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Joseph Jones and Mary Ann (Spears-Bishop) Clement Family

                    Wellsville, MO                              Jan 1 1985
Mr William Bishop Jr.

    First let me introduce my self.  I am the son of Charles Edward Clement.
My Grandmother is Mary Ann Bishop Clement, she was first married to Granville
Addison Bishop.  And after his death she married Joseph Jones Clement, which
is my Grandfather.
    Some of my relatives called me and ask if I could give her some
information in regards to the family tree.  I told her to get a true picture
of the tree the Bishop family would have to be included.  So I ask Barbara
Fort if she could give me names, dates, children etc.  One thing she gave
me was the (James Bishop/Allied Family Information Interchange), that you
wrote up.  I must say William I enjoyed reading it.  When I got to the family
Group sheet that contains Grandma and Granville names I found that Mary Ann
Wingfield is not right.  My Grandmother was born Mary Ann Spiers.  Mary Ann
Spiers mother was Jane Pope Lail.  My mom & dads cousin from Florrisant, MO,
sent them a paragraph she copied out of a book.  (Quote) John Lail was born
while his parents were prisoners in an Indian camp in Kentucky.  When he was
grown he married Susan Williams, and settled in Harrison County, Ky.  They
had George, John, Charles, Elijah, Nancy, Margaret, Jane, Lucinda,
Elizabeth, and Susan.  George, John, Charles, Margaret, and Susan all married
and remained in Kentucky, Nancy married and lived in Indiana, Jane [my Great
Grandmother] was first married to John Speirs, and after his death she
married Edward Wingfield, who settled in Montgomery County, MO in 1834.
Elizabeth was married first to Noah Coil, and second to Mr A. Hall.  She has
twelve children living, Luncinda married Elijah Coil, by whom she had Six
children.  Elijah married Harriet Allen, of Kentucky, by whom he had Fourteen
children.  He died in 1869, leaving his children all well off.  (End of Quote)
    Jane Pope Lail was born Aug 8, 1804 died March 9 1905.  The Speirs
children were Mary Ann, Susan, and Noah.  The Wingfield children were Sally
(married a Purvis), Lucy, and Carrie.  Aunt Sally lived in Texas, but visited
mom & dad in the early 1930's.
    There were 10 in our family.  but only two of us left now.  Frances
and me.  Frances is 82 and I am 68.  Frances is living with me now as she has
Alzheimers Disease.  Right now it is just the memory that is affected.
    Will close for now just wanted you to know Grandmother's last names,
in case no ones else has told you.
                            Yours truly
                            Joseph W Clement
                            208 East St.
                            Wellsville, MO 63384