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Obituary Mary Ann (Spears-Bishop) Clement,
Callaway County, Missouri, 31 Jan 1919

(Typewritten on yellowed paper, given to Gail Haferkamp)

A Good Woman Gone.  A dear woman has gone to her reward in heaven;
it was Mrs. Mary A. Clement.
She was born in Kentucky May 10, 1828, and died January 31, 1919 at her
home in Callaway county, being 90 years, 9 months and 10 days of age.  Paul
Bishop was livin with her at this time.  She was a dear mother to 11
children, three of who preceded her to the other world.  The children who
survive her are Sam Bishop, Sr., of near Montgomery City, Granville Bishop
of near Wellsville, John Bishop, Sr., Sheridan Lake, Colo.; Mrs. Jennie Turk
of Parsons, Kans.,; Geo. Clement of Wellsville, Charley Clement of near
Wellsville, John Biship of near Wellsville, Mrs. Fred Schambach of near
Buell and Mrs. Amelia Brower of Rush Hill.
Mrs. Clement was first married to Granville Bishop; he died dring the
Civil War.  She then married Joseph Clement, who also died about 17 years
ago.  She was a dear grandmother of 75 grandchildren and 108 great
grandchildren, all of whom loved and respected her.
She was a member of the High Point Church, having united with that church
many years ago.  She was always a faithful believer in her Savior, and was a
geat worker in any work that was to benefit the church or country. -
Francis and Viola.

[Submitted by Gail Haferkamp, Nov 1997]

Mary Ann (Spears-Bishop) Clement

[Not sure who the *Dorthy mentioned in the information is.  Could
it be wife of Wilford G. Bishop?  Obviously there was a lot of
inter-marriage between these various families.  Information was
received from Barbara (Bishop) Fort - Margaret J (Bishop) Fullerton,
Feb 1998]

        Mary Ann Spears Wingfield Bishop Clement

Marriage to Granville Bishop      children:
                                Jennie Bishop
                                Samuel C. Bishop
                                Beverly Bishop
                                John A (Jack) Bishop
                                David Bishop
                                Infant Bishop
                                Granville Bishop

1st Marriage of Joseph Clement    children:
                                Benjamin Clement
                                Martha Clement
Step-brothers and sisters       James Clement
of Samuel C and Jack Bishop     Poindexter Clement (Dorothy's g-grandfather)
                                Mary Clement

Mary Ann Bishop married           children:
Joseph Clement                  Laura Clement
                                George Clement
Step-brothers and sisters       Permelia Clement
of Samuel C and Jack Bishop     Boy Clement (stillborn)
                                Charles Clement
                                Ellen Clement

        Poindexter Clement was a step-brother of Samuel C. and Jack Bishop.
Samuel C. and Jack were full brothers.  Poindexter Clement and Charles
Clement were half-brothers (had the same father but different mothers).
Charles Clement was a half-brother to Samuel and Jack.  Mary Ann was the
step-mother of Poindexter Clement.  Poindexter Clement and Samuel C. Bishop
married sisters.  Samuel married Alice Hayden and Poindexter married Martha

        This is how we connect:  Poindexter Clement - Martha Hayden had
four children:  William, Alice, Hollis, Everett.  (HOLLIS -- ALICE -- *DOROTHY).
Samuel Bishop - Alice Hayden had 10 sons:  Harry, Jim, Eluide, Howell, Roy,
Clarence, Wilford, Addison, John and 1 died at birth.  (HOWELL -- MILDRED:

John A Bishop married three times.  We are connected through the second
marriage to Melvina Newlee:  ARA, VERA, GLENWOOD, MILRED, RUTH, ROSS,

        Charles Clement married Ellen Minter.  The 8(?) children:  Beverly,
Charles (Fruity), Calvin, Joe (Ned), Harris (Tubby), Ruth (Dick), Frances
(Fran), Dorthy, CALVIN -- LORENE.

        To Mildred, Virginia, Barbara, and Calvin --- my great-grandfather
(Poindexter) and their grandfather (Samuel C.) were step-brothers.  Also
my great-grandmother (Martha Hayden) and their grandmother (Alice Hayden)
were sisters.  To Lee --- my grandfather (Poindexter) was a step-brother
to her grandfather (Jack).

        Ned Clement told me that Indians killed a husband of Mary Ann's
and she buried him in a hollow log.  He thought in the Shamrock vicinity.
Maybe it was her first husband, Mr. Wingfield.

[Note:  the *Dorothy seems to be Dorothy Shelton of the following:
......2 Charles P.(Poindexter Smith) Clement b: 1849 Fluvanna Co., VA d: Abt. 1945 CA.
..........+Martha Hayden
.............. 3 William T. Clement d: 1958
.............. 3 Alice Viola Clement b: 27 Aug 1877
..................+Henry Ware
.............. 3 Hollis K. Clement b: 1880 d: 1934
..................+Mabel Mae Barker b: 1884 d: 1969 m: 1902
......................4 Alice Clement
..........................+Earl Shelton
...............................5 Dorothy Shelton
William F Bishop, 22 Feb 1998]

Granville Addison and Mary Ann (Spears) Bishop Family
Joseph Jones and Mary Ann (Spears-Bishop) Clement Family