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Obituary Miss Ida Bishop,
Montgomery County, Missouri, 23 Oct 1905

	Montgomery Standard, Montgomery County, Missouri, 28 October 1905 (Friday)

Miss Ida Bishop went with her family physician to St. Louis on the 17th for
treatment and was brought home the 23d a corpse.  She was 43 years, 4 months
20 days old; the daughter of D[avid] J. and Henrietta Bishop.  Her father,
mother, three brothers, and two sisters have gone to the bright Beyond.  She
leaves three sisters and one brother and a host of relatives and friends to
mourn their loss.
	Her funeral was preached by Rev. Bowles and she was laid to rest in
New Providence cemetery.  She was a general favorite and those who knew her
best loved her most.  She realized her condition and said she was willing
to go, telling her friends not to grieve for her.

David J and Harriet (McCormack) Bishop Family