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Larry and Beverly (Sublette) Robinson Family

Subject: Re: Your Long Term "Roots Connection"  Date: 06 Feb 1998
From: William F Bishop
To: Beverly Robinson

Beverly Robinson wrote:
> I'm really not shy, just not great with the computer skills.  The site is
        This is a very pleasant and informative note from you...  :-)...  I
have found that using the computer skills I have "grows them"...  and I
also increase my computer skills from various small things that come up
during interactions with others thru email usage...  and so will you...
> really wonderful, I've enjoyed it so much.  Thanks for including me.
        To not include you would be to exclude part of our collective
family...  and thus miss out on the things you know and have learned
over the years...  for example I remember your short description about
David J Bishop (Tyra D Bishop's brother)...  in which you described him
as being short and rather filled out...  and that he was concerned about
his appearance because he kept a small mirror located low in his buggy
so that he could see if his pant's legs were riding up...  :-)...  where
did this story come from?...  how much more do you know about David J
Bishop and his family members?...  If you read the "David J and Harriet
(McCormack) Bishop Family" page and the links thereon...  a sort of
"faint" family picture begins to come into focus but of course much
remains unknown...  is there more that you could add to this "family
portrait" in the form of typed up information?...  would it be possible
for you to research their children and other information about David and
Harriet?...  maybe for a little while you could make that family "your
special project" until your leads run out...  :-)...  one of the
obituaries states that Harriet died early on when their eleven children
were still young...  and that Sallie Elizabeth, one of twins, being the
oldest took over being the "mother" of the family...  I sense from such
sketchy information that the family was a very interesting one...  and
if you with your skills of insight and ability to do a bit of research
digging could come up with more information about the various family
members and situations...  information which we could add to the website
in the form of webdocuments and photos...  I just know it would be most
exciting reading and viewing!...  :-)...
> As to the reason I have these pictures, I'm the one interested in that
> sort of thing.  So we get them in the divison of the family things.  I
        By this do you mean in your own various family line the division of
things?...  this places you in a very nice position I sense...  since
you and your family line stayed around in the Shamrock, Callaway County
area (as far as I know) over the years since before the Civil War...
you would have those family lines and connections to draw upon...  my
own branch later than Tyra D and Rebecca (Wilburn) Bishop moved over
into the Audrain County area and with Sinclair Jefferson and Emma
Cordelia (Lyle) Bishop descendants that connection with other older
family begin to be lost...  and today I acutely miss knowing those
things which would have come from having that long term "roots
connection" which you are enjoying...  :-)...  tho I suspect it does
have it's "down" side too at times...
> have the old photo album of Lucy Mildred Ward Oliver, married to William
> Samuel Oliver, who is a son of Sarah V. Bishop Oliver.
> The photo of Eddie Oliver; he is the father of Sam and Ray Oliver.  The
> Sam who had the Day Book.  Also I have some new photos, one of Sarah V.
> Bishop Oliver when she was younger.  And one of her father, Samuel A.
> Bishop who died in 1864.  These are just copies, so I don't fnow if they
> will scan out any good. {Sounds like a red neck term}
        YOU have a picture of Samuel A Bishop?...  WOW!...  we DO need to get
that scanned and placed on the "Samuel A and Sarah "Sally" (Via) Bishop"
family page!!!  and we should get the picture of the younger Sarah
Virginia (Bishop) Oliver on the website too...
        Btw who is Arn Bishop and why is he in the picture with Eddie
Oliver?...  were they close friends as well as relatives?...  what is
the family connection between them?...  we should get the photo of Arn
Bishop and Ed Oliver scanned to be placed on the website with
information about them and their families...  :-)...
> To answer another guestion, I would guess that many relatives and friends
> stopped at W.S. and Lucy Olivers home to visit, take a nature break and
> perhaps a bite to eat, as their home sat right beside the road.  It was
> about halfway between town and the Shamrock area.  That way they kept up
> with everyone with pictures and stories.  As travel was by buggy or
> horseback.
        Which town do you mean here?...  using your artistic skills would it be
possible for you to build a rough sketch of a map showing where various
family members lived over the years?...  maybe putting together two or
three such rough sketchs for different time periods with the various
family member farm locations with respect to some roads and towns
(showing Liberty Church and Shamrock etc) would be more informative...
of course such would not have to be to scale...  just something to get
the idea into our minds as to where people might have lived then...
then we could get those rough sketchs copied at Kinkos and perhaps
scanned there if they have the ability to scan large sheets...  or
reduced so we could scan them ourselves...  you would have to do some
research to find out information for the sketches...  and perhaps we
other family members could contribute information that we might know or
could research ourselves...  I think such sketches would be MOST
interesting and revealing...  and I could place those scanned sketches
on the website...  plus add links at hot points (ie would be clickable)
where the farms of the various folks were...  which links could point to
webdocuments with detail about that family or town or church or
whatever...  :-)...  such would be a neat form of online presentation of
our collective family information... ie another way to view the data...
and I think you would make just the right person to push forward on such
a project...  because of your "special" family position...  :-)... what
do you think of the idea?...  such a collection of information might be
useful to you in your giving of any speeches and presentations in the
future...  what comments do you have about this?...
> Enjoyed the photo of old Bethel Church, and the write up.  Thanks.
        Thought you would like to see the History of Bethel Church and that
color photo of Bethel Church itself being placed on the website for all
to see...  :-)...
> I have copied most of the files and photos you loaned us.  We will return
> them soon at the library.  I also e-mailed David.
        Glad you emailed David Stanhope Bishop in Jonesburg...  bet he enjoys
hearing from you...  I just know that between the two of you more family
information will be coming forth to be placed on the website...  time
will work it's magic there...  :-)...
> The new person, Dana from Jefferson City, I gave her your web site.  I
> also went to school with the new one today, Helen Fay.
        Have you exchanged email yet with new onliners Dana Althiser and Helen
Fay Jansen?...  I suspect that you and Margaret Fullerton will be able
to work with them to find out more information about the family
history...  you know thru girl talk!...  :-)...  you both are very
effective with this...  :-)...
> Well, I better go for now,  its Tax time on the farm.  Have to finish it
> by tomorrow.  See I can e-mail you.           Beverly
        Gee, I don't think your horses give one whit about taxes...  :-)...
they are more interested in oats and hay...  and maybe some salt once in
a while...  and you are rather good at email I must say...  bet you have
other talents to share too...  :-)...

Subject: Via, Bishop Marriage  Date: 09 Feb 1998
From: Beverly Robinson

Bill, I was looking on my Family Tree Maker, Virginia Vital Records #1
1600s-1800s (# 174) and found this;  on page 507 of Book # 17, Orange
County, Va. Marriages recorded in the back part of Deed book, Sarah Via
and Samuel Bishop were married by Minister George Bingham, in 1816.
I found this to be interesting as I also found my husbands 5g-grandparents
marriage listed on the same page and by the same minister.  They were
James Powell and Nancy Shelor.  Both sets of people are Larry's ancestors.
Real cool.  I might try to look up some of that information you mentioned
last time.  Will get back with you when I have anything else.   Beverly