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Obituary Samuel Addison Bishop,
Santa Clara County, California, 3 Jun 1893

	Montgomery Standard, Montgomery City, Missouri, 9 June 1893 (Friday)

S.A. Bishop, formerly of this county and brother of T.D. Bishop of Callaway
and D.J. Bishop of this county, died at his home in San Jose, Cal.,
the 3rd of June.  He was about 69 years old, and had been in California many
years.  He was the owner of the electric street car line from San Jose to
Santa Clara, one of the first electric lines in that state.  He was an uncle
of S.C. and John A. Bishop and a brother of Mrs James Oliver and Mrs Mary
Perry.  His last visit to this section was sometime about '84 when he made a
trip east to look into the working of electricity as the propelling power
for street cars.  He was then running his line with horses but expressed the
opinion that electricity was the coming power, and his prediction has been
fully verified.

Samuel Addison and Frances Ella (Young) Bishop Family