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Samuel A and Sarah (Via) Bishop Family

From: Sue Harris    William F Bishop wrote:
> Sue Harris,     saw your information on the Montgomery County MOGenWeb site
> as a researcher of surname COUNTS...  we have a person in our Bishop
> family who seems to have been married to a COUNTS...  at least that is
> what the gravestone says...  but I have never been able to find out any
> more information about this relationship...  perhaps you would find this
> interesting and might have more info or at least some clues...  :-)...
> the following is what I know:
> Samuel/Sarah/Beverly/Rebecca Bishop Cemetery, 1840-1874
> On northeast quarter section 28, township 49, range 6 west.  Once known as
> Cerey Sabin farm.  [Montgomery County, Missouri - east of Route 188 & Route B]
> BISHOP, Samuel born July 26, 1786, died Sept 11, 1864
> BISHOP, Sarah, wife of Samuel born Dec 1, 1788, died July 22, 1840
> BISHOP, Beverly born March 5, 1824, died Sept 15, 1844
>         (son of Samuel and Sarah)
> COUNTS, Rebecca, sister of Sam'l Bishop, born June 3, 1793,
>         died Aug 9, 1874
> Copied Aug 4, 1978 by Mr and Mrs. S.A. Oliver Jr., Mr. Vernon Powell,
> Mr. and Mrs. Orin McCracken, and Mrs. Frederick Bohl Sr.  Vernon Powell
> said Beverly Bishop was using a long fence rail to pole-vault, when
> it somehow slipped and punctured his abdomon, his death resulting within
> a few days.
> Note:  3 Nov 1997, William F Bishop - In 1983/84 David Bishop had the
> foursided gravestone moved to the nearby Bethel Methodist Church Cemetery.
> The gravestone was being destroyed by cows in the pasture/lot where the
> stone was located on the old Bishop farm (off Route B).  So the bodies
> are still buried at the farm but the stone is at the edge of the
> Cemetery.
> --
> Columbia, Missouri    Bill Bishop

Dear Bill,
I've wondered about Rebecca Bishop Counts myself and wish I knew the
answer to your question.  I've wondered if she could be the second wife
of my ancestor Joseph Counts.  Joseph was born ca 1782, probably in VA
(acc. to old biographical books). His father, Jacob Counts, b in PA or
MD, was in Bourbon Co., KY, by 1797, when he bought land, but sold this
land in 1817 and moved to Miami Co., OH. Joseph m/1 Elizabeth Groom, on
26 Feb. 1807, Bourbon Co., and they went to Montgomery Co., MO, by way
of OH. I found an 1820 deed in Miami Co. for Joseph.  Joseph's 11
children were born from 7 Nov. 1807 thru 22 Aug 1826.  These very exact
m-d-y dates for all but two of them were in a book about the Ham family,
into which one of the daughters married. The author didn't give the
source of the dates, but I've just accepted them anyway, assuming they
came from Bible records or old handed-down family records of some sort -
though I'd certainly like to know where they came from! Joseph Counts
had a land grant in Montgomery Co. in 1839, but he was there by 3 April
1824, when he was one of the organizers of Freedom Baptist Church.  Also
among the organizers were Rebecca Counts and Sarah Groom, who was nee
Sarah Quick and married to Jacob Groom, a brother of Elizabeth Groom,
Joseph's first(?) wife. Other Grooms and Quicks from my families showed
up in the later records, some fairly active. Jacob Counts was one of
this church's most active members, serving as deacon and clerk a long
time, and on committees, as a delegate, etc. He suddenly disappeared
from the minutes, making his last appearance on July 26, 1844, when he
was appointed a delegate to the association.  On the membership list of
May 1841-June 1845, the word "dead" appears by Joseph's name. On this
same list, Rebecca, Susannah and Sarah Ann Counts were "dismissed by
letter." I know he had daughters named Susannah and Sarah Ann, but not
Rebecca. Sarah Ann's birth date is not in the Counts records, but
Susannah was born 30 April 1824 - 27 days after organization of this

I find it strange that Elizabeth Groom Counts wasn't a charter member of
this church, and didn't show up on any of thee membership lists, since
her husband was so active and her relatives were members.  It's my
theory she may have died after the birth of Mary Susan, born 27 June
1820. The next child, Susannah, wasn't born until 30 Apr 1824, and four
years was a long while between children.  I think Joseph may have
married another wife, Rebecca, whose name appears in the lists of the
church right alongside his, and she may have been the mother of the last
two children.  Whether this Rebecca Counts of Freedom Church is the same
person as Rebecca Bishop Counts I don't know.  There were not other
Bishops in the Freedom Baptist Church minutes.  But there weren't many
Counts in Montgomery Co. at that time - none that I know of other than
Joseph's family, actually.  I don't know exactly when Joseph died and
have never found a probate, division of property or cemetery record -
but think July 1844 is pretty close.  Rebecca's birth date seems to be
okay - but this is all just conjecture.  It's too bad so many early
Montgomery Co. records that might be helpful are missing.  I've still
got Elizabeth Groom in my database as mother of all Joseph Counts'
children, because this is strictly conjecture and no one else that I
know of has ever questioned Elizabeth's being the mother of all his
children.  I may be going out on a limb here, but think your Rebecca
Bishop could have been Joseph Counts' second wife.  Do you know whether
Rebecca had an estate settlement perhaps naming heirs? Thought I'd
checked the Counts records in Montgomery Co., but it's been so long ago
that I worked there that I might have missed something.

It was interesting going back through all this - thanks for writing.
Sue Harris
Sue Harris,
    Rebecca Bishop was still a Bishop in June 1821 in Albemarle County,
Virginia... I suspect that her brother, Samuel A Bishop took care of
their parents, James and Elizabeth (Penn) Bishop who both appear to have
died in 1833...  I think the death of the parents was probably the
reason why Samuel and wife Sarah (Via) Bishop came to Montgomery County,
Missouri, two years later in 1835...  also Rebecca Bishop would seemed
to have been close to her brother...  I have thought that Rebecca came
with Samuel and Sarah when they came to Missouri...  don't know for
sure...  also thought she was still a Bishop then...  don't know for
sure...  just guessed she got married to a Counts after she got here to
Missouri...  have wondered why she was buried with her brother and
sister-in-law Sarah and their son, Beverly, on the old Bishop farm...
assumed that her Counts husband must not have been around...  or she
would have been buried with him...  you say there was only one Counts
family in Montgomery County in the 1835-1850 timeframe...  since I don't
right now think Rebecca was married before she left Virginia...  then I
suspect she married into the Montgomery County Counts family after
1835...  have never tried to track down any wills or probate, etc
records in Montgomery County...  but will keep my eyes open...
    Btw have placed our correspondence out on our website with link on
Bishop Families in Montgomery County Missouri page...  are you related
to the Harris line in Montgomery County?...  there are Bishop
connections to them too...
James Bishop, Will Book 11, p 210, Albemarle Co, VA (26 June 1821)
Proved 6 May 1833

In the name of God, Amen.  I James Bishop of the county of Albemarle
being of sound mind and disposing memory do name and ordain this my
last will and testament revokeing all others heretofore made.

Item.  I give and bequeath to my son Isack bishop ten dollars to him
and his heirs forever.

Item.  I give and bequeath to my daughter Rachel McKnight five dollars
to her and her heirs forever.

Item.  I give and bequeath to my son Thomas Bishop five dollars to
him his heirs forever.

Item.  I give and bequeath to my son William Bishop five dollars to
him and his heirs forever.

Item.  I give and bequeath to my son James Bishop fiffty dollars to
him his heirs forever.

Item.  I give and bequeath to my son Samuel Bishop one bead and
which he has in possession to him and his heirs forever.

Item.  I give and bequeath to my two daughters Polly Bishop and Rebecca
Bishop all of my household and kitchen furniture also four hundred
dollars to them and their heirs forever.

My will and desire is that my wife shall the hole of my estate during
her life.  And after her death my will is that my Executors sell my
land whereever I now live on and stock of all kind and after all my
just debts be paid and after paying to each of my children what I
have devised to them the balance of the money arising from the sal
I give to my son Samuel Bishop to him and his heirs forever.  I do
hereby constitute and appoint Charles Harper and Pleasant Gilliam my
Executors to this my last will and testament in Whitness whereof I have
hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal this twenty six day of June
in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and twenty one
  Gerard Yates                          James Bishop
  John P Gilliam
  William B Gilliam

    At a Court held for Albemarle county 6 May 1833.
    This Instrument of writing purporting to be the last will and
testament of James Bishop decd was this day produced into court and
probed by the oaths of John P & Wm B Gilliam and ordered to be
                        Aleop, Teste    Ira Garrett C. C.
Dear Bill,

You've got me convinced.  Your Rebecca Bishop Counts was still unmarried
in 1833, when her father wrote his will, and it was very unlikely she
could have been in Montgomery Co., MO.  I tried to find my Montgomery
Co. census readings for 1840 and 1850, to recheck whether there were
other Counts there besides Joseph and his sons, and what their ages
were.  Haven't found them yet.  I found the Montgomery Co. land grants,
from a book: Jacob Counts, 31 May 1837, 32-47-5; William Counts, 31 May
1837, 4-46-5; Joseph Counts, 17 June 1839, 5-46-5.  I believed Jacob and
William were Joseph's sons, born 1812 and 1816. William m Rachel
Davidson, 1839, Warren Co., MO. Her family lived in Montgomery Co. and
were at Freedom Church. I have nothing more about Jacob, son of Joseph.
So perhaps this Jacob who had the land grant could have been another
person, not son of Joseph.  All my basic information about the Counts
family came from biographical books, which started with Jacob, father of
Joseph, who died in Miami Co., OH. I checked Miami Co. deeds, estate
records and cemetery readings, and the information seemed correct.
Jacob, Sr. only had three sons, Joseph, who m Eliz. Groom and went to
Montgomery Co., MO; Elijah, 1787-1879, who m Margaret Wiley, 1792-1863,
in 1810 in KY; and Jacob, Jr., 1789-1872, who m in 1815 in OH, Eliz.
Frame, who d 1857. Elijah, Jacob and their wives lived in Miami Co., OH,
and have tombstones in cemeteries there, along with their parents Jacob,
Sr. and Hulda. I read the 1792-1818 tax lists and all available Counts
deeds in Bourbon Co., KY and did not find indications of other sons for
Jacob, Sr., but these three were on the appropriate tax lists in Bourbon
Co. when they came of age.

Were there any Counts in Albemarle or nearby counties? I've never worked
records for Counts in Albmarle. I did work on Counts in some other VA
counties, but they didn't seem to be the same family. There were an
earlier bunch with similar names at Germanna, with records in Stafford &
Prince William. These biographical books say Jacob, Sr. & his wife lived
in VA before going to Bourbon Co., KY, so his children were probably
born in VA - where, I don't know - but they were in Bourbon Co. by
If you find out who Rebecca's husband was, please do let me know -
you've got my curiousity aroused!  Perhaps Joseph Counts of Montgomery
Co. had some cousins I didn't know about, and that might help pin down
more info on his father's family. I haven't a clue as to who Joseph's
grandfather was.  Did the Bishops live anywhere near the Counts in
Montgomery Co.?

Good luck,
Sue Harris