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Obituary Artie Bishop,
Callaway County, Missouri, 29 November 1890

	Montgomery Standard, Montgomery City, Missouri, 5 December 1890 (Friday)
	Callaway Gazette, Fulton, Missouri, December 1890

In Memory of Little Artie Bishop - Dead of membranous croup at the home of his
grandfather, Artie Bishop, 5 years old, son of Add and Lizzie Bishop.
	Under the circumstances the death of this little boy is peculiarly sad.
But a few weeks ago Mr. and Mrs. Bishop arrived here from Washington to pay
an extended visit to relatives and friends.  Mr. Bishop having been absent from
his father and mother for eighteen years.  It has indeed proved a sad visit
to them.
	Last Friday, little Artie, though he had not been well for a day or two,
played as one in perfect health.  But as dark grew near, that dreaded cough
which is too often the precursor of death came too and after a night of intense
suffering his spirit sought a better and purer world.  All that could be done by
a loving mother and sympathic friends was done in answer to the little one's
pleading for relief, but to no effect.  He was a jewel God needed above.  Artie
was a bright, interesting child, and during his short stay with us he made
himself a favorite with many.
	His body was interred at Liberty church cemetery Sunday afternoon,
the funeral being attended by a large number of relatives and friends.  To
the poor, sorrowing father and heart-broken mother human words, perhaps can
have no consoling power, but let them remember that there is no place to escape
the dread monster death, and that he would probably have found little Artie
at his home in Washington as well as in Missouri.  Look to Him who doeth all
things well, and who alone can give you comfort.  Shamrock Dec 1, [18]90.

[Note:  To the best of my knowledge at this time Add and Lizzie Bishop would be
William Addison Bishop and his wife of the Spokane, Washington area.  Thus Artie
Bishop's grandparents would be Tyra and Rebecca Bishop of Callaway County, Missouri.
It would also seem that William Addison Bishop went to Spokane, Washington, about
1872 at the age of 22.  wfb - Jan 1998]

William Addison and Eliza (?) Bishop Family