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Roy Cleveland and Lela May (Eames) Bishop Family

                Roy Cleveland Bishop, St Petersburg, Florida, 29 May 1983

    Pat, Rebecca, and I [William F Bishop] drove to St Petersburg, Florida, today.
We met and talked to Roy Bishop (s/o Samuel Calvin s/o Granville Addison
s/o Samuel A s/o James).  Roy will be 98 soon.  His daughter, Dorothy, and her
husband, C Azell Prince, Jr, came by the apartment after a while.  Roy's address is
1120 N. Shore N.E., Apt 1003, St Petersburg, Florida 33704, 813-822-1754.  I
tape recorded about two hours of conversation among Roy Bishop Azell Prince, and myself
(William F Bishop Jr).  Azell Prince is from the Ft Myers, Florida, area.  He met and
married Dorothy Bishop there.  Roy and his family lived in Ft Myers prior to coming to
the St Petersburg area (in 1937?).  Roy Bishop was a distributor for Sinclair Oil
Company in Ft Myers, then in St Petersburg.
    At about 98 years Roy Bishop is spry, alert and very talkative.  He
wears thick glasses, and a hearing aid in the right ear.  I took several pictures
of him holding Rebecca, my daughter.  The family calls him "Daddy Roy".  Roy Bishop
lives on the 10th floor in a condominum.  He does have hired help come in to
do housecleaning and cooking.  His daughter, Dorothy, checks in on him daily.
    Roy's brother, Wilford Granville "Bill" Bishop, has a daughter who also
lives in Florida.  Her address is:  Miss Leola Bishop, Freedom Square, Apt ?,
7800 Liberty Lane, Seminole, Florida, 813-398-0366.  She has a Bishop family line
compiled.  She will make a copy and send to me.
    Roy Bishop said three Bishop brothers came from England together.  When
they got to America, one brother went to Canada to live.  Another brother went west.
Noone has any information about him.  "Perhaps he was killed by Indians".  The third
brother settled in Virginia [this would be James Bishop].  Roy did not know any
information as to why they came to America, or what their names were.  He said
the brother who settled in Virginia married Elizabeth Penn, brother of William
Penn.  Elizabeth died.  The brother then married again.
    Roy's father:  Samuel Calvin Bishop s/o Granville Bishop and Mary Ann
(Wingfield), mother Alice (Hayden).  Samuel and Alice Bishop's children (all male):
1. Eliude Bishop                        (5 children)
2. Wilford Granville Bishop             (9 children, went to California)
3. Clarence Bishop                      (5 children, went to California)
4. John Dewitt Bishop b 11 Feb 1881     (2 children)
5. Addison Bishop                       (2 children, went to California)
6. Roy Cleveland Bishop m Lela (Eames)  (4 children, went to Florida)
7. Harry Bishop                         (5 children)
8. Howell Bishop                        (4 children)
9. James Bishop                         (no children)

    Addison Bishop went to California to San Jose near San Francisco.
According to Roy, Addison Bishop was quite an achiever and did well financially.
[Caution: The Addison Bishop referred to here may actually be Samuel Calvin Bishop's
uncle, Samuel Addison Bishop, and not Sam's son, Addison Bishop.]
    It appears that Roy also did well financially during his business career.
Roy graduated from the University of Missouri in 1911.  He married Lela Eames in
Columbia, Missouri.  She also attended MU.  Roy got a degree in Agriculture.
Roy was involved in getting Fertilizer first used in Montgomery County, Missouri.
He went to Chicago and was involved with the Packers Industry there.  He was
involved with the Farm Bureau a good deal.  He lived in Bloomington area of
Illinois.  He also lived in Montgomery, Alabama.  He came to Ft Myers, Florida and
was Sinclair Oil Company distributor there.  He moved to St Petersburg, Florida,
and was the Sinclair Oil Company distributor there for many years.  He also had
the Bishop Hotel in St Petersburg.  Roy Bishop has a painting of the Bishop
Hotel.  He says it's not used now but is still standing.  Roy showed me a large
family picture of his wife, family (3-4 generations) which came from Wales,
England [wife's side?].  A very handsome family.  He has a picture, painted from a
tintype of his mother, Alice Hayden.  He has a picture of himself and his wife,
Lela (Eames) when they were married.  He has a picture of Lela when she was in
advanced age.  Lela has been dead for some time.  She is buried in one of the
four or five cemeteries in St Petersburg.  Roy said he has several lots in
the cemetery.

Note:   Azell Prince was a secretary (his first job as a young man) for Thomas
A. Edison in Ft Myers.  Azell knew Mr. Edison personally.  Azell will be 70 years
old in a month.

Notes written while listening to the tape recording:

    Roy left Missouri in 1920.  Went to Chicago.  Worked for Packers Industry.
He was distributor 1920s, 1930s.  Samuel C Bishop had a 400 acre farm.  Roy was
born in 1885.  Addison was named after Roy's father's uncle.  Uncle Addison
had street car lines.  Leola Bishop is 85.

    Samuel C was 12 when soldiers killed Granville.  Implies Granville
died in 1862.  Five people including Roy organized Farm Bureau in Alabama after
end of World War I.  Graduated from MU in 1911.

    Wilford Granville Bishop had 9 children.  Leola Bishop is the oldest.
Twelve to fourteen years ago started local Bishop family reunion in Montgomery
County, Missouri.  Should have Bishop reunion next year.  Have one every three

    Bishop, California, named after Addison Bishop.  He stayed two years there.
Then left for San Jose.  Named town Bishop, California.  Wilford and Clarence,
two of Roy's brothers, were born in California.

    Roy came to St Petersburg in 1937.  Secondary item was to have Bishop Hotel.
Roy was Sinclair Oil distributor first in Ft Myers, then in St Petersburg.

    There were 425 acres in Sameul C Bishop farm.  Bought from Buffalo Bill.
Went west and became known as Buffalo Bill.