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Obituary George W Bishop,
Montgomery City, Missouri, 30 Dec 1914

	Fulton Daily Sun, Callaway County, Fulton, Missouri, 30 December 1914

	Patient Took His Life.  George Bishop of Montgomery County Committed
Suicide at Hospital.
	George Bishop, about 45 years old, a patient at the Fulton State
Hospital, committed suicide Wednesday morning by hanging.  The act was
committed after 5 o'clock and no one witnessed it, the attendants having
passed along his ward a short time before.  Cornorer D.H. Young was out of
town and Sheriff Sheley and Justice John B. Harris went out to make the
investigation.  It was so plainly a case of suicide that they did not
believe an inquest was necessary.
	Bishop was a farmer of Montgomery County before he was brought to
the Fulton Asylum and relatives are expected here Wednesday.  If they desire
an inquest will be held, after which the body will be prepared for burial
and sent to his old home.
	Bishop took his bed spread after twisting it several times tied it
to a bar in his window and placed it around his neck.  He then permitted his
knees to give way from under him and slowly choked to death.  He made no
outcry and he was not found until life was extinct.
	The suicide of Bishop is the first one in several years and while
reqretted by the management of the hospital could not be avoided.  Great
care is exercised in watching the patients, but they are so crafty in
carrying out their plans that they commit these acts while attendants are
temporarily absent from their wards.  With so many patients to be looked
after it is evident that even with the greatest care an occasional suicide
is possible among 1,100 patients.

	Fulton Gazette, Callaway County, Fulton, Missouri, 1 January 1915

	Suicide At Hospital.  George Bishop, about 45 years old, a patient
at the Fulton State Hospital committed suicide Wednesday morning by hanging
himself.  At 4:00 o'clock that morning his room was visited by an attendant,
and he seemed to be all right, and at 5:30 he was found hanging to the
grating of his window.  He used a bed sheet in hanging himself.
	Bishop was a farmer and lived near Montgomery City until December 1,
when he was brought to the hospital for treatment.  During his confinement
at the institution he showed no tendency toward a suicidal mania.  He was
well connected in his home county.  A wife and two children survive.
	An inquest was held Wednesday morning by Judge John B. Harris,
acting as justice of the peace.
	Bishop's body was shipped to Montgomery City Wednesday for burial.

	Wellsville Optic News, Montgomery County, Wellsville, Missouri, 1 January 1915

	Fulton Hospital Patient Commits Suicide.  Fulton, Mo., Dec. 30 ---
Geo. Bishop, 45 years old, a former resident of Montgomery county, who was a
patient in the State hospital, committed suicide this morning by hanging
	Bishop made a rope out of his bed clothes and tied one end around a
bar over a window.  The other end he tied about his neck and produced
strangulation by relaxing his leg muscles and allowing his weight to fall on
the noose.

George W and Annie Sarah (Stevens) Bishop Family