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Richard Leon and Lori Lynn (Chapman) Bishop Family

From: Richard Bishop To: William F Bishop Sent: Sunday, January 05, 2003 11:00 PM
The holidays are over...

Well, things are finally settling down after the holidays.  We had a good time the weekend before Christmas (Dec. 21) visiting your family.  We also had get togethers with Richey's family on that Saturday evening and then with my family Sunday afternoon.  We traveled back to Fenton late Sunday night.  As they predicted, it snowed here Christmas Eve.  Lauren and I had a chance to get out Monday afternoon to go buy a sled so we would be ready!  The snow fell hard and fast and we did some sledding before heading out for our Christmas Eve dinner.  The roads were pretty snowy, but we didn't have to drive far to the place we had made reservations.  We had a nice steak dinner and of course Lauren and I shared a yummy chocolate dessert.  When we returned home, we opened some gifts from each other.  It was a nice evening just the three of us.  We got ready for Santa by making cookies and setting out some carrots for his reindeer.  It wasn't Daddy who we had to worry about eating all the chocolate chip cookies, it was mommy!  We checked online at to find out where Santa was and once that we saw he was getting close, Lauren was not hesitant about going to bed.

Christmas morning Lauren was so excited about all the toys Santa had left her.  She especially loved the "Barbie My First Skates" and a Barbie horse.  For days she slept with the horse and wore the skates along with the knee pads, elbow pads and gloves all around the house all day.  Santa even left ME a DVD/VCR player and RICHEY a Mitre saw.

A beautiful day Sunday Dec. 29, it was 60 degrees.  The snow had pretty much all melted so we took an afternoon trip to the zoo.

New Years Eve we stayed here in Fenton, since I worked Monday night and Richey had to work Tuesday.  We took Lauren to Chuck E Cheese, a pizza place with games, kiddie rides, climbing tubes, and slides.  When we got home, we watched a couple DVDs I had rented.  We got Ice Age for Lauren, that was a cute movie.  We put her to bed about 10:30, and then Richey and I stayed up late.  New Years day we started taking down all the Christmas stuff, nothing too exciting, but you know those things just gotta be done.

I had a chance to see all the updates you have made to our webpage.  It looks nice.  However, Laurens Birthday is March 18th.  Also, if you have time, could you take off the geocities link for Laurens 2nd birthday?  Not realizing how it all worked, I deleted the pics thinking that the completed webpage would still be there.  Guess not, you got to keep the pics in your files also.  Saw the pic of Jennifer [(Bishop) Masterson]'s little girl, what a cutie.  We don't see them, but my good friend from high school works with Amy [Bishop] at Columbia Police Dept.

So that is about it for us. Don't know when we will make it back there.  Time to get some stuff done around here.  Hopefully we can get some work done on our basement and widen our garage.  Boating season will be here before you know it, and you won't find us home many weekends once the weather turns warm.   We can't wait!!

So we have officially decided to change internet service providers.  Our new email address is    we will still have the old address [] probably another month maybe two, that is until our old service runs out.  We had paid for a year in advance, cheaper that way.

Anyway, hope all is well there, hope this letter wasn't too long for ya!  Take Care!        - LORI /