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Obituary John R Bishop,
St Louis, Missouri, 27 Mar 1904

	Mexico Evening Ledger, Audrain County, Mexico, Missouri, 29 March 1904

	The remains of John R. Bishop, who died in St Louis the result of
injuries received by a fall last winter, arrived in this city Tuesday at
noon and the funeral services were conducted from the M.E. Church, South, by
Rev. J.H. Prichett at two o'clock that afternoon.
	Mr. Bishop was a contractor who lived in this city several years ago
and was well known here.  He built the Christian church many years ago.

Obituary Sophronia (Hunter) Bishop,
St Louis, Missouri, 19 May 1907

	Mexico Morning Intelligencer, Audrain County, Mexico, Missouri, 23 February 1907

	Mrs. Jno. R. Bishop.  Mrs. Bishop, widow of Jno. R. Bishop, and who
was buried here on May 20th was Miss Sophronia Hunter and was born in
Lincoln county, Mo., on September 19, 1831.  She died May 19th 1907 at the
home of her daughter, Mrs. Laura Bishop Bush at 5053 Morris street.  Her
funeral was held at the church in St. Louis by Rev. T.E. Sharp assisted by
Revs. J. H. Young and C. W. Webdell, all three her former pastors.  In her
earlier married life she lived twenty years or more in Mexico, where she had
a host of friends, and which she had always called "home".  She was buried
by the side of her husband, who died about 3 years ago on the 55th
anniversary of their marriage;  and she lies near her son John B. who died
while railroading.  A pathetic incident of her last day was that when
delirious she imagined that she was on the train going to Mexico.  "Thats
St. Charles and the river."  She remembered, "That's Warrenton, and that's
Montgomery.  Oh there's Mexico and home.  And glancing at a dog lying near
the bed she called him the name of one she had had here twenty years
	Mrs. Bishop was a woman of character and conscience.  There may have
been times when she was wrong, but when she was right, which was most of the
time, she was right forcefully and practically.  If she was a woman of many
words she heaped her good deeds and these have made a moument that will
shame granite so long as those she loved shall live.  No sufferer in her
reach was unacquainted with her.  She had a hand for helping that matched
her heart and a head that guided both well.  She not only knew the thing to
do but knew how to do it --- and did it.  There have been periods of months
in this writer's home when pain dwelt there all day and night;  but no sun
set that this woman did not pass his door and bring sunny ministrations.  He
is not the only one, who could write this truthfully, nor the only one who
would be glad to write it.  There are many stilled voices that would rejoice
to utter their graditude were it possible.
	She was the mother of four children, all of whom except the oldest,
survive her:  John B. Bishop, deceased, formerly of Vandalia, Mo.;  Mrs.
Annie Pearl, of Litchfield, Ill.;  Mrs. Laura Bush and Mr. William L.
Bishop, of St. Louis.  She was a member all her life of the Methodist
Church, South, and died in a triumphant faith.  JNB

John R and Sophronia (Hunter) Bishop Family