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Samuel Calvin and Alice (Hayden) Bishop Family

    She was my great-grandmother whom I knew very well since she lived in
the home of my grandparents, Sam and Alice Bishop.  I was born about two (2)
miles down the road and was a frequent visitor.  I liked to go into her room
and listen to her tales of the past - few of which I remember.
    She was a true pioneer person, having been born in Kentucky in 1821;
married Wilford Hayden in 1837 and migrated to Missouri in 1838, locating in
Montgomery Co. until 1866, then moving to Callaway Co. where she lived until
her husband died in 1890.  Since that time she lived in the home of her
daughter, Alice, until she died in 1920.  Her contribution to posterity was
equaled by few.  She had twelve (12) children who reached adulthood.
    She was strong willed, fiery disposition but kindly and I cannot help
but believe a loving, and patient person.  Hers was truly a remarkable life.