was taken in by a man named Paul Bonnot and his wife.  My
father was born around 1890. I never knew my grandfather, who died before
I was born and was probably in the Fulton area when he died.    Mel Bishop

Date: 16 Dec 1997  From: "Mel Bishop"
After checking, I found that my grandfather, name was John W. Bishop and he
died in 1924.  Buried in Fulton, but I do not know where.  His wife's name
was Ann, she must have died around 1890 because my father, Estelle Clinton
Bishop, was born Aug 6, 1889.   I do not know how John Bishop came to live
in Fulton, I have seen a picture of him holding my sister, a baby at the
time and that must have been around 1920.  My parents lived in Wellston
near St. Louis at the time and he lived with them.  My father moved to
Chamois from St. Louis in the 50's and died in Feb of 1964.
Hope some of this information is helpful and am interested in any links to
your Bishop family.             Mel Bishop

Date: 17 Dec 1997  To: Mel Bishop
    Found the papers about Wesley Bishop and his son John W Bishop that I
was looking for...  what I have are Probate Court, Callaway County, MO
papers concerning the estate of Wesley Bishop (from Mercer County, KY)
dated 5 April 1904...  Wesley Bishop's son, John W. Bishop, (a
non-Missouri resident) was appointed as his executor...  at that time
John W. Bishop was from Glenburn, North Dakota...  Wesley's children
appear to be: 1) Mrs Mollie Benton and Chars. A Benton Corder, Mo, 2)
Rufus L Bishop a son Corder, Mo,  3) John W Bishop Glenburn N.D., 4)
Mattie J Hutson & James Hutson Corder, 5)  Mrs Belle Littrell deceased
leaving as her heirs Rena Edwards Richmond, Ray County, Mo, Belle
Eckhart, Denver, Colorada - Chas Littrell Keytesville, Mo, 6)  Bettie
Potts, Deceased, leaving as her heirs Sam Green a son departed this life
leaving 2 children (minors) - being great-children of Wesley Bishop
[Kenneth E Green & Mary F Green] -- Dora Hart & Anna Adams Macon city,
Mo...  Wesley's will was written 13 June 1898...
    Don't know if John W Bishop above was your grandfather who died in
Fulton area in 1924...  but the above John W Bishop was still living in
1904...  was at that time living in Glenburn, North Dakota...  perhaps
he decided to return to the Callaway County area in his later years...
seems to me there is a strong chance that there was only one John W
Bishop involved here...  and not two of them...  but right now we don't
know for sure...  if you could tell me whether any of the above
information about the Wesley Bishop estate has any meaning for you...
we might be able to find out more...  :-)...

Date: 17 Dec 1997  From: "Mel Bishop"
So far none of the information links to my grandfather.  May be him, but
never heard anything about North Dakota.  Here is some more info on John W.
Bishop. Wife's maiden name was Ann (Annie) Burchard.  Their children were:
Elly Bishop b?? family lost track of her. Last known to be around Okechobee,

William Washington Bishop b July 17, 1881    d july 14, 1950.  Married
Minnie Evelyn Roberts Bishop b Aug 13, 1884 Spearfish SOUTH DAKOTA d  March
15, 1964

Lemuel Bishop b?? d??;  wifes name was Myrtle;  Estelle Clinton Bishop - my
father;  Younger Sister died at age 18 or 19.

There might be one more which my sister forgot about.  Thanks for your
interest. I am sharing this information with my nephew, William Krampe Jr.
He has done research and will be interested in your findings.  Also may be
able to bring more info to the research.
E-mail address of William Krampe Jr is

Date: 19 Dec 1997       From: Bill Krampe
CC: Mel Bishop

    Received your e-mail regarding John W. Bishop...
I have done some research in the family heritege through the census records
and through marriage records in the Linn County courthouse in Osage County,
    What I have pieced together is this:
John W. Bishop, my great-grandfather, was born in Osage County, Missouri; the
son of George Bishop and Polly (nickname ?).  Unsure of Polly's last name.
George was born in Virginia (?) and Polly in South Carolina (?).  Cannot state
with absolute certainty but believe they were married in 1843 in Osage County,
Missouri.  I question the states of birth because there are discreptencies
between the 1850 and 1860 census.  Although, in the 1880 census,  John W.
Bishop refers to both having been born in Virginia.
John W. Bishop was born in the early months of 1850 from the information of
the 1850 Missouri census, consistent in the following census years.
I believe we have two completely different families by the records I have.
I consider myself to be an amateur genealogist at best.  I do enjoy
researching family histories but just do not have the extra time it takes to
do the complete job that I would like to do.  If you can help me out in any
way, I would appreciate it.  I hope this helps you.  If you need more
information, don't hesitate to ask.  It might take me a few days to respond,
especially during the holidays, but I will make every effort to do so.
    Keep in touch,          Bill Krampe
Subject: Spearfish SD, Population 5,251, Lawarance County
Date: 21 Dec 1997
To: William Krampe Jr, Mel Bishop

Hi,     just happened to notice a Bishop name from Spearfish, South
Dakota?...  notice Edith Bishop was born in Spearfish, SD, in 1883...
and Carrie Bishop was born in Deadwood, SD, in 1881...  at least we know
of a John Bishop family that had two children in the 1880s in South
Dakota...  this information is from a webpage of the descendants of Rev
John Bishop url is

8  [75] John A. Bishop  1841 - 1917  b: November 13, 1841 in Elkhart,
    Indiana  d: August 18, 1917 in Wichita
+[76] Anna Lillie Eighme  WFT Est. 1838-1863 - 1884  b: WFT Est.
    1838-1863  d: November 01, 1884 in Waupun, Wiscon
 9  [77] Carrie Bishop  1881 - 1950  b: March 11, 1881 in Deadwood,
    SD  d: June 15, 1950 in Wichita, KS
 +[78] George High Schollenberger  WFT Est. 1854-1882 - WFT Est.
    1906-1968  b: WFT Est. 1854-1882  d: WFT Est. 1906-1968
  10  [79] Dorothy Schollenberger  Private -  b: Private
  +[80] George Henry Ahlborn  Private -  b: Private
 9  [81] Edith Bishop  1883 - WFT Est. 1918-1978  b: May 01, 1883
    in Spearfish, SD  d: WFT Est. 1918-1978
 +[82] Leslie Sullivan  WFT Est. 1859-1890 - WFT Est. 1918-1974
    b: WFT Est. 1859-1890  d: WFT Est. 1918-1974

Date: 21 December 97            Found on the SDGenWeb Website:
Civil War - Union Veterans in South Dakota
This file is an alphabetical index to the "List of G. A. R. Posts in
S. Dak." which was published in "South Dakota Historical Collections",
Volume XVI, Part 1 (1932), pages 182 - 446.
Name                               Town                            Page
Bishop, E. A.                      HOT SPRINGS                     278
Bishop, John A.                    SPEARFISH                       403
Bishop, Samuel                     NORTHVILLE                      358
Bishop, Sophia L.                  EGAN                            245
Bishop, T. W.                      VOLGA                           418
Bishop, Thomas                     VOLGA                           418
Bishop, Wm. W.                     GETTYSBURG                      262

Callaway County Missouri - 1860 Census

BISHOP, Westley              29 M KY
       Mary A                23 F KY
       Mary J                14 F KY
       Nancy E               13 F KY
       Virginia T            11 F KY
       Pleasant               8 M KY
       Hester Ann             4 F IN
       Rufus L                2 M MO
       Jemima H               1 F MO

Subject: Re: Spearfish SD, Population 5,251, Lawarance County
Date: 22 Dec 1997  From: Bryan Hagon

I have strong suspicion that your John A Bishop may be one of the ones I am
looking for - but then again, I could be wrong!

The Bishop clan were very strong through Elkhart, Troupsberg and Elmira.  I
believe that in the 1840/50s these townships were in Steuben County.

My gg grandfather was Jacob Bishop, a farmer, who had four boys - Charles,
John, James? and Frank?  There is mention of a number of transactions in the
Elkhart County Recorders Office involving Jacob Bishop.  Also mentioned are
James, Henry, David and Catherine Bishop.

Charles 1850 - 1941 is my g grandfather.  Charles had four children: Faith
Jeanne(My gmother)1886-1958, Leon1888 - ?, Carl 1871-1941and Mildred ? - ?

Faith Jeanne had one daughter Janet(Bryan)1916-1963 - my mother.

Charles Bishop was a Missionary in Tokyo from 1879 after he left Northwestern
University, Chicago, till his death in 1941.

The basic history is found in a letter written by Charles Bishop on his 75th
birthday (1925).  His paternal grandfather had a Canadian French (Levesque?
maybe) father and a Mohawk Dutch mother and he married a dutch wife.  His
paternal grandfather and his Dutch wife when they had two or three children,
migrated west "and after ten days or two weeks of bouncing over rough roads
they reached the western side of Steuben County, forty or fifty miles west of

"At that early date, a little over 100 years ago(i.e. ca. - 1825), my
grandfather might have easily secured a lowland farm well-wooded with pine.
But it was a great consideration with him to get out of the mud and fog and
ma---, and only a sprinkling of pine.  His children in later years regretted
his choice."

One of his children was Jacob, Charles' father and he married an Irish girl
from Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia.  Her family had emigrated to
America/Canada after his(Charles') maternal grandfather, who was an Orangeman,
became badly crippled with rheumatism contracted while a soldier in the Irish
Rebellion of 1798.

Hope this helps us!             Bryan Hagon

Subject: Re: John W Bishop brother of Wesley Bishop sons of Valentine Bishop
Date: 25 Dec 1997  From: Anne Baker

First - I don't really know what happened to Greenberry or Wesley or
John W. Bishop, sons of Vachel. If you have records of them I would be
most appreciative.

This is what I do have on them
John W. Bishop died before 1841 as his "heirs" were intitled to his
share of his father's land. His daughter Margaret C. Bishop married
9/20/1840 in Clark Co., Ind. His heirs are listed as John W. Bishop &
Eliza h/w; Margaret C. Bishop & Samuel Allen h/h; Nancy Y. Bishop.  A
Mary Bishop then of Jefferson Co., Ky. joins in the deed selling this
land.  Her relationship is not known or stated. She, I suppose, is
either a daughter or his widow.

Greenberry Bishop m 1817 Elizabeth Hayes. They are on the Mercer Co Ky
1820 Census and disappear from our records a few years later. He was
alive in 1841 but no place of residence is listed.

Wesley Bishop m Jan 1830 Lucretia Higgins & they are on the 1830 Census
of Mercer Co., Ky. but soon disappear. He was alive (no place of
residence stated in 1841)

These brothers also had a brother Valentine Bishop who died in Mercer
Co., Ky. in Jul 1831, leaving his widow Mary Eve (Horine) Bishop & 7
children..they all disappear from Mercer Co in the mid 1850's.  Mary Eve
Horine's 2nd husband was William Hayes (brother of the about Elizabeth
Hayes w/o Greenberry Bishop)

Of the 10 sons of Vachel Bishop, apparently only Isaac & Thomas
Jefferson stayed in this area..(central Ky)

There is a William Bishop b 16 May 1830 in Mercer Co., Ky. He has a
biography in the history of Saline Co., Mo, Saint Louis, Missouri
Historical Society , 1881.  I have no access to this book.

The leads are still in the "forming" stage but we think this line will
eventually go back to the Bishops of Ann Adrundel Co., Maryland.
Vachel was on the 1790 census of Frederick Co., Maryland and in 1792 he
first appears in Ky on the tax rolls.

There is another Greenberry Bishop of the same age 1760's era who is
possibly a brother of Vachel, Sr. He is in Ann Adrundel Co in 1790 &
then moves to Frederick Co.

Since posting my database, which you have listed

I have quite a few more records.

Had thought about writing to you to say I own two books that I would be
glad to copy all of the data from (BISHOP) or to do look-ups from but
hesitate as the rules governing copyrights are very confusing to me. So
I will just tell you of my ownership.

1. Index of ARW pensions by the National Genealogical Society 1966..1325
2. Index of the ARW pensioners from the 1840 census, 1965.
3. I live in central Ky and either own or have access to a good many
reocrds in this area. I do not mean than I will take on research but
will check what I do have.

I would like to take a moment to tell you how much I appreciate all the
fine work you are doing that will benefit us all.

William F Bishop wrote:
> Anne Baker, do you have any further information about John W Bishop, son
> of Valentine Bishop?...  did he come to Missouri too?...  along with
> Wesley and Greenberry?...

I just realized that you asked about John W. Bishop, son of Valentine &
Mary Eve Horine.

All that I have is that he was listed as bc 1830 in the 1850 census of
Mercer Co., Ky. His mother & his brothers and sister disappear from
Mercer Co in the mid 1850's.  He was one of 7 children, so listed as
children of Mary Eve in the estate of her father.

Date: 25 Dec 1997  To: Anne Baker

Anne,   thanks for getting back to me so quickly...  :-(merry
christmass)...  it's only in the last couple weeks have I begun to bring
some information together about Wesley Bishop (Callaway County Missouri)
and Greenberry Bishop (Audrain County Missouri)...  my information is
also in the "loose" stage...  some of the info I have known about for
years for example Greenberry's wife and some children being buried in
the Old Village Cemetery in Mexico, Missouri, but did not know who GB &
EA Bishop was until a couple days ago...  I also knew about Wesley
Bishop of Fulton, Missouri, as I had a copy of some probate court papers
of his estate from years ago...  it was only because I had stumbled
across your Bishop genealogy on Gendex that I tied the information
together... also the "looking recently" was stimulated by some email
conversations with a couple three Missouri folks with whom I asked some
family history questions...  Nancy Lee seems to be related to the
Greenberry Bishop line...  and I was exploring who Bill Krampe and Mel
Bishop's ancestor, John W Bishop, was... if you go to my link
"Bishop/Allied Families in Montgomery County, Missouri" you will find
two links thereon...  the information that I have gathered about these
topics is recorded in those two links "Wesley and Mary Ann (Bybee)
Bishop Family" and "Greenberry and Ann Elizabeth (Hayes) Bishop
Family"...  you should review the content of that plus the links again
on those two wespages...  :-)...  there you will find your Greenberry
and Wesley Bishop folks in some detail...  the family also went on to be
in Lafayette County Missouri (Wesley's son Rufus L Bishop) and in
Renville County, North Dakota (Wesley's son John W Bishop)...  btw are
you related to these people or are you just looking this up for someone

Date: 26 Dec 1997  From: Anne Baker
To:  William F Bishop,  Mike Bishop,
Jeff & Sally

I thank you for your quick reply. To answer your question I am
researching this Bishop family, for my wonderful daughter-in-law & my
own lines "intertwangle" with this family for generations.  Vachel
Bishop, Sr (bc 1760 - d 1841) left 10 sons & 2 daughters.  Of those 12
only two remained in the area of (Harrodsburg) Mercer Co., Ky.

Over the last some decades over and over again I have found children &
grandchildren of Mercer Co., Ky. folk who migrated to Calloway & Audrain
& surrounding counties.. & even those who migrated to "the great prarie
country of Columbia, Mo".

So it seems the Bishops were surely settling around family and friends.

I will be glad now and in the future to share any information I have.

Christmas Eve I received information about 5 brothers who migrated to
central Ky from Maryland (after a stop-over for a few years in Va).
Vachel Bishop, Sr could? be another brother. The name Greenberry is a
frequent name in the families of these brothers. I have not had time to
get all of this together.

Date: 26 Dec 1997  From: Anne Baker

Attached in a zip is a gedcom with 738 people.  Vachel Bishop and kinfolks
with some of your data implanted.  Made with Brother's Keeper.

Date: 26 Dec 1997  From: Anne Baker
CC: Mike Bishop

We have records of Thomas Bishop & his wife Crow.

Elisha Bishop (ARW) pensioner lived in Woodford Co., Ky. until 1806 when
he removed to Henry Co., Ky.

I have bits of data on the Nelson & Washington Cos Ky Bishops.

NOTE: Mercer where Vachel lived is bordered by Woodford on the east &
Washington on the west.

======  To: Anne Baker

I just took a look at your Bishop line in Mercer County.  I noticed the
name Greenberry Bishop, father Vachel Bishop.

Greenberry Bishop seems to run in the family.  I am descendanted from
Elisha Bishop who was born 1760 in Anne Arnold County, Maryland, the son of
Thomas Bishop.  He served in the Rev. War from Berekely County, Virginia.  He
married Elizabeth Ellis.  He and his brothers came to Kentucky after the Rev.
War.  He had a brother Thomas Bishop married Margaret Crow, he had two grandsons
names GreenBerry Bishop.  Also Elisha's daughter named her son GreenBerry
Tingle.  Elisha's family lived in Henry County.  His brothers, Solomon lived in
Nelson County, and Thomas lived for a short time in Henry and Carroll
Counties, he may have then moved to Clark County, Kentucky, with his son Isaac or
died or Washington, County. There was also another brother Joshua who lived in
Henry County.

I just thought that the names were too close.

Subject: Re: John A Bishop born Elkhart Indiana
Date: 2 Jan 1998  From: Bryan Hagon
CC:, Anne Baker

Re. Anne Baker's John A Bishop born 1841, Elkhart Indiana.  As I wrote in
my previous e-mail, Elkhart would seem to have been a Bishop stronghold (poetic,
not literal) and thought I might quote some parts of transactions from the
Elkhart County Recorder's Office.  I shall include the Grantor, recording
date, Deed Record and (most importantly :-) ) the Consideration.

Bishop, James   / 4-16-1831 / V1 p21/      $2,000
        / 4-14-1831 / V1 p215/     $  500
Bishop, Henry   / 5-13-1839 / V5 p543/     $  330
Bishop, Jacob   /9-16-1842  / V7 p231/     $1,200
  and wf Eliza
Bishop, James   /11-16-1847 / V11 p150/    $  200
  &wf Mary
Bishop, David   /11-19-1847  /V11 p158     $  100
  & wf Mary
Bishop, Jacob   /12-21-1847  /V11 p249     $   75
        /12-25-1849  /V13 p106     $1,500

The following were Grantees:

Bishop, Catherine/12-19-1833/ V1 p118/     $   36
Bishop, James   /3-13-1834/ V1 p185/       $   83
Bishop, Henry   / 12-29-1837 / V4 p283/    $  300
Bishop, Jacob   / 2-8-1839 / V5 p396/      $  110
        / 3-20-1844 / V8 p257/ ?
        /8-22-1844 / V8 p509/      $   70
Bishop, David   /11-18-1847/ V11 p157      $  500

I believe that the Jacob Bishop is my gg grandfather.  He had four sons:
Charles, my g grandfather, John, James and Frank.

Charles Bishop had four children: Mildred Matsuno Bishop m Isaac Springer
d. 1918. Offspring: Rosemary and Dick Springer.
Carl Whiting Bishop b. 1882 d. 1942 m Daisy F d. 1966 (buried Arlington N.
Cemetery - plot indentified) Offspring: Leicester b. 1919(Served in Royal
Canadian Air Force 1941) and Maudie Bishop b. 1921
Faith Jeanne Bishop - my g.mother b 9/15/1886 d 1958
Leon Whiting Bishop b 1/25/1888 d ? Offspring: Oliver(?) and Olive(?).

The name Whiting appears on web sites but I cannot hitch any of them to
mine -  I believe Olive Whiting was married to my g grandfather.

This all seems disjointed but long-distance geneology isn't easy - nobody
said it would be! :-)                   Bryan Hagon

Subject: Re: John A Bishop born Elkhart Indiana  Date: 4 Jan 1998
From: Bryan Hagon

I have just re-read my tome to you re. the Elkhart Bishops and found a mistake
- don't you hate that when it happens :-).
Daisy F Bishop died in 1966 not in 1944.

Btw the John Bishop I mentioned might be the one referred to as, taking that
Charles Bishop was the oldest (I have absoluteley no foundation for this
whatsoever!), then John could have been born in 1841??  Wouldn't that be

Many thanks for putting my information on the web - it is much appreciated.

Subject: Re: Bishop names taken from "Gone To Missouri"  Date: 05 Jan 1998
From: Anne Baker
To:  Mike Bishop, Tolman1

William F Bishop wrote:
> FYI,    I happen to know that Pulaski Co, Kentucky, had some Bishops who
> were descendants of the Rev John Bishop 1610-1694 of England...
> reference url:

Did you notice at the above site is this:

    [75] John  Bishop  1841 - 1917  b: November 13, 1841 in Elkhart,
Indiana  d: August 18, 1917 in Wichita
  +[76] Anna Lillie Eighme  WFT Est. 1838-1863 - 1884  b: WFT Est.
1838-1863  d: November 01,

Is this the elusive John of Elkart Ind ?

On your web Page under land grants is this:

Bishop, Solomon      Jan. 9, 1786     Washington County        372
Walkers Creek/Holstein River.

 He is the Solomon Bishop ARW pensioner on the list I have
attatched..  died in Nelson Co., Ky.  His brother Thomas Bishop, Jr.
married in Washington Co Va..this Thomas died in Carroll Co., Ky. [data
sent to me by Tolman who I have cc this to]

Pilaski Co Ky is full of Bishops.

> so maybe Galen E Bishop is connected to that line...
>         Also Worcester County is new information to me about Levin Bishop of
> Boone County, Missouri...  I knew he was from Maryland but not where
> there...  wonder what other Bishop folks lived in Worcester County,
> Maryland, in the late 1700s and early 1800s...  that might be an
> interesting clue to follow...
>              Bishop names taken from "Gone To Missouri"
> Name            Birth                   Settled         Date    Source
> Bishop E H      Indiana                 Caldwell        1870    MP-04
> Bishop Galen E  Pulaski Co KY           Buchanan        1865    MP-02
> Bishop J P      Germany                 Buchanan        1866    MP-02
> Bishop Jas      Westmoreland Co PA      Shelby          1854    MP-30
> Bishop Levin    Worcester Co MD         Boone           1829    MP-09
> Bishop Milton B Ross Co, OH             Chariton        1867    MP-24
> Bishop S W      Missouri                Pike            1842    MM-08
> Bishop Sidney   Tennessee               Pike            1869    MM-08
> Bishop TM       Westmoreland Co PA      Shelby          1869    MP-30
> Bishop W F      Franklin Co MO          Franklin        1846    MP-29
> Bishop Wesley   Mercer Co KY            Callaway        1856    MP-23
> Bishop William  Virginia                Jasper          1867    MP-06
>         MM - Missouri Miscellany, MP- Missouri Pioneers

Index to ARW pensioners (there are scads for Conn, NY, NH, RI, NJ, VT, Mass
For States, Va. Penn, Md, SC, NC, GA

Note: S= Survivor   W= Widow   R= rejected

Elisha = Va S 30867***
Golden = Ga  S 37763
Henry  = Va , widow: Fanny  W 5823
James =  Va  S 6637
Jeremiah = Va S 6636
John = SC S 9279
Lawrence = Penn S 1166
Nicholas = SC S 17847
Paul = Penn  widow: Sarah  R 866
Richard  = NC  widow, Ann "Nancy"  W 18598
Richard  = VA  S 35192
Solomon = Va  S 30863***
Stephen = Va  S 3770  Continental Line
Thomas = Va no papers
William = NC & SC  widow: Elizabeth W 9356
William = SC  S 30275
William = Va  R 869
William = Va widow: Winny  W4897
Wyatt = Va S 14958

***They were brothers, Solomon was born 1755 in Anne Adrundal Co Maryland,
he was living in Frederick Co., Va. at the time of the ARW died between 1832
& 1840 in Nelson Co., Ky.

***Elisha was born 1760 in Anne Adrundal Co., Md, served as a substitute for
his father Thomas Bishop. They lived in Berkeley Co Va (now WV) at the time
of his enrollment in 1779. Moved to Woodford Co., Ky in 1791 & died in
Henry Co., Ky.

1840 Census of Pensioners
Elisha Bishop - 83 Henry Co., Ky.
James Bishop, Sr - 79 Dinwiddie Co., Va.
John Bishop - 79 Chester Dist, SC
Lawrence Bishop - 79 Bullitt Co., Ky.

Subject: Re: Bishop Online Directory  Date: 04 Feb 1998
From: Anne Baker

Your entry in the online section: "Vachel and ? (?) Bishop Family
descendants [Kentucky]

Baker, Anne   
Bishop, Mike  
Corrections:    Vachel and Margaret (Bost/Bast) Bishop [Maryland & Kentucky]

In addition to Mike & I add
Sally Bishop Baker
In the last few days we have made giant leaps, finding the father of
Margaret, dtr of Valentine Bost, a German, whose descendants name developed
into Bast. Margaret is named in the will of her father in Frederick Co.,
Maryland [now Carroll Co]. in 1808. Apparently there was a large number of
Bishops in this area of Maryland. Vachel Bishop left this area for Ky cir
1791.           Anne

Subject: Re: Bishops  Date: 16 Mar 1998
From: William F Bishop
To: "Ruby (Bishop) Ingram"
CC: Anne Baker, Beverly Robinson,
Nancy L Lee, Mike Bishop

Ruby (Bishop) Ingram wrote:
> I got your address from Mike Bishop.  My maiden was Bishop, and I am
> interested in any information I can receive on our family.  Mike is
> descended from Thomas Jefferson Bishop, and I descended from Thomas
> Jefferson's brother, Isaac Bishop.  Even though you may know nothing of my
> line, it is nice to meet "cousins."           Ruby Bishop Ingram
    I think so too...  :-)...  help me to understand which Mike Bishop
you are referring too...  would he be of the "Vachel and Margaret
(Bost/Bast) Bishop connections [Maryland & Kentucky]" and have email
address:  Mike Bishop  if yes then let me know
and I will add your name to my Bishop Online Directory near Mike Bishop,
Sally Baker and Ann Baker...  :-)...  Anne has worked some with me in
tracking several Bishops who came from Kentucky to Callaway County,
Missouri, in the mid-1800s...
    As far as information on your Bishop family line...  I do have some
information on our website (url below)...  check the "Bishop Families of
Montgomery County & MO" page for link "Wesley and Mary Ann (Bybee) Bishop
Family"...  Wesley Bishop is a descendant of Vachel Bishop of Mercer
County, Kentucky...  the information on the Wesley page and the links
thereon may be of some interest to you...  there is another person whose
name is Greenberry Bishop who settled in Audrain County, Missouri, in the
mid-1800s...  we have NOT been able to connect him to the Vachel Bishop
line...  but Greenberry was born in Kentucky...  and visited there (Trigg
County) when he lived in Missouri...  there is also a John and Elizabeth
(Doan) Bishop family who were friends of Greenberry Bishop in Audrain
County, Missouri...  both John Bishop (b. 1822) and his wife Elizabeth Doan
were born in Kentucky but we don't yet know where...  John and Greenberry
might be related...  so I was hopeing that since we have not been able to
track Greenberry for sure to the Vachel Bishop line...  then maybe we could
track John Bishop back to him (or somewhere)...  :-)...  I have set up a
"John A and Elizabeth (Doan) Bishop Family" page also as a link off the
"Bishop Families of Montgomery County & MO" page...  just the other day I
sent a note to Anne Baker asking if she might know of John Bishop born in
1822 somewhere in Kentucky or of Elizabeth Doan...  but have not heard back
yet...  hope the above information helps...  :-)...will talk to you
later... btw your name seems familiar... were you ever on the Quaker Roots
Mailing List?...