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Granville Addison and Mary Ann (Spears) Bishop Family

# 42A-68 Mrs. Oren McMackins, Rte 1, Painton, Mo. 63772 &
Mrs. Carol Harris, 8407 Bonita Dr. Scottsdale, Ariz. 85251;

Ladies:  The short time spent with you that afternoon last Dec. was a
pleasant one.  Thank you.  Now the information you handed me at that time,
somehow became attached to letter 42.  Having just finished it I now turn
to your needs.  Precopy of this was mailed to you about Apr. 1st.  Your
answer to it makes us revise the contents for publication and now it reads
as follows.

GRANVILLE A. BISHOP, b. Mar. 9, 1822, was killed by a squadron of Federal
troops, at the gate of his yard on July 21, 1861.  This was at his farm
home near Montgomery City, Mo.  This Act was believed to be in retaliation
for the burning of Danville and its massacre.  (See below) Granville A.
Bishop had strong Southern sympathies and had been planning to join the
forces of General Price.  He was survived by his wife and 6 children.
(Danville, Mo. was plundered and burned by an outlaw gang under Bill
Anderson, a few days earlier.  Masquerading as Confederates.)  Our subject
was the son of Samuel A. & Sarah (Viah) Bishop.  Samuel A. b. July 26,
1786-d. Sept. 11, 1864;  Sarah b. Dec. 1, 1788-d. July 22, 1840; probably
both born in Virginia, settled in Calloway Co., Mo. in 1835;  Supposedly
Samuel was a son of James and Elizabeth (Penn) Bishop - of the strain who
reputedly came with WM PENN about 1700 to Penn. Said to have been 3 brothers
WITHOUT DOUBT WHO THIS JAMES BISHOP WAS.  He looks to us like the probable
one who supposedly went south and could be the progenitor of many of the
strains in Virginia, North and South Carolina and points south and west.
Some of the above is tradition, but the dates of Samuel and Sarah's birth
and death are copied from a 4 sided tombstone in a small cemetery on an
old BISHOP farm in Montgomery Co., Mo., on the other two sides are Rebecca
Coants - sister of Samuel bishop - June 3, 1793 -- Aug. 9, 1874 and Beverly
Bishop Mar. 5, 1824 -- Sept. 15, 1844;  Other facts are gleaned from
Pioneer Families of Mo. by Bryan & Rose - Page 308.  Mr. Max Oliver of
Montgomery City, Mo. is a great grandson of Samuel and we send him copy of
this Bulletin;  Now any reader who has information to help this record
please contact us.  I.E.B.  The above also consitutes an answer to # 124-68.

[I.E.B. is Ira E Bishop - Compiler]