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Richard and Catherine (Waller) Lyle Family

                        Waller Family History

    Thomas Waller was born June 15, 1801 in Taylor Co, Kentucky.  He was
the son of a cotton and tobacco farmer that is yet unknown what his name
was.  Thomas Waller moved to Macon Co. in 1837.  With him he brought his son
Berry Franklin, the boy's mother having died in Kentucky in 1831.
    Thomas settled three and one half miles east of Excello on what is
now proposed hazardous waste site.  He married Dolly Reynolds on March 24,
1840.  She had moved to Missouri in 1817 with her parents when she was only
two years old.  Thomas and Dolly had fourteen children.  Two of which were
still born.  The children were as follows:  Berry Franklin born in 1822 in
Kentucky by Thomas Waller's first.  His date of death is unknown.  The first
born of Thomas' second wife was John William, born May 4, 1841.  Date of
death unknown.  Second born was Sarah Elizabeth, born April 5, 1843.  She
later married Jack Lyle.  Next was Catherine, born Oct. 3 1844.  She later
married the brother of Jack Lyle, Richard Lyle.  Next came Thomas Jr.  He
was born Feb. 11, 1846.  He later moved to Joplin, Mo.  Fifth born was
Sophia Ann, she was born April 17, 1847.  She died four day's later of crib
death.  The next born was Margaret Jane, she was born July 18, 1848.  She
married John Lyle, brother to Jack and Richard Lyle.  The seventh born was
Richard.  He was born Jan. 24, 1850.  The youngest of Thomas Waller's
daughters was born next.  She was Permela Francis, born Feb. 24, 1852.  She
married Une Lyle.  The next born was a son, Harrison.  He was born Jan. 25,
1854.  He later died of pneumonia at the age of 18.  The Tenth child was
born March 31, 1856, George.  He died March 12,1942.  He was never married.
He spent his entire life living on the Waller property with his younger
brother, Daniel, he was born August 7, 1858.  Daniel died in 1944, was never
married.  The youngest child of Thomas and Dolly was Leet.  He was born July
31, 1860.  It is Leet from which I am descended.  Thomas Waller raised
cotton, tobacco, and grains but his main living came from horses.  He raised
fine calvary horses for the military.  He was the biggest supplier of horses
to the North Missouri Militia.  Thomas Waller died February 3, 1872.  His
wife, Dolly, died November 11, 1898.  Thomas, Dolly, and all of their
children except for George, Daniel, and Leet are buried in the Waller Family
Cemetery located on the old Waller settlement.  The three brothers, George,
Dan, and Leet are buried in the Friendship Baptist Church Cemetery.
    Leet Waller, the youngest son of Thomas Waller, lived on the
property of his father, his entire life.  He married Marry [sic] Elizabeth
Perkins.  With the help of his brothers George and Dan, Leet farmed the land
in the summertime and in the winter he run a blacksmith shop and a sawmill.
Leet was also well known for the furniture he made.  Leet and his wife Mary
had four children.  Harry, the oldest, was born in 1892.  He ran an auto
repair garage in Excello and Macon.  He Married Violet Morris, and they had
two children.  Letha was the oldest.  She died in Ohio.  Jack was the
youngest and now resides in Quincy, Ill.  The second child of Leet Waller
was John Waller.  He was born in 1896 and married Goldie Griffith, they had
one child, a girl, Doris Jean.  The third child of Leet and Mary was Nellie.
She was born in 1897.  She married Alvin Burkhardt.  They had no Children.
The youngest child was Lee.  He was born November 20, 1903 and is the only
surviving child.  Harry having died in December of 1969, John died in
November 1976, Nellie died in 1968.  Lee married Calla Agnes Cheever in
December of 1924.  They had four children, two of which were stillborn.  The
oldest is Alvin Lee.  He was born Sept. 25, 1925 and married Nina Miller.
They had two children, Janice born April 22, 1954.  She married Darryl Lucas
and they have two children, Brandon and Dana.  The youngest child is Rex
Allen, he was born March 20, 1956.  He married Debbie Loan and they have two
children, Christine and Kimberly.  The youngest son of Lee and Agnes Waller
is Bobby Frank.  He was born Sept. 21, 1929 and married Letha May Stoebe.
They have one son Bobby K. He was born on November 20, 1966.  He married
Donna Nelson from Tenmile, Mo.  They have no children.