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Jonathan and Elizabeth (Peery) Peery Family

Catharine Peery was born in Tazweel County, Virginia, on August 15, 1830. In 1840 she came with her parents, Jonathan and Elizabeth Peery, to the section of Audrain County that later was Martinsburg. The trip was made in a covered wagon, drawn by oxen. Arriving here, the father built a little home of rough, hewn logs, the only kind of building to be found here then. The sturdy pioneers, with nothing but their strong bodies, wrested a living from the soil.

On January 15, 1850, Catharine Peery was married to David Yarnell, and to this union two children were born--Sallie, now Mrs. Haislip, and Nannie, deceased. Mr. Yarnell died February 26, 1865. On march 15, 1868, Mrs. Yarnell was married to James E. Peery. This union was blessed with three children--James, Thomas and Eddie, now Mrs. Henry Taylor, all of Martinsburg. Mr. Peery died October 1, 1873. Thus was the young woman widowed a second time and left with five small children to care for. She lived on her farm south of town, managing her place and rearing her children. In 1902 she bought a residence in town and lived there until her death, February 25, 1923, at the age of amost 93 years. She lived to see her children's children unto the fifth generation.

"Grandma" Peery, as she was familiarly known, was a splendid Christian woman; a staunch Methodist; a woman of wonderful strength of character; kindly to all and a ministering angel to the sick or needy. She was one of those pioneer mothers to whom the county owes much of its present prosperous condition. Under the most trying circumstances she "carried on" that future generations might benefit therefrom.

She is survived by four children, thirteen grandchildren, twenty-eight great-grandchildren and nine great-great-grandchildren.