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Granville Addison and Mary Ann (Spears) Bishop Family
Joseph Jones and Mary Ann (Spears-Bishop) Clement Family

        I remember her since she lived until about 1919.  I did not know her
as well as grandmother Hayden but saw her when she visited at my
grandparents' [Samuel Calvin Bishop] home.  She rode side-saddle with
long black skirt on a big old Sorrel horse.  She was silent and
taciturn;  smoking her clay pipe, keeping her thoughts to herself.
        She was married to Granville A. Bishop, who was killed in the Civil
War, by whom she had six children - then she married Joe Clement by whom
she had three or four children.  She is buried in Callaway County at
High Point Cemetery.
    There are some questions as to whether she was born a Wingfield or
a Spears.  But this account from the book "Pioneers of Missouri," which was
sent to me by Gladys Bishop, would seem to clear this up.
    "John Lail, was born while his parents were prisoners in an Indian
camp in Kentucky.  He married Susan Williams.  Their daughter, Jane married
John Spears.  After his death, she married Edward Wingfield who settled in
Montgomery, Co., Missouri in 1834.  They were the parents of Mary Ann."
Jane lived to be 102 years old - died in Texas, living with a son, in 1902.