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John DeWitte and Lottie Bell (Brown) Bishop Family

Gladys Bishop
9922 Palmeras Drive
Sun City, Arizona 85373

Dear Cousins:

    Recently I talked with Barbara Bishop Fort, and she told me of your
letter to her about the Bishop Family.  That was the second time in about two
months contact with family we have never known has been made and is very
    Would like to attend your Reunion, however this year is not possible
for me.  Don't know if you have heard from Barb yet, but we will probably have
a reunion in Bishop, California next year.  Perhaps you all could be there?!
Our grandfather, Samuel C. Bishop, had an uncle, Addison Bishop, who settled
Bishop.  A first cousin, Eames Bishop, of California accidently ran into this
branch in San Jose, not long ago.  We Missouri Bishops were to get together
this year, the San Jose family asked that we wait another year so they could
get together with us.  They always meet in Bishop.
    I moved to Arizona from Missouri last August.  In Columbia, Missouri,
where I lived I had access to the State Historical Society.  I have always
been interested in family history, and really started "hunting" about two
years ago.  The only trouble was, wanted to read every book the Society has,
especially the old Virginia records.
    The records you have gotten together, and Mrs. Mercer's sound so
interesting.  I would very much like to have one of the histories you have to
sell.  If you will let me know the cost and postage and to whom I should write,
will send check.  Some of the items Barb quoted to me from your letters ties
in with something our Grandmother Alice Hayden Bishop, Mrs. Samuel C., said
to two of us the time of Samuel C.'s death.  She was being asked about items
for the obituary.  She said "they never talked much about family".  She
turned to us later and said "they say they came from the Courts", and this
in a whisper [English Courts I think is meant here - William Bishop].
    Have you ever had contact with Ira Elmore Bishop of Illinois, now
deceased?  He had a considerable collection, published in pamphlets.  I never
found if he had much on our branch.  These materials were turned over to the
South Suburan Genealogical Historical Society, South Holland, Illinois 60473.
I haven't written them since November 1980.  At that time they reported they
did only limited research, and didn't have these records in order.  In any
case, in one of the Bulletins Ira Bishop got out, he said, "this compiler has
formed the theory ... in the very early part of the 17th century ...  there was
in London, with a home perhpas in County Kent, a very rich merchant named
Richard Bishop, ... said to have been principal supporter in finances for
the government of James 1st. ...  It appears that with the death of James,
Richard Bishop fell from his position in the reign of Charles."  I never did
tie our branch to this, but have wondered, especially remembering what Grandmother
Bishop said.  It's an interesting "wondering".  Many Missouri records were
burned in Danville, Missouri, during the Civil War.
    I have found the name LeVesque (Bishop) in both the Bishop and Hayden
lines.  Have many notes to get together, haven't worked on those for almost
a year.
    Barb Fort may not tell you, but as a young married woman she had polio,
when it was rampant.  She was in a lung [machine] for at least six months, as
I remember.  She has done well.
    Didn't intend to write so much.  If I ever have any information you can
use, will be happy for you to have it.  I will look forward to receiving a copy
of the history that is for sale.

        Thank you,  Gladys Bishop

Daughter of John DeWitt Bishop
  son of Samuel C and Alice Hayden Bishop

June 17, 1983