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Wilford Granville and Mary Virginia (Oliver) Bishop Family

[to William F Bishop,]

    These are a sample of the Bishop pictures I had printed for my book.
I have more of my mother's family and family snapshots but I can't see how they
would be of any value to you.  My mother's people are -- Maupin, Harris, Oliver -
mainly.  Some of the Olivers & Bishops intermarried other than my parents.

    The pages from a book of a complicated family tree which I maintained
concerned the Harris family on my mother's side which does not involve any
Bishops anywhere - but does involve gentry and royalty back before the 12th
century Henry VIII, Henry IV, V, VI, Richard II, Edward II-III up to present
Windors and Princess Diana's family - some ancestry.  Ha.  I have trouble wading
through it but its there.

    If you are interested I can send it to you.  There are other such charts
to be found involving pioneer families if you know where to look.  Such as
this library in Alexandria, Virginia.  This Mr. McLoughlin I was telling you
about is a friend of my sister.  I would not want to involve him with his &
her permission.  He did this work as a special favor for her and for me.

                    Leola Bishop
                    10950 Temple Terrace, Apt. #412
                    Seminole, FL 33542

With the letter two small sheets with Maupin Coat of Arms & name Mr. & Mrs. Harris Maupin

History of the Maupin Family by Ruby G Heard Maupin, Vol 1 & Vol 2
  her address
    Mrs. Waller Ruby Maupin, 55 San Juan Grade Road, space 97, Salinas, Calif 93901

  Gabriel Maupin2 born - England in 1698
        died Williamsburg, Va 1743

  Gabriel Maupin3  2-12-1737 born in Va.
        died 11/10/1800
    married twice Judith Page &
        Mrs Mary Sauders
  Firman le Maupin born about 1651
        died in Williamsburg, Va 1720

    The Maupin Family by Nell (Watson) Sherman, Copyright 1962

With the letter were several sheets with pictures & description:

Sheet 1:  3 Photos.  These were done with mimeograph - worthless -
    David [Bishop] - has the negatives.  Putting up the Granville Bishop stone
    at Bethel.

Sheet 2:  1 Photo.  The Author.  Leola Bishop.  First born of Wilford & Mary Bishop.
    Teacher at Hancock High School, St. Louis, Mo.  Mathematics 1926-1965   St. Louis, Mo.
    Now residing at St. Petersburg. Fla.

Sheet 3:  2 Photos.  Our Parents.  Mary Virginia Bishop, Wilford Granville Bishop.
    Dedication.  In the name of the nine children of Wilford Granville Bishop and Mary
    Virginia Bishop, this history of our ancestry is dedicated to their memory.
    They gave us life and to the best of their abilities, in love and devotion
    set the standards which have guided us throughout our lifetime.

Sheet 4:  1 Photo.  Family of Wilford & Mary Bishop.  Taken September in 1957 in
    Montgomery City, Mo.  Front Row - L to R:  Leola, Alma, Floy, Mary, Alice.
    Back Row - L to R:  Wilford Jr., Harry, Floyd, Wendell.

Sheet 5:  4 Photos.  Great Grandmothers.  Mary Anne Clement Mother of Samuel Bishop
    and her mother formerly Jane Lail Wingfield.
    Mary Anne Wingfield Clement.  Senie Hayden Mother of Alice Bishop.
    Senie Hayden and daughter Alice Bishop.

Sheet 6:  3 Photos.  Bishop Grandparents.  Sam and Alice Bishop. Taken in Bradenton,
    Florida, March 1926.  Taken at Golden Anniversary in 1929.  Sam in hay
    field - a natural pose.

Sheet 7:  1 Photo.  Prize Winning Family.  Montgomery City, Mo. Street Fair 1898.
    Identification:  Front, seated:  Parents.  Sam and Alice Bishop with Baby James.
    Center - L to R:  Howell, Roy, Harry.
    Back - L to R:  Addison, Eluid, Clarence, Wilford, John.