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Richard and Catherine (Waller) Lyle Family

    The name WALLER is believed to have been derived from the occupation
of it's first bearers as "wallers", or masons, the term still being used in
Lancashire, England.
    According to some, the family of Norman French ancestry went into
England with William the Conqueror about 1066 settling in the counties of
Kent and Nottinghamshire.
    Family members first to come to America in 1635 settled in Gloucester
County, Virginia and Salem, Massachusetts.
    Members of the Waller family having further spread to Lincoln County,
Kentucky in 1840 had children who came to Hannibal by wagon train crossing the
Mississippi river on the ice arriving at a point of land given to them by the
Homestead Act, located eight miles south and east of Macon.
    Camping continued until a house could be built to raise seven sons and
five daughters of Thomas and Dolly Reynolds Waller.
    Later in 1835 other members came by wagon train drawn by oxen and one
horse drawn carriage from Tennessee, settling near Centreville now called
Woodville.  Living there a short time they moved on March 27, 1845 to Macon
    Family member Richard married Georgia Myers establishing their home on
the land designated to the Wallers.  There was no Macon city then.
    They were parents to Dolly E., Mollie, Eddie, Richard Arthur, Alonze
and John M.
    A school was established in 1887 known as Waller School, District #136,
east of Excello (building still standing) taught by Richard.  While he taught
four of his own children and three other Wallers were students.
    To buy books and supplies, each spring the girls would bake pies and
put them in hand decorated boxes to be sold at a public pie supper in hopes
of their favorite someone buying their pie to share.
    To further develop this frontier community "Narrows Creek Store" was
    *** PHOTO ***  In the 1890's a quarter mile north of Friendship Church
stood Narrows Creek Store.  Standing from left are Obe Waller; G. Stauches;
Fritz Stauches; John Waller; J. William Waller, the store owner; Mrs Mary Perkins
Waller; Mrs Lela Waller Hyatt; Dr. John Hyatt and Mrs. Perkins.
    Richard Arthur, fourth child of Richard and Georgia Waller settled in
Macon as a young man after his mother's death and living with friends and
relatives.  He began working at the local bakery in 1901.  He then purchased
it, known as Waller's Bakery in 1907.  The family operated the bakery for
thirty eight years, selling to Vogelman's in 1945.  It was there Richard Arthur
and his wife Clara Magnus Waller raised their children, Glen, Russell, Kenneth,
Ralph, Virginia and Martha Jane.
    Many members of Waller ancestry still reside in Macon area.  Some
twelve of those loved ones are buried in the area originally homesteaded by
the Waller's as well as other local cemetries.
    Russell, oldest son has continued to pioneer and develop Macon by
developing Sunset Hills Subdivision on the west of the city as well as donating
a 17 acre attract for use as a City Park in that area.
    Family members have shared a deep faith in God as well as one another
and shared the spirit "Onward Christian Soldiers" while exploring their "roots"
of yesterday, today and tomorrow.