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George and Martha (Davidson) Peery Family
Jonathan and Elizabeth (Peery) Peery Family

James Peery and his wife, who was a Miss Jameson, were natives of Irelend. They settled in Tazewell Co., Va., and had--Thomas, James, John, William, and Samuel. Mr. Peery and his son Thomas were both soldiers in the revolutionary war. The former was wounded severely, and the latter was killed. Samuel Perry married Sarah Cartman, by whom he had--John, William, Joseph, Thomas, Martha, Elizabeth, Althamira, and Matilda. Thomas married Narcissa Canterberry, and split rails at 50 cents per 100 to get money to pay the parson. He paid his first taxes in Audrain county in 1837, to Jack Willingham, who was the first Sheriff. His taxes amounted to two wolf scalps and half-a-pound of powder. Mr. Peery is a devoted Methodist, and loves to attend camp-meetings. He was present at a camp-meeting, a good many years ago, when a violent rain and wind storm came up and broke the ridge pole of the large tent, which let the canvas sink down in the shape of a funnel, into which a large quantity of water gathered, when some one cut a hole in the canvas and the water rushed out with such violence that the preachers were washed out of the putpit and the women away from the alter.