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Samuel A and Sarah (Via) Bishop Family

            Brief Account of Bishop Ancestory From a Bulletin
                 "Bishop Families of America"
              from Mrs. Carol Harris of Scarsdale, Ariona

    Granville A Bishop (Father of Samuel Calvin Bishop) b. March 9, 1822
was killed by a squadron of Federal Troops, at the gate of his yard on July 21, 1861.
This was at his farm gate near Montgomery City, Mo.  This was believed to be in
retaliation for the burning of Danville and its massacre.  Granville A. Bishop
had strong Southern sympathies and had been planning to join the forces of
General Price.  He was survived by his wife and six children.  (Danville Mo.
was plundered and burned by an outlaw gang under Bill Anderson a few days earlier,
masquerading as Confederates).  Our subject was a son of Samuel A. and Sarah
(Viah) Bishop, Samuel A. b. July 26, 1786 - d. Sept 11, 1864 - Sarah b. Dec. 1, 1788 -
d. July 22, 1840.  Probably both born in Virginia.  Settled in Calaway Co., Mo.,
1835.  Supposedly Samuel was the son of James and Elizabeth (Penn) Bishop -
of a strain which came with Wm. Penn about 1700 to settle in Pennsylvania.

    There was said to be three brothers who went their separate directions.
(We would like to establish without a doubt who this James Bishop was).  It is
probably one who went South and could be the progenitor of many of the strains
in Virginia, North and South Carolina - some of this is tradition but the dates
of Samuel's and Sarah's birth and death are copied from a four sided stone in a
small cemetery on the old Bishop farm in Montgomery Co.  On the other two sides
are Rebecca Counts - sister of Samuel Bishop June 3, 1793 - Aug. 9, 1874 and
Beverly Bishop Mar 5, 1824 - Sept. 15, 1844.  Other facts are learned from Bryan
and Rose - Pioneer Families of Mo. P-308.

    One version I have says that Samuel was born in Albemarle Co., Virginia -
and another says he came to Missouri from Clay Co., Ky.  Both versions are probably
true since Kentucky was part of Virginia at that time.

            Copied from Samuel Calvin's Obituary

    "Judge Samujel Calvin Bishop was born in Montgomery Co., Mo. Nov 18. 1849.
He was the son of Granville A. and Mary Ann Bishop.  With the exception of
six years spent in California he lived all his life in Missouri.  He died at
his home in Missouri July 24, 1931, at the age of 81 years 8 months 11 days.
He was a direct descendant of James Bishop and Elizabeth Penn, sister of Wm. Penn.
Samuel A., a grandson, of this marriage and grandfather of Judge Bishop settled
in Callaway Co. in 1835.  He was married to Alice Hayden Dec 24, 1872.  To
this union ten boys were born, one died in infancy."

    This is a version of the account of Granville A. Bishop's death at the
hands of German mercenary soldiers of the North located at Herman, Mo.  This
is close to the version I remember grandfather Samuel - his son - told it:

"He had been out on raids of northern (union) sympathizers and had killed
some of them.  He had come home to look after his family and business prepaitory
to joining Price's Army which was operating south of the river.  He had been in
Montgomery City, got into an argument and a fight and started home.  About five (5)
miles west of Montgomery across Loutre Creek where he lived, the Unionists
caught up with him.  They had been in search of secessionists for revenge and
had killed several that day.  They caught up with him about three (3) miles
West of town and killed him.  His son, Samuel Calvin, 13 years old, witnessed
the shooting."

                Granville A. Bishop

    This copied from some material taken from "Bishop Families in America"
News bulletin.

    "Granville A. Bishop - His death which occured in Montgomery Co, Mo. -
July 22, 1864, shot by guerillas, while, standing in the doorway of his home.
His wife was Mary Ann Wingfield - born in Kentucky, May 10, 1828 - died January 3,
1919, Montgomery Co., Mo.  He was the son of Samuel and Sarah Viah Bishop.  Samuel
(July 26, 1786 - Sept 11, 1864);  Sarah (Dec 1, 1788 - July 22, 1846).  They
settled in Callaway Co., Mo. in 1835.  Samuel was a Grandson of James Bishop
and Elizabeth Penn, who was a sister of Wm. Penn (this is in dispute).  Granville
was probably born in 1820 in Clay Co., Ky."

    Samuel [A Bishop]'s parents were:  James Bishop b. 1734, d. 3/11/1833 at
age of 99, buried in Albermarle County, Virginia, m. Elizabeth, b. ----, d. 1822.
Some say she was sister to William Penn, the founder, but there are no records to
substiante this, so far as the ones I've seen.  I remember Grandfather (Samuel Calvin)
talking about them, saying they lived in a dirt floor log cabin and lived to be
about 100.